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1989 Oct
    'Cured' myasthenia gravis and neuromuscular blockade 
    The high-risk register 

2009 Dec
    18-G Tuohy needle can reduce the incidence of severe post dural puncture headache 
    A comparison of the laryngeal mask airway with the facemask and oropharyngeal airway for manual ventilation by first responders in children 
    Anosmia after general anaesthesia: a case report 
    Cannula cricothyroidotomy: management of false-negative aspiration 
    Evaluation of the GlideScope for tracheal intubation in patients with cervical spine immobilisation by a semi-rigid collar 
    Insertion of Equanox probe into terminal outlet for nitrous oxide with consequent hypoxia 
    Naloxone-responsive acute dystonia and parkinsonism following general anaesthesia 
    Risk of pulmonary aspiration with laryngeal mask airway and tracheal tube: analysis on 65 712 procedures with positive pressure ventilation 
    The effect of intrathecal fentanyl on Cerebral State Index-guided sedation during spinal anaesthesia 
    Tracheal intubation in patients with rigid collar immobilisation of the cervical spine: a comparison of Airtraq and LMA CTrach devices 

1998 Jul
    A 'his' and 'hers' laryngeal mask? 
    Impedance cardiography. The impact of new technology 
    The peri-operative management of atrial fibrillation 
    Use of essential oil to promote induction of anaesthesia in children 

1994 Jul
    A case of undeclared home-made false teeth 
    Sevoflurane anaesthesia for major intra-abdominal surgery 

2004 Jan
    A comparison of 8% and 12% sevoflurane for inhalation induction in adults 

2000 Oct
    A comparison of antagonism of rocuronium-induced neuromuscular blockade during sevoflurane and isoflurane anaesthesia 

2000 May
    A comparison of blind and lightwand-guided tracheal intubation through the intubating laryngeal mask 

1988 Jun
    A comparison of isoflurane and halothane in anaesthesia for intra-ocular surgery 

1993 Sep
    A comparison of keyed and non-keyed vaporizer filling modes and volatile agent wastage 

2010 Aug
    A comparison of SNAP II and bispectral index monitoring in patients undergoing sedation 
    Effect of hypertonic saline on electrocardiography QRS duration in rabbit model of bupivacaine toxicity resuscitated by intravenous lipid 
    Evaluation of the novel, single-use, flexible aScope for tracheal intubation in the simulated difficult airway and first clinical experiences 
    Sand aspiration: a case report and review of the radiological features and management 

2010 Jun
    A comparison of the Airway Scope and McCoy laryngoscope in patients with simulated restricted neck mobility 
    An unusual cause of dural puncture 
    Comparison of mechanomyography and acceleromyography for the assessment of rocuronium induced neuromuscular block in myotonic dystrophy type 1 
    Continuous patient-controlled epidural infusion of levobupivacaine plus sufentanil in labouring primiparous women: effects of concentration 
    Differences between bispectral index and spectral entropy during xenon anaesthesia: a comparison with propofol anaesthesia 
    Effect-site concentration of remifentanil attenuating surgical stress index responses to intubation of the trachea 
    Smoking and ethnic group, not epidural use, determine breast feeding outcome 
    Spinal anaesthesia and caesarean section in a patient with hypofibrinogenaemia and factor XIII deficiency 

2010 Jul
    A comparison of the effect on QT interval between thiamylal and propofol during anaesthetic induction* 
    Acute hypotension associated with leucocyte depletion filters during cell salvaged blood transfusion 
    Effects of desmopressin on platelet function under conditions of hypothermia and acidosis: an in vitro study using multiple electrode aggregometry* 
    Evaluation of the McGrath Series 5 videolaryngoscope after failed direct laryngoscopy 
    Interpleural analgesia for attenuation of postoperative pain after hepatic resection 
    Pre-operative vitamin B infusion and prevention of nitrous oxide-induced homocysteine increase 
    Rapid sequence spinal anaesthesia for category-1 urgency caesarean section: a case series 
    Severe hypotension related to cell salvaged blood transfusion in obstetrics 
    Tracheal intubation following training with the GlideScope compared to direct laryngoscopy 
    Tracheal intubation using the Airtraq: a comparison with the lightwand 
    Wiihab in intensive care 

2010 Mar
    A comparison of the effectiveness of dexmedetomidine versus propofol target-controlled infusion for sedation during fibreoptic nasotracheal intubation 
    Anaesthesia for proximal femoral fracture in the UK: first report from the NHS Hip Fracture Anaesthesia Network 
    Effect of informational internet web pages on patients' decision-making: randomised controlled trial regarding choice of spinal or general anaesthesia for orthopaedic surgery 
    Effects of head rotation on the right internal jugular vein in infants and young children 
    Elevated intra-ocular pressure after sub-Tenon's anaesthesia in systemic sclerosis 
    The effect on outcome of peribulbar anaesthesia in conjunction with general anesthesia for vitreoretinal surgery 

1997 Feb
    A comparison of the Invos 3100 and the Critikon 2020 near-infrared spectrophotometers as monitors of cerebral oxygenation 

1996 Jun
    A comparison of the recovery characteristics of sevoflurane and halothane in children 
    Anaesthetic management in maple syrup urine disease 
    Departmental database for training 

2009 Sep
    A comparison of volatile and non volatile agents for cardioprotection during on-pump coronary surgery 
    A new, minimally invasive technique for measuring cardiac index: clinical comparison of continuous cardiac dynamic monitoring and pulmonary artery catheter methods 
    The effects of intrathecal levobupivacaine and bupivacaine in the elderly 

1993 May
    A graphical method for administering volatile agents 

1982 Apr
    A laboratory investigation of a multigas monitor for anaesthesia (EMMA) 

1994 Aug
    A modification of the Bain system for ambient air-oxygen inhalation 

2009 Nov
    A national survey of support and counselling after maternal death 
    Assessing the clinical or pharmaco-economical benefit of target controlled desflurane delivery in surgical patients using the Zeus anaesthesia machine 
    Prolonged myoclonus after a single bolus dose of propofol 

2000 Aug
    A qualitative investigation into the physical stability of polypropylene and polyethylene in liquid isoflurane and sevoflurane 
    The contamination of volatile anaesthetics in an in-circle vaporizer with water during prolonged closed-circle anaesthesia 

2003 Nov
    A response to 'Sexual hallucinations during and after sedation and anaesthesia' Balasubramaniam B, Park GR, Anaesthesia 2003; 58: 549-53 

2005 Oct
    A serious case of failed extubation: difficulty removing a laser resistant tracheal tube in a 7-year-old child 
    Effect of breathing low concentrations of volatile anaesthetic agents on incidence of adverse airway events 
    Modelling the impact of an influenza pandemic on critical care services in England 

1988 May
    A severe coagulopathy following volume replacement with hydroxyethyl starch in a Jehovah's Witness 
    Which intravenous induction agent for day surgery? A comparison of propofol, thiopentone, methohexitone and etomidate 

1977 Apr
    A simple home-made haematocrit centrifuge 
    The Cardiff Aldavac anaesthetic-scavenging system 

1999 Oct
    A simple method to control tracheal cuff pressure in anaesthesia and in air evacuation 
    An environmental survey of compliance with Occupational Exposure Standards (OES) for anaesthetic gases 
    Intensive care: preparations for the Millennium. A survey of hospitals in the north of England 

2002 Dec
    A standard XML Schema for computerised anaesthetic records 
    Effect of low-dose volatile anaesthetics on ventilation during acute hypoxia 

2003 Jan
    A study of the impact of long-term tobacco smoking on postoperative intensive care admission 

1998 Apr
    A survey of postoperative nausea and vomiting 

1985 Nov
    A system for storage of references. A method of storage and retrieval of references on a personal microcomputer 
    Anaesthesia for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy 
    Uptake of volatile anaesthetics in children 

1975 May
    A variable orifice spigot. A modified dennison "valve" 

2009 May
    Abdominal compartment syndrome during hip arthroscopy 
    Acquired hypernatraemia is an independent predictor of mortality in critically ill patients 
    Ankylosing spondylitis: recent developments and anaesthetic implications 
    Awake craniotomy in an intra-operative MRI environment 
    Causes for cancellation of elective surgical procedures in a Spanish general hospital 
    Effect of nasal cannula oxygen administration on oxygen concentration at facial and adjacent landmarks 
    Evaluation of the LMA Supreme in 100 non-paralysed patients 
    Myocardial infarction associated with the administration of intravenous ephedrine and metaraminol for spinal-induced hypotension 
    Pressure volume curves of paediatric laryngeal mask airways 
    Respiratory problems in Accident and Emergency--the role of helium-oxygen mixtures 
    Risk index for peri-operative atrial fibrillation in patients undergoing open intracranial neurosurgical procedures 
    Subacute pain and function after fast-track hip and knee arthroplasty 
    Tracheal intubation and alternative airway management devices used by healthcare professionals with different level of pre-existing skills: a manikin study 

2010 Nov 30
    Ability of radial arterial palpation and observation of the pulse oximetry trace to estimate non-invasive systolic pressure in healthy volunteers and in women undergoing spinal anaesthesia for elective caesarean section* 

1979 Nov-Dec
    Acute amphetamine abuse. Problems during general anaesthesia for neurosurgery 

1992 Mar
    Adult respiratory distress syndrome following cardiopulmonary bypass: incidence and prediction 

2003 Mar
    Adverse airway events during brief nasal inhalations of volatile anaesthetics: the effect of humidity and repeated exposure on incidence in volunteers preselected by response to desflurane 
    The incidence of flushing on induction of anaesthesia in patients who blush easily 
    The use of nitrous oxide in anaesthetic practice: a second questionnaire survey 

1980 Aug
    Agent-specific filling devices. An evaluation of two prototypes 

1988 Feb
    AIDS in ICUs: outcome 

2010 Feb
    Airway loss after recent tracheostomy: use of digital confirmation 
    Association of human micro-opioid receptor gene polymorphism A118G with fentanyl analgesia consumption in Chinese gynaecological patients 
    Effect of an episode of critical illness on subsequent hospitalisation: a linked data study 
    Epidural analgesia and breastfeeding: a randomised controlled trial of epidural techniques with and without fentanyl and a non-epidural comparison group 
    Inter-hospital transfers of acutely ill adults in Scotland 
    Leucocyte depletion filter and a second suction circuit during intra-operative cell salvage in obstetrics 
    NFKB1-94ins/del polymorphism is not associated with lung injury after cardiopulmonary bypass 
    Patient participation in surgical pause 
    Peri-operative warming in caesarean sections: guidance would be NICE 
    Possible side effects of Intralipid rescue therapy 
    The cardiovascular effects of normobaric hyperoxia in patients with heart rate fixed by permanent pacemaker 
    Use of rotation thromboelastometry (ROTEM) to achieve successful treatment of polytrauma with fibrinogen concentrate and prothrombin complex concentrate 

1987 Nov
    Alfentanil infusions. Comparison of bolus administration of fentanyl with three alfentanil infusion regimens 

1986 May
    Alfentanil supplemented anaesthesia for short procedures. A double-blind study of alfentanil used with etomidate and enflurane for day cases 

1992 Sep
    Allegation of sexual assault following midazolam sedation in a man 
    Isoflurane and propofol for long-term sedation in the intensive care unit. A crossover study 
    The Riyadh Intensive Care Program applied to a mortality analysis of a teaching hospital intensive care unit 
    Vecuronium: an anthropometric comparison 

1991 Feb
    Amorous behaviour and sexual fantasy after anaesthesia or sedation 

1976 May
    An evaluation of IL-404 oxygen alarm monitor 

1986 Feb
    An evaluation of the Datex Normac anaesthetic agent monitor 
    Anaphylactoid reaction complicating neonatal anaesthesia 

1975 Mar
    An evaluation of the Lex-O2-Con oxygen content analyser 
    Treatment of intermittent claudication. Lumbar paravertebral somatic block with phenol 

1981 Mar
    An indication for hypnosis 
    Sex and surgical stress 

2006 Jun
    An objective assessment of nerve stimulators used for peripheral nerve blockade* 

1996 Jul
    Anaesthesia and the Internet 
    Spontaneous movement after injection of propofol 

1998 Jun
    Anaesthesia for caesarean section in a patient with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease 

1995 Nov
    Anaesthesia in a child with Patau's syndrome 
    Missing O-rings and volatile agents 

1992 Feb
    Anaesthesia in a patient with Noonan's syndrome and cardiomyopathy 

1968 Apr
    Anaesthesia in difficult situations. 7. Routine preparation and pre-operative medication 

1983 Sep
    Anaesthesia in the morbidly obese. A comparison of anaesthetic and analgesic regimens for upper abdominal surgery 

2007 Jan
    Anaesthetic 'in-flight' checks: the ABC sweep 

1995 Jan
    Anaesthetic considerations in a patient with Fraser syndrome 
    Massive lingual swelling following palatoplasty. An unusual cause of upper airway obstruction 

2003 May
    Analgesia during radial artery cannulation: comparison of the effects of lidocaine applied by local injection or iontophoresis 

1985 Apr
    Anaphylactoid reactions during anaesthesia. Seven years' experience of intradermal testing 
    Review of domiciliary consultations for pain relief 

1989 Feb
    Anaphylaxis due to suxamethonium in a 7-year-old child: a 14-year follow-up with allergy testing 
    The oculo-emetic reflex. A rationalisation of postophthalmic anaesthesia vomiting 
    The relevance of volatile substance abuse to anaesthetics 

2010 Dec
    Are we using our brains? Diagnosis of postoperative cognitive dysfunction 

2010 Apr
    Association between nitrous oxide and the incidence of postoperative nausea and vomiting in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis 
    Category-1 caesarean section: a survey of anaesthetic and peri-operative management in the UK 
    Effect of suxamethonium vs rocuronium on onset of oxygen desaturation during apnoea following rapid sequence induction 
    Estimating hourly anaesthetic and surgical reimbursement from private medical insurers' benefit maxima: implications for pricing services and for incentives 
    Modification of Tp-e and QTc intervals during caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia 
    Raising the standard... to unachievable heights? 
    Safety of cardiac surgery without blood transfusion: a retrospective study in Jehovah's Witness patients 
    Survival and length of stay following blood transfusion in octogenarians following cardiac surgery 

1996 Mar
    Attitudes to pain and pain relief in adult surgical patients 

1990 Sep
    Autonomic dysfunction and Guillain-Barre syndrome. The use of esmolol in its management 

2002 Jun
    Awareness during general anaesthesia: a review of 81 cases from the Anaesthetic Incident Monitoring Study 

1986 Dec
    Bain anaesthetic system and gender 

2006 Aug
    Basic airway management by junior doctors: assessment and training on human apnoeic subjects in the anaesthetic room 

1986 Jul
    Bedford Square. A connexion with mesmerism 
    Cardiac dysrhythmias during oral surgery. Comparison of hyoscine and droperidol premedication 
    The anaesthetist and the obstetric flying squad. Could complacency creep in? 

1997 Oct
    Behavioural changes in children following day-case surgery: a 4-week follow-up of 551 children 
    Females and their variability 
    Postoperative symptoms at home following day-case surgery in children: a multicentre survey of 551 children 

1996 Jan
    Carbon monoxide, soda lime and volatile agents 

1995 Oct
    Cardiopulmonary complications during anaesthesia and surgery for severe thoracic lordoscoliosis 
    Physicochemical properties and pharmacodynamics of desflurane 
    Recovery from outpatient anaesthesia. Factors affecting outcome 

1992 Dec
    Cardiovascular effects of fibreoptic oral intubation. A comparison of a total intravenous and a balanced volatile technique 

1997 Nov
    Cervical osteomyelitis following tonsillectomy 

1988 Mar
    Changes in intra-ocular pressure in the elderly during anaesthesia with propofol 
    Multicentre study of propofol in day case surgery 
    Recovery times and side effects after propofol infusion and after isoflurane during ear surgery with additional infiltration anaesthesia 

2008 May
    Cigarette smoking and the haemodynamic response to tracheal intubation 
    Determinants of hospital costs associated with traumatic brain injury in England and Wales 

1994 Nov
    Circulating fluoride changes and hepatorenal function following sevoflurane anaesthesia 
    Survival after intensive care. Comparison with a matched normal population as an indicator of effectiveness 

1984 Jul
    Closed loop control of vasoactive drug infusion. A preliminary report 

1992 Jan
    Colloid solutions in the critically ill. A randomised comparison of albumin and polygeline. 1. Outcome and duration of stay in the intensive care unit 
    Inorganic fluoride in prolonged isoflurane sedation 

2001 Jul
    Combined pre-incisional oral dextromethorphan and epidural lidocaine for postoperative pain reduction and morphine sparing: a randomised double-blind study on day-surgery patients 

1992 Nov
    Comparison of digital blood pressure, plethysmography, and the modified Allen's test as means of evaluating the collateral circulation to the hand 
    The occupational hazard of human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis B virus infection. II. Effect of grade, age, sex and region of employment on perceived risks and preventive measures adopted by anaesthetists 

2010 May
    Comparison of the prophylactic anti-emetic efficacy of ramosetron and ondansetron in patients at high-risk for postoperative nausea and vomiting after total knee replacement 
    Differential effects of propofol and isoflurane on the activation of T-helper cells in lung cancer patients 
    Difficult intubation in obstetric general anaesthesia 
    Histopathological effects on epidural tissue of bolus or continuous infusions through an epidural catheter in ewes 
    Influence of patient factors on the efficacy of breathing system filters at preventing contamination of breathing systems 
    Litigation in obstetric general anaesthesia: an analysis of claims against the NHS in England 1995-2007 
    Litigation related to regional anaesthesia: an analysis of claims against the NHS in England 1995-2007 
    Sedation for oocyte retrieval using target controlled infusion of propofol and incremental alfentanil delivered by non-anaesthetists 

2001 May
    Compliance with postoperative instructions: a telephone survey of 750 day surgery patients 

2001 Nov
    Computerised dynamic posturography to assess recovery comparing general anaesthesia with sedation and local anaesthesia for day case nasal surgery 
    The effect of cardiac output changes on end-expired volatile anaesthetic concentrations--a theoretical study 

1991 May
    Cyclopropane and the Datex Capnomac. Effect of cyclopropane on the single wavelength infrared measurement of volatile anaesthetic agents 
    Paediatric blood pressure and anaesthesia 
    Patients' desire for information about anaesthesia. Scottish and Canadian attitudes 

2004 Apr
    Dantrolene--a review of its pharmacology, therapeutic use and new developments 

1976 Mar
    Day stay anaesthesia. A follow-up of day patients undergoing dental operations under general anaesthesia with tracheal intubation 
    Morbidity following dental extraction. A comparative survey of local analgesia and general anaesthesia 

1997 Apr
    Deliberate self-poisoning with dapsone. A case report and summary of relevant pharmacology and treatment 
    Induction with sevoflurane; an olfactory opinion 
    Postoperative 'minor' complications. Comparison between men and women 

1993 Apr
    Delivery of excess volatile agent due to a vaporizer fault 

2001 Feb
    Desflurane or sevoflurane for gynaecological day-case anaesthesia with spontaneous respiration? 

1997 Jun
    Digital assistance for the anaesthetist 
    The effect of glossopharyngeal nerve block on pain after elective adult tonsillectomy and uvulopalatoplasty 

2003 Oct
    Digital block improves pulse oximetry signal in vasoconstricted patients 

1996 Oct
    Digital exploration and the laryngeal mask 

1981 Oct
    Digital regional analgesia 

2002 Jan
    Does sevoflurane inhibit serum cholinesterase in children? 

1996 Apr
    Doxacurium pharmacodynamics in children during volatile and opioid-based anaesthesia 
    Modification of pain on injection of propofol. A comparison of pethidine and lignocaine 

2005 Mar
    Dreaming during anaesthesia in patients at high risk of awareness 

1997 Aug
    Dreams, images and emotions associated with propofol anaesthesia 
    Nerve stimulators for nerve location--are they all the same? A study of stimulator performance 

1965 Jan

2009 Mar
    Effect of epidural saline washout on regression of sensory and motor block after epidural anaesthesia with 2% lidocaine and fentanyl in elderly patients 
    Effects of moderate acute isovolaemic haemodilution on myocardial function in patients undergoing coronary surgery under volatile inhalational anaesthesia 
    Sugammadex in clinical practice 

2002 Feb
    Effects of desflurane and isoflurane on intestinal tissue oxygen pressure during colorectal surgery 
    Inadvertent catheterisation of a partial anomalous pulmonary venous channel during central venous cannulation 

2008 Nov
    Effects of propofol on pulmonary inflammatory response and dysfunction induced by cardiopulmonary bypass 

1993 Oct
    Effects of three different types of management on the elimination kinetics of volatile anaesthetics. Implications for malignant hyperthermia treatment 

1981 Jan
    Epidural morphine in terminal care 

1993 Jan
    Estimation of the correct length of tracheal tubes in adults 
    Inspiratory muscle effort during nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation in patients with chronic obstructive airways disease 
    Rationalising venous cannulation: patient factors and lignocaine efficacy 

1959 Oct
    Ether convulsions controlled by thiopentone and megimide 

1996 Aug
    Ethics in obstetric anaesthesia 

2000 Jun
    Facial hair, sex and face-masks 

2003 Jul
    Factors affecting the spread of bupivacaine in the adult thoracic paravertebral space 
    Long-term survival following intensive care: subgroup analysis and comparison with the general population 

1984 Jan
    Factors associated with survival and eventual cerebral status following cardiac arrest 

1992 Jul
    Forces applied during laryngoscopy and their relationship with patient characteristics. Influence of height, weight, age, sex and presence of maxillary incisors 

1991 Mar
    Forewarning patients of sexual arousal following anaesthesia 

1961 Oct
    Gangrene following the use of promazine 

1985 Dec
    Gas exchange in the partially atelectatic lung 
    The 'Mini O2' and 'Healthdyne' oxygen concentrators. Their performance and potential application 

1960 Jan
    Halothane. Some difficulties and dangers in its administration 

1999 Aug
    Hemispheric-synchronisation during anaesthesia: a double-blind randomised trial using audiotapes for intra-operative nociception control 

1983 Jul
    Home ventilation 
    Home ventilatory assistance 
    Nitrous oxide in Bristol in 1836. A series of lectures by William Herapath (1796-1868) 

1997 Dec
    Home-readiness after spinal anaesthesia with small doses of hyperbaric 0.5% bupivacaine 
    Outcome of intensive care in the elderly 
    The safety of patient-controlled sedation 

1993 Jun
    Hyperthermia associated with 3,4-methylenedioxyethamphetamine ('Eve') 

1982 Oct
    Hypotensive anaesthesia for microsurgery of the middle ear. A comparison between enflurane and halothane 

1986 Jun
    Hypotensive anaesthesia for microsurgery of the middle ear. A comparison between isoflurane and halothane 
    Intermittent mandatory ventilation for children 

1996 May
    Immunomodulation: an important concept in modern anaesthesia 

2008 Aug
    Increased formation of sister chromatid exchanges, but not of micronuclei, in anaesthetists exposed to low levels of sevoflurane 

2001 Sep
    Intermediate outcome of medical patients after intensive care 

1991 Apr
    Intubation guide marks for correct tube placement. A clinical study 
    Sexual excitement following anaesthesia or sedation 

1999 Apr
    Intubation through a hedge 

1991 Jul
    Intubation through the laryngeal mask. A technique for unexpected difficult intubation 

1983 Nov
    Isoflurane: the need for new volatile agents 

2003 Apr
    Job satisfaction, stress and burnout in Australian specialist anaesthetists 
    The effects of sevoflurane and desflurane in vitro on platelet-leukocyte adhesion in whole blood 

1986 Oct
    Ketamine by continuous infusion in status asthmaticus 

1999 Feb
    Laryngeal mask airway intracuff pressure estimation by digital palpation of the pilot balloon: a comparison of reusable and disposable masks 

1994 Jun
    Latex allergy: an unfamiliar cause of intra-operative cardiovascular collapse 

2002 Jul
    Leakage and absorption of isoflurane by different types of anaesthetic circuit and monitoring tubing 
    The variable effect of low-dose volatile anaesthetics on the acute ventilatory response to hypoxia in humans: a quantitative review 

1976 Jul
    Letter from America. Reflections of an expatriate 

1975 Jul
    Lorazepam as a premedicant for day-case surgery: an assessment 

1991 Dec
    Low-flow anaesthesia. Practice, cost implications and acceptability 
    Oral fluids prior to day surgery. The effect of shortening the pre-operative fluid fast on postoperative morbidity 
    Stressful pre-operative preparation procedures. The routine removal of dentures during pre-operative preparation contributes to pre-operative distress 

1980 Oct
    Malignant hyperthermia in a patient with an ankylosed jaw 

1999 Mar
    Meeting the standards for interhospital transfer of adults with severe head injury in the United Kingdom 

2008 Mar
    Metabolic acidosis in the critically ill: part 1. Classification and pathophysiology 

2010 Jul 26
    Minimum local analgesic concentration of ropivacaine for intra-operative caudal analgesia in pre-school and school age children 

2002 May
    Monitoring of the anaesthetic volatile agent may be impaired in hydrocarbons abusers 

1974 May
    Morbidity following intravenous injections 
    The effect of volatile anaesthetics on common respiratory pathogens. Halothane, trichloroethylene and methoxyflurane 

1964 Jan

1987 Jun
    Nausea and vomiting after prostaglandins in day case termination of pregnancy. The efficacy of low dose droperidol 
    Premedication for day case surgery. A study of oral midazolam 

1986 Aug
    Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogoff 

2005 May
    Nitrite-induced methaemoglobinaemia - aetiology, diagnosis and treatment 

2010 Nov
    Not again! The non-cycling blood pressure cuff 

1979 Jan
    Occupational hazards of anaesthesia 

1982 Mar
    Open heart surgery in a patient with homozygous sickle cell disease 

1990 Jul
    Opisthotonus and other unusual neurological sequelae after outpatient anaesthesia 

1999 Nov
    Organophosphorus poisoning and anaesthesia 
    The safe delivery of volatile anaesthetics 

2008 Jul
    Panton-Valentine Leukocidin associated with community acquired methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus: a case report and review of interim guidelines 

1979 Jul-Aug
    Patterns of postoperative pain. A study of the use of continuous epidural analgesia in the postoperative period 

1987 Jul
    Peak intratracheal pressure during controlled ventilation in infants and children. A computer study of the Servo 900C ventilator 

2010 Jan
    Peri-operative management of a patient with hereditary angioedema undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy 
    Severe bronchospasm or anaphylaxis? 
    Subcostal transversus abdominis plane block 
    The Parker Flex-Tip tube for nasotracheal intubation: the influence on nasal mucosal trauma 
    Unrecognised dural puncture resulting in subdural hygroma and cortical vein thrombosis 

1965 Apr

1970 Jul
    Post-pneumoencephalography headache. A study of incidence and an attempt at therapy 

1995 Dec
    Postoperative emesis following otoplasty in children 

1998 May
    Postoperative pain management in day surgery 

1962 Apr
    Potassium intoxication from blood and plasma transfusions 

1975 Jan
    Pregnancy and anaethetic practice in India 

2008 Dec
    Prevalence of difficult intubation in a bariatric population, using the beach chair position 
    Randomised double-blinded comparison of phenylephrine vs ephedrine for maintaining blood pressure during spinal anaesthesia for non-elective Caesarean section* 

1960 Jul
    Prolonged apnoea following the use of suxamethonium. A case presenting some unusual features 

1998 Mar
    Prolonged impairment in activities of daily living due to postdural puncture headache after diagnostic lumbar puncture 

2002 Mar
    Propofol effective concentration 50 and its relationship to bispectral index 
    The effects of beta2 adrenoceptor gene polymorphisms on pressor response during laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation 

2003 Dec
    Pulmonary mechanics and volatile anaesthesia 

1986 Nov
    Respiratory monitoring with a new impedance plethysmograph 

2001 Mar
    Reversing sevoflurane-associated Q-Tc prolongation by changing to propofol 

2000 Dec
    Review article: cuff volume and size selection with the laryngeal mask 

2010 Jul 13
    Risk of intravascular injection in transforaminal epidural injections 

1999 May
    Safety notice MDA SN 1999(04). CardioAid MC+ range of defibrillators with software versions 4.03, 4.04, 4.05, 4.06, 4.07 and 4.08 
    Software safety and the Diprifusor 

1978 Apr
    Semiconductors in anaesthetic vapour analysis 

2003 Jun
    Sexual hallucinations during and after sedation and anaesthesia 

1997 Jan
    Short Form 36 in the intensive care unit: assessment of acceptability, reliability and validity of the questionnaire 

1992 Oct
    Six months of shivering in a district general hospital 

2009 Jul
    Speed of onset of 'corner pocket supraclavicular' and infraclavicular ultrasound guided brachial plexus block: a randomised observer-blinded comparison 

2006 Mar
    Subacute airway obstruction from a tracheal mucosal flap 

1988 Sep
    Sufentanil to supplement nitrous oxide in oxygen during balanced anaesthesia 

1987 Aug
    Tactile orotracheal tube placement test. A bimanual tactile examination of the positioned orotracheal tube to confirm laryngeal placement 

1982 Dec
    The 'induction' dose of thiopentone. A method of study and preliminary illustrative results 

2007 Apr
    The accuracy of non-invasive carbon dioxide monitoring: a clinical evaluation of two transcutaneous systems 

1982 Sep
    The anaesthetic management of a patient with familial dysautonomia 

1996 Nov
    The analgesic efficacy of tenoxicam versus placebo in day case laparoscopy: a randomised parallel double-blind trial 

1972 Apr
    The damages awarded after medico-legal proceedings 

1986 Apr
    The digital control of anaesthetic gas flow 

2007 May
    The effect of cricoid pressure on intubation facilitated by the gum elastic bougie 

1995 Sep
    The effect of different end-tidal volatile agent and carbon dioxide concentrations upon the incidence of postoperative shivering 
    Transporting volatile agents in hot climates 

2000 Feb
    The effect of facial hair and sex on the dispersal of bacteria below a masked subject 

1976 Sep
    The effect of lorazepam on the vasoconstriction of fear 

2010 Aug 23
    The effect of low molecular weight heparin (enoxaparin) on enhanced coagulation induced by crystalloid haemodilution* 

1996 Sep
    The effect of ondansetron on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of temazepam 

2008 Jan
    The effect of volatile anaesthetic agents on the filtration performance of paediatric breathing system filters 

1995 Mar
    The effects of 2% lignocaine gel on incidence of retching with the use of the laryngeal mask airway 

1976 Nov
    The effects of deliberate hypotension and foot down tilt on the incidence of deep vein thrombosis during plastic surgical operations: a pilot survey 

2008 Oct
    The effects of interrupted or continuous administration of sevoflurane on preconditioning before cardio-pulmonary bypass in coronary artery surgery: comparison with continuous propofol 
    The Soft Seal disposable laryngeal mask airway in adults: comparison of two insertion techniques without intra-oral manipulation 

1967 Jan
    The effects of sedation on the digital plethysmogram. A radiotelemetric study of haloperidol 

2005 Jan
    The Glidescope system: a clinical assessment of performance 

1996 Dec
    The incidence of post dural puncture headache in children 

1989 Jan
    The influence of patient characteristics on the requirements for postoperative analgesia. A reassessment using patient-controlled analgesia 

1998 Sep
    The influence of smoking on postoperative nausea and vomiting 

2009 Jan
    The laryngeal mask airway Supreme--a single use laryngeal mask airway with an oesophageal vent. A randomised, cross-over study with the laryngeal mask airway ProSeal in paralysed, anaesthetised patients 
    The use of low dose plain solutions of local anaesthetic agents for spinal anaesthesia in the prone position: bupivacaine compared with levobupivacaine 

1997 Jul
    The loss of sevoflurane from a closed breathing system 

2006 May
    The mechanisms of carbon monoxide production by inhalational agents 

1994 Jan
    The Ohmeda Rascal II. A new gas analyser for anaesthetic use 

1985 Aug
    The Penlon Bromsgrove high frequency jet ventilator for adult and paediatric use. A solution to the problem of humidification 

1987 Jan
    The prevention of renal impairment in patients undergoing orthotopic liver grafting by infusion of low dose dopamine 

1995 Feb
    The Riyadh Intensive Care Program mortality prediction algorithm assessed in 617 intensive care patients in Glasgow 

1961 Jul
    The toxicity of lignocaine 2 per cent. A case report 

1987 Oct
    The Triservice anaesthetic apparatus. Trial of isoflurane and enflurane as alternatives to halothane 

1995 Jul
    The use of a portable refractometer to measure desflurane 
    Unexpected brainstem compression following routine surgery in a child with oto-palato-digital syndrome 

1993 Jul
    The use of propofol in a child with hepatitis A 

1989 Apr
    The value of postoperative chest radiology after major abdominal surgery 

2000 Jan
    Tourniquet pain in a volunteer study: effect of changes in cuff width and pressure 

1989 Dec
    Tracheal tube cuff pressure 

1988 Apr
    Tracheal tube cuff pressure. Clinical use of the Cardiff Cuff Controller 

1994 Feb
    Transporting patients with overwhelming pain 

2005 Sep
    Transverse myelitis following general and epidural anaesthesia in a paediatric patient 

2009 Jun
    Ultrasound vs nerve stimulation multiple injection technique for posterior popliteal sciatic nerve block 

2004 Sep
    Uptake of volatile agents 

2010 Oct 19
    Use of thromboelastometry in the assessment of coagulation before epidural insertion after massive transfusion 

1985 Jan
    Variations on a theme: splitting ratio 

1990 Apr
    Volatile agent use 

1989 Jul
    Volatile agent use: perception and practice. A survey of agent use over a 3-year period 

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