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Ann N Y Acad Sci

1994 Jun 30
    (-)Deprenyl increases the life span as well as activities of superoxide dismutase and catalase but not of glutathione peroxidase in selective brain regions in Fischer rats 
    Screening an elderly population for verifiable adverse drug reactions. Methodological approach and initial data of the Berlin Aging Study (BASE) 

1992 Nov 21
    (Bi)sulfite metabolism in human granulocytes: age-dependent formation of free radical intermediates 
    Calcium-dependent cell death. Role of the endonuclease, protein kinase C, and chromatin conformation 

2009 Nov
    2. Chernobyl's public health consequences 

1968 Jul 31
    3. Genetic variations that modify drug response. Variations in detoxication enzymes during mammalian development 
    Genetic and environmental factors affecting hexobarbital metabolism in mice 

2009 Feb
    5alpha-reductase isozymes and androgen actions in the prostate 
    Dietary enterolactone affects androgen and estrogen levels in healthy postmenopausal women 
    Molecular characterization of aromatase 
    Sex steroids upregulate the IGF-1R in prostate cancer cells through a nongenotropic pathway 
    Steroid hormone transforming aldo-keto reductases and cancer 

2003 Jun
    A 15-year retrospective on sexual coercion: advances and projections 
    A sex equality approach to sexual assault 
    Actuarial assessment of risk among sex offenders 
    After Hendricks: defining constitutional treatment for Washington State's Civil commitment program 
    Are rapists differentially aroused by coercive sex in phallometric assessments? 
    Asking what before we ask why: taxonomy, etiology, and rape 
    Assessment of sex offenders: lessons learned from the assessment of non-sex offenders 
    Criminal and noncriminal sexual aggressors: integrating psychopathy in a hierarchical-mediational confluence model 
    Demographic and epidemiologic features of Mediterranean spotted fever cases in the region of split, Croatia 
    Detecting anomalous sexual interests in juvenile sex offenders 
    Distinguishing and combining risks for sexual and violent recidivism 
    Ehrlichiosis and rickettsiosis in a canine population of Northern Sardinia 
    Emerging issues, policy changes, and the future of treating children with sexual behavior problems 
    Exploring the stereostructural requirements of peptide ligands for the melanocortin receptors 
    Implications of public health for policy on sexual violence 
    Introduction. Human sexual aggression 
    Juvenile sexual offenders: characteristics, interventions, and policy issues 
    Legislative responses to sexual violence: an overview 
    Overview of rehabilitative efforts in understanding and managing sexually coercive behaviors 
    Principles of forensic mental health assessment: implications for the forensic assessment of sexual offenders 
    Restorative justice for sexual violence: repairing victims, building community, and holding offenders accountable 
    Sex offender management: the public policy challenges 
    Sex offender reentry courts: a cost effective proposal for managing sex offender risk in the community 
    Sex offender registration and community notification: emerging legal and research issues 
    Sexual aggression: mad, bad, and mad 
    Sexual behavior problems in preteen children: developmental, ecological, and behavioral correlates 
    Sexual offender commitment in the United States: legislative and policy concerns 
    Sexual offender containment: use of the postconviction polygraph 
    Sexual offender recidivism risk: what we know and what we need to know 
    The cultural context of sexual aggression: Asian American and European American perpetrators 
    The development of sexual aggression through the life span: the effect of age on sexual arousal and recidivism among sex offenders 
    The developmental antecedents of sexual coercion against women: testing alternative hypotheses with structural equation modeling 
    The etiology of anomalous sexual preferences in men 
    The monoamine hypothesis for the pathophysiology of paraphilic disorders: an update 
    The role of citizen education and political engagement in framing the issues 
    The size and sign of treatment effects in sex offender therapy 
    Understanding and Managing Sexually Coercive Behavior. June 7-9, 2002. Washington, DC, USA. Proceedings 
    Victim and citizen perspectives on sexual offender policy 

1975 Jan 20
    A boarding school for hemophiliacs: a model for the comprehensive care of hemophilic children 
    Delivery of health care in hemophilia 
    Disadvantages of home treatment 
    Hemophilia A and von Willebrand's disease: the relationship examined 
    Lyonization in hemophilia: a cause of error in direct detection of heterozygous carriers 
    Population genetics and hemophilia--implications of mutation and carrier recognition 
    Recent advances in hemophilia. Part I. The molecule. Discussion paper. Basic science and practical management 
    Recent advances in hemophilia. Part II. Genetics. Discussion paper: Prospects 
    The role and the hazards of amniocentisis 

2009 Mar
    A brain-computer interface controlled auditory event-related potential (p300) spelling system for locked-in patients 
    A data integration framework for prediction of transcription factor targets 
    A gene network simulator to assess reverse engineering algorithms 
    A network inference workflow applied to virulence-related processes in Salmonella typhimurium 
    Autism: the empathizing-systemizing (E-S) theory 
    Combining multiple results of a reverse-engineering algorithm: application to the DREAM five-gene network challenge 
    Creating reference datasets for systems biology applications using text mining 
    Genes, cognition, and communication: insights from neurodevelopmental disorders 
    Global robustness and identifiability of random, scale-free, and small-world networks 
    In search of a unifying theory of complex brain evolution 
    Lessons from the DREAM2 Challenges 
    NIRest: a tool for gene network and mode of action inference 
    Prediction of pairwise gene interaction using threshold logic 
    Replaying the evolutionary tape: biomimetic reverse engineering of gene networks 
    Reverse engineering of gene networks with LASSO and nonlinear basis functions 
    Reverse-engineering transcriptional modules from gene expression data 
    The evolution of language 
    The role of sleep in cognition and emotion 

1995 Sep 30
    A clinician-friendly computer program for calculating breast cancer risk using the Gail and Claus models 
    Family history of cancer 
    Object Class Networks (OCNs) for interface-independent calculation with Gail and Claus models 
    Psychosocial and ethical implications of defining genetic risk for cancers 
    Who is susceptible to cancers of the breast, colon, and prostate? 

1998 Nov 30
    A combinatorial model of odor discrimination using a small array of contiguous, chemically defined glomeruli 
    A quantitative model of odor deactivation based on the redox shift of the pheromone-binding protein im moth antennae 
    Behavioral antagonism in the moth Helicoverpa zea in response to pheromone blends of three sympatric heliothine moth species is explained by one type of antennal neuron 
    Central nervous correlates of chemical communication in humans 
    Central processing of aggregation pheromones in solitary and gregarious desert locusts, Schistocerca gregaria 
    Developmental effects on odor learning and memory in children 
    Inhibitors of sensillar esterase block reversibly the responses of moth pheromone receptor cells 
    Integration of chemosensory and hormonal input in the male Syrian hamster brain 
    Mitral cells and ruffed cells. Two physiologically different types of relay neurons in the olfactory bulb of goldfish 
    Odorant-binding proteins of true bugs. Generic specificity, sexual dimorphism, and association with subsets of chemosensory sensilla 
    Odorant-binding proteins: structural aspects 
    On the nature of mammalian and human pheromones 
    Pheromone-binding proteins of scarab beetles 
    Pheromones, the vomeronasal system, and communication. From hormonal responses to individual recognition 
    Psychophysical measurement of 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP) taste perception 
    Sensory properties of selected terpenes. Thresholds for odor, nasal pungency, nasal localization, and eye irritation 
    Sex pheromones and amino acids evoke distinctly different spatial patterns of electrical activity in the goldfish olfactory bulb 
    The human vomeronasal system. A review 
    Using sensory and instrumental data to interpret the effect of storage at elevated temperatures on aroma of Chardonnay wines 
    Viral replication in olfactory receptor neurons and entry into the olfactory bulb and brain 
    Vomeronasal, olfactory, hormonal convergence in the brain. Cooperation or coincidence? 

2007 Aug
    A combined SDS-PAGE and proteomics approach to identify target autoantigens in healthy individuals and patients with autoimmune diseases 
    Automatic analysis of immunofluorescence patterns of HEp-2 cells 
    NKG2D and natural cytotoxicity receptors are involved in natural killer cell interaction with self-antigen presenting cells and stromal cells 

2002 Apr
    A comparative study of the knowledge, beliefs, and practices of diabetic patients cared for at a teaching hospital (free service) and those cared for by private practitioners (paid service) 
    A unified mechanism in the initiation of cancer 
    Anti-insulin-like growth factor-1 autoantibodies in type 1 diabetes 
    Botulinum toxin therapy for apraxia of lid opening 
    Distributed model of collicular and cerebellar function during saccades 
    DR3 is associated with type 1 diabetes and blood group ABO incompatibility 
    HLA class I and class II association with ankylosing spondylitis in a southern Indian population 
    Mitochondrial damage in aging and apoptosis 
    Nitrones as neuroprotectants and antiaging drugs 
    Pharmacological interventions in aging and age-associated disorders: potentials of propargylamines for human use 
    Smooth pursuit tracking: saccade amplitude modulation during exposure to microgravity 
    Toward mechanism-based antioxidant interventions: lessons from natural antioxidants 
    Tumor necrosis factor-alpha allele 2 shows an association with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in Latvians 

1999 Nov 18
    A computer program for clinical and investigative work related to the metabolic syndrome 
    Hypothalamic origin of the metabolic syndrome X 
    Molecular mechanism of metabolic syndrome X: contribution of adipocytokines adipocyte-derived bioactive substances 

2009 Apr
    A critical analysis of ecosystem services as a tool in conservation projects: the possible perils, the promises,and the partnerships 
    A self-psychological approach to the study of biography: the interplay of narratives in psychoanalysis and biography 
    Activation of relaxin-related receptors by short, linear peptides derived from a collagen-containing precursor 
    Art and self: a new psychoanalytic perspective on creativity and aesthetic experience 
    Behavioral effects of brain-derived estrogens in birds 
    Bubble motion through a generalized power-law fluid flowing in a vertical tube 
    Climate change adaptation strategies for resource management and conservation planning 
    Connexin43 expression in the testis of frog Rana esculenta: sex hormonal regulation 
    Does atrazine affect larval development and sexual differentiation of South African clawed frogs? 
    Ecosystem responses to community disassembly 
    Effect of suspended particles on the drying process of a carrier-fluid droplet sitting on a solid surface 
    Effects of air pollution on ecosystems and biological diversity in the eastern United States 
    Effects of xenoestrogens on the differentiation of behaviorally relevant neural circuits in higher vertebrates 
    Embracing the limits of psychoanalysis: a dialogic approach to healing 
    Endocrine disruption in aquatic vertebrates 
    Evaluation of relaxin's antifibrotic action by SELDI-TOF mass spectrometry-based profiling of relaxin knockout mice, a model of progressive fibrosis 
    Forest wildlife management and conservation 
    From conservation genetics to conservation genomics 
    From self psychology to selves in relationship: a radical process of micro and macro expansion in conceptual experience 
    Hormone-mediated reproductive behavior in the red-bellied newt 
    How self psychology found me 
    INSL3/RXFP2 signaling in testicular descent 
    Low-gravity experiments of lightweight flexible heat pipe panels with self-rewetting fluids 
    Mapping and valuing ecosystem services as an approach for conservation and natural-resource management 
    Metabolic and neuroendocrine responses to RXFP3 modulation in the central nervous system 
    Molecular mechanisms underlying PBAN signaling in the silkmoth Bombyx mori 
    My relational self psychology 
    Optimizing microneedle arrays to increase skin permeability for transdermal drug delivery 
    Peeling the onion: understanding layers of treatment 
    Peptides of the adipokinetic hormone/red pigment-concentrating hormone family: a new take on biodiversity 
    Probing the functional domains of relaxin-3 and the creation of a selective antagonist for RXFP3/GPCR135 over relaxin receptor RXFP1/LGR7 
    Setting conservation priorities 
    Some key features in the evolution of self psychology and psychoanalysis 
    Structural insights into the function of relaxins 
    Structural properties of relaxin chimeras 
    The evolution of the psychology of the self: toward a mature narcissism 
    The interface of self psychology, infant research, and neuroscience in clinical practice 
    The journey of a psychoanalyst 
    The road to my (self) psychology 
    Theory is personal 
    Thermal design and turbidity sensor for autonomous bacterial growth measurements in spaceflight 
    Trauma-centered psychoanalysis: transforming experiences of unbearable uncertainty 
    Vertebrate sex steroid receptors: evolution, ligands, and neurodistribution 

    A database for human fibrinogen variants 
    Determinants of thrombin specificity 
    Mutation of W215 compromises thrombin cleavage of fibrinogen, but not of PAR1 or protein C 

1966 Jan 31
    A digital programmer for stimuli and computer control in neurophysiological experiments 

    A European survey on the usefulness of 67Ga lung scans in assessing sarcoidosis. Experience in 14 research centers in seven different countries 
    A new method for three-dimensional reconstruction of single macromolecules using low-dose electron micrographs 
    A reevaluation of the concept of separable periods of organizational and activational actions of estrogens in development of brain and behavior 
    A two-step model for sexual differentiation 
    Assessment of leukocyte alkaline phosphatase by image analysis 
    Automaton model of dynamic organization in microtubules 
    Breast development in puberty 
    Comparative behavioral endocrinology 
    Elevation in hypothalamic cyclic AMP as a common factor in the facilitation of lordosis in rodents: a working hypothesis 
    Estrogens and breast cancer 
    Experiential influences on hormonally dependent ring dove parental care 
    Factors affecting outcome of sarcoidosis. Influence of race, extrathoracic involvement, and initial radiologic lung lesions 
    Female vocalizations and their role in the avian breeding cycle 
    Flow cytometric instrumentation for scientific and clinical use 
    Genital stimulation as a trigger for neuroendocrine and behavioral control of reproduction 
    Heterotypical sexual behavior: implications from variations 
    Hormonal approaches to immunotherapy of autoimmune disease 
    Hormonal control of behavior--a cautionary note 
    Individual behavioral response mediates endocrine changes induced by social interaction 
    Interaction of species-typical environmental and hormonal factors in sexual differentiation of behavior 
    Is unilateral electroconvulsive therapy really the treatment of choice in endogenous depression? 
    Licking, touching, and suckling: contact stimulation and maternal psychobiology in rats and women 
    Molecular messengers among insects 
    Neuroendocrinology of coitally and noncoitally induced pseudopregnancy 
    Noradrenergic regulation of progestin receptors: new findings, new questions 
    Ocular sarcoidosis. A case-control study among black patients 
    Prenatal stress disrupts reproductive behavior and physiology in offspring 
    Reciprocity in neuroendocrine and evolutionary approaches to the study of reproductive behavior 
    Reduced prevalence of smokers in sarcoidosis. Results of a case-control study 
    Relation between risk of breast cancer and biological availability of estradiol in the blood: prospective study in Guernsey 
    Reproductive neuroendocrine regulation in the female rat by central catecholamine-neuropeptide interactions: a local control hypothesis 
    Role of circulating opioids in the modulation of pain 
    Role of the preoptic area in the neuroendocrine regulation of reproduction: an analysis of functional preoptic homografts 
    Sex steroids and energy balance: sites and mechanisms of action 
    Social induction of the ovarian response in the female ring dove 
    Stereochemical studies of natural products biosynthesis 
    Steroid hormone antagonists and behavior 
    Steroid profiles and optimization of high-performance liquid chromatographic analytic procedure 
    Steroid receptors and hormone action in the brain 
    Suicide and alcoholism 
    The effects of copulatory behavior on sperm transport and fertility in rats 
    The endocrinology of the abnormal male breast 
    The fragile X syndrome 
    The prognosis of sarcoid heart disease in the United Kingdom 
    The role of androgen metabolism in the activation of male behavior 
    The role of the vomeronasal organ in behavioral control of reproduction 
    The role of ultrasonic vocalizations in the regulation of reproduction in rats 

1962 Dec 28
    A field study of the sociobiology of rhesus monkeys, Macaca mulatta 

2008 Apr
    A frequency/consequence-based technique for visualizing and communicating uncertainty and perception of risk 
    Application of mass spectrometry for the detection of glycation and oxidation products in milk proteins 
    Induction of heat shock proteins and the proteasome system by casein-N epsilon-(carboxymethyl)lysine and N epsilon-(carboxymethyl)lysine in Caco-2 cells 
    Isolation and partial characterization of four fluorophores formed by nonenzymatic browning of methylglyoxal and glutamine-derived ammonia 
    Modification of vimentin: a general mechanism of nonenzymatic glycation in human skin 
    N epsilon-(carboxymethyl)lysine during the early development of hypertension 
    N-terminal glycation of proteins and peptides in foods and in vivo: evaluation of N-(2-furoylmethyl)valine in acid hydrolyzates of human hemoglobin 
    Reproductive endocrinology and clinical aspects of obesity in women 
    Some natural compounds enhance N epsilon-(carboxymethyl)lysine formation 
    TROY, a novel member of the tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily in the central nervous system 

2004 Jun
    A functional subset of serotonergic neurons in the rat ventrolateral periaqueductal gray implicated in the inhibition of sympathoexcitation and panic 
    A serum proteomics approach to the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy 
    Acute coronary syndrome, comorbidity, and mortality in geriatric patients 
    Adolescence and the trajectory of alcohol use: basic to clinical studies 
    Adolescence: vulnerable period for stress-induced prefrontal cortical function? Introduction to part IV 
    Age-related differences in elevated plus maze behavior between adolescent and adult rats 
    Biodiversity, biosphere reserves, and the Big Apple: a study of the New York Metropolitan Region 
    Bird calls: their potential for behavioral neurobiology 
    Birdsong and singing behavior 
    Cell-free plasma DNA as a prognostic marker in intensive treatment unit patients 
    Chicago wilderness: a new force in urban conservation 
    Development of error-monitoring event-related potentials in adolescents 
    Digital transcriptome analysis in the aging cerebellum 
    Effects of real and simulated microgravity on response of sympathoadrenal system to various stress stimuli 
    Effects of space flight and -6 degrees bed rest on the neuroendocrine response to metabolic stress in physically fit subjects 
    Fight or flight, forbearance and fortitude: the spectrum of actions of the catecholamines and their cousins 
    Genetic correction of mitochondrial diseases: using the natural migration of mitochondrial genes to the nucleus in chlorophyte algae as a model system 
    Grid crossing: inability to compare activity levels between adolescent and adult rats 
    Hormonal modulation of singing: hormonal modulation of the songbird brain and singing behavior 
    Hormone-dependent neural plasticity in the juvenile and adult song system: what makes a successful male? 
    How an individual fecundity pattern looks in Drosophila and medflies 
    Inhabitants' environmental perceptions in the city of Rome within the framework for urban biosphere reserves of the UNESCO programme on man and biosphere 
    Interleukin-7: an interleukin for rejuvenating the immune system 
    Interrelationships between hormones, behavior, and affect during adolescence: complex relationships exist between reproductive hormones, stress-related hormones, and the activity of neural systems that regulate behavioral affect. Comments on part III 
    Mitochondria, sex, and mortality 
    Plasticity of the adult avian song control system 
    Positive and negative affect in depression: influence of sex and puberty 
    Pubertal development of sex differences in circadian function: an animal model 
    Puberty, ovarian steroids, and stress 
    Regreening the metropolis: pathways to more ecological cities: keynote address 
    Seasonal plasticity in the song control system: multiple brain sites of steroid hormone action and the importance of variation in song behavior 
    Secretion of melatonin in healthy elderly subjects: a longitudinal study 
    Sex differences in the effects of pubertal development on responses to a corticotropin-releasing hormone challenge: the Pittsburgh psychobiologic studies 
    Sexual differentiation of the zebra finch song system 
    Song function and the evolution of female preferences: why birds sing, why brains matter 
    Songbird genomics: methods, mechanisms, opportunities, and pitfalls 
    Spatial performance and corticosteroid receptor status in the 21-day restraint stress paradigm 
    Structural magnetic resonance imaging of the adolescent brain 
    Studying the song development process: rationale and methods 
    Testing the free radical theory of aging in bats 
    The Bengalese finch: a window on the behavioral neurobiology of birdsong syntax 
    The biphasic relationship between regional brain senile plaque and neurofibrillary tangle distributions: modification by age, sex, and APOE polymorphism 
    The cellular basis for volume changes in the rat cortex during puberty: white and gray matter 
    The dynamics of social-ecological systems in urban landscapes: Stockholm and the National Urban Park, Sweden 
    The role of cellular senescence may be to prevent proliferation of neighboring cells within stem cell niches 
    Trajectories of adolescent emotional and cognitive development: effects of sex and risk for drug use 
    Using learned calls to study sensory-motor integration in songbirds 
    Where is the bird? 

1974 Apr 15
    A jigger of alcohol, a dash of depression, and bitters: a suicidal mix 
    Depression in alcoholism 

    A longitudinal study of cellular immunity in male homosexuals in London 
    A multifactorial model for the development of AIDS in homosexual men 
    Acquired immune deficiency syndrome in Belgium and its relation to Central Africa 
    Acquired immune deficiency syndrome: specific aspects of the disease in Haiti 
    Alpha interferon therapy of Kaposi's sarcoma in AIDS 
    Autoantibodies to T cells in adult and pediatric AIDS 
    Correlation between exposure to human T-cell leukemia-lymphoma virus-III and the development of AIDS 
    Deficiency of interferon-alpha generating capacity is associated with susceptibility to opportunistic infections in patients with AIDS 
    Disorders of androgen receptor function 
    Epidemiological aspects of acquired immune deficiency syndrome in France 
    Functional integrity of T, B, and natural killer cells in homosexual subjects with prodromata and in patients with AIDS 
    Generalized lymphadenopathy in homosexual men: an update of the New York experience 
    Gonadal hormones and brain development: implications for the genesis of sexual differentiation 
    High-grade non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in patients with AIDS 
    Homosexual men in London: lymphadenopathy, immune status, and Epstein-Barr virus infection 
    Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura in homosexual men 
    Immune derangements in asymptomatic male homosexuals in Israel: a pre-AIDS condition? 
    Immune status of AIDS patients in France: relationship with lymphadenopathy associated virus tropism 
    Immunologic abnormalities among male homosexuals in New York City: changes over time 
    Immunologic studies of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome: relationship of immunodeficiency to extent of disease 
    Immunological and virological studies in a risk population for AIDS in Rome (Italy) 
    Induction of testicular development in the fetal mouse ovary 
    Infectious complications of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome 
    Interleukin regulation of the immune system (IRIS) in male homosexuals with acquired immune deficiency disease syndrome 
    Kaposi's sarcoma in Sardinia: an epidemiologic and genetic investigation 
    Kaposi's sarcoma: a review of the classical and epidemic forms 
    Knowledge engineering. The applied side of artificial intelligence 
    Lymphadenopathy: endpoint or prodrome? Update of a 24-month prospective study 
    Malignancies in the AIDS patient: natural history, treatment strategies, and preliminary results 
    Management of opportunistic pneumonia in AIDS 
    Molecular properties of the androgen receptor in rat ventral prostate 
    Prevalence of viral antibodies and leukocyte abnormalities among blood donors considering themselves at risk of exposure to AIDS 
    Prevalence, clinical manifestations, and immunology of herpesvirus infections in the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome 
    Prodromal syndromes in AIDS 
    Prospective observations of viral and immunologic abnormalities in homosexual males 
    Recreational drugs: relationship to AIDS 
    Role of interferon in AIDS 
    Seroepidemiology of human T-cell leukemia virus in the French West Indies: antibodies in blood donors and patients with lymphoproliferative diseases who do not have AIDS 
    Sexual dysfunctions in multiple sclerosis 
    Soluble factors inhibitory for T-cell-dependent immune responses in patients with the acquired immune deficiency syndrome and its prodromes 
    Some expert systems need common sense 
    Stress: prodrome to immune deficiency 
    T-cell ratios: sperm and asialo GM1 antibody levels in New York City prostitutes 
    The effects of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome on gay lifestyle and the gay individual 
    The formation of three-dimensional biological structures. Computer uses and future needs 
    The prevention of AIDS by modifying sexual behavior 
    The use of a squid third order spatial gradiometer to measure magnetic fields of the brain 
    The use of beta-2 microglobulin in the diagnosis of AIDS, suspected AIDS, and preclinical AIDS 
    Thymosin in the early diagnosis and treatment of high risk homosexuals and hemophiliacs with AIDS-like immune dysfunction 
    Virologic, immunologic, and epidemiologic associations with AIDS among gay males in a low incidence area 
    What is the role of cytomegalovirus in AIDS? 

1969 Dec 10
    A longitudinal study of rheumatoid factors in a New England town 

1965 Nov 22
    A longlife biosatellite for exploratory television viewing of physiologic development 
    Aerospace pilot training and selection 
    Astronaut selection and training 
    Design and development of the Apollo extravehicular mobility unit 
    Human performance for military and civilian operations in space 
    Navigation, guidance, and control problems of spacecraft 
    The physiological clock in aeronautics and astronautics 
    Tracking, command, control and data-acquisition of NASA flight programs 

1994 Sep 7
    A model system using fetal hemoglobin to distinguish fetal cells enriched from maternal blood 
    An improved PCR-based system for prenatal sex determination from maternal peripheral blood 
    Detection of fetal cells in endocervical samples 
    Fetal cell testing: societal and ethical speculations 
    First-trimester sex determination from fetal DNA in cervical swabs 
    FISH: sensitivity and specificity on sorted and unsorted cells 
    ISH and PCR study with Y-specific probe/primers 
    Isolating and analyzing fetal leukocytes in maternal blood 
    Noninvasive prenatal diagnostic technology. Medical, market, or regulatory model? 
    Presence of cells of fetal origin in maternal circulation of pregnant women 
    Simultaneous immunophenotyping and FISH on fetal cells from maternal blood 
    The time of appearance, and quantitation, of fetal DNA in the maternal circulation 
    Transcervical sampling: a preliminary prospective study 

    A multidimensional approach to sexual aggression: combining measures of past behavior and present likelihood 
    A tale of two cultures; do we differ? 
    A taxonomic analysis of child molesters 
    Aberrant sexual arousal in sexual offenders 
    Advancements in physiological evaluation of assessment and treatment of the sexual aggressor 
    Affinity labeling, molecular cloning, and comparative amino acid sequence analyses of sex steroid-binding protein of plasma. A multidisciplinary approach for understanding steroid-protein interaction and its physiological role 
    An ethological analysis of excessive grooming in young and aged rats 
    An external quality assessment scheme for the measurement of sex hormone-binding globulin 
    An outpatient treatment program for child molesters 
    Anti-Candida activity and toxicology of LY121019, a novel semisynthetic polypeptide antifungal antibiotic 
    Are corticosteroid-binding globulin and sex hormone-binding globulin hormones? 
    Biological influences on grooming in nonhuman primates 
    Biological monitoring of populations exposed to volatile petroleum products 
    Biomedical ethics: an Anglo-American dialogue. A personal view of future trends 
    Carcinogenesis studies of benzene, methyl benzene, and dimethyl benzenes 
    Carcinogenesis studies: results of 398 experiments on 104 chemicals from the U.S. National Toxicology Program 
    Carcinogenic and mutagenic potential of several fluorocarbons 
    Chemoprevention of indirect and direct chemical carcinogenesis by carotenoids as oxygen radical quenchers 
    Chronic toxicity results and ongoing studies of 1,3-butadiene by the National Toxicology Program 
    Clinical manifestations and diagnosis of neuroborreliosis 
    Clinical manifestations and epidemiological characteristics of Lyme disease in Hailin county, Heilongjiang Province, China 
    Clinical reflections on sexual aggression 
    Comparison of adaptive responses in familiar and novel environments: modulatory factors 
    Control of exposure to chemicals. Scientific basis and social compromise 
    Courtship disorder: is this hypothesis valid? 
    Current perspectives on gasoline (light hydrocarbon)-induced male rat nephropathy 
    Effects of calcium "antagonists" on vertebrate skeletal muscle cells 
    Effects of human chorionic gonadotropin, androgens, adrenocorticotropin hormone, dexamethasone and hyperprolactinemia on plasma sex steroid-binding protein 
    Establishing priorities for experimental studies 
    European Lyme borreliosis 
    Evaluation of the Nottingham birth scoring system 
    Extent of carcinogenicity testing of commercial chemicals 
    Gasoline toxicology. Implications for human health 
    Home monitoring for the sudden infant death syndrome. The case against 
    Home monitoring for the sudden infant death syndrome. The case for 
    Hormonal and nonhormonal factors affecting sex hormone-binding globulin levels in blood 
    Human sexual aggression: current perspectives 
    Human sexual aggression: social policy perspective 
    In vivo measurement of dopamine receptors in human brain by positron emission tomography. Age and sex differences 
    Influence of ACTH1-24 on grooming and sociosexual behavior in the rat 
    Influence of antiestrogen drugs on the sex hormone and sex hormone-binding globulin levels in breast cancer patients 
    Interactions of contraceptive steroids with binding proteins and the clinical implications 
    Introduction to biological issues, with neuropathological case illustrations 
    Is all genetic (hereditary) hemochromatosis HLA-associated 
    Issues in the exploration of biological factors contributing to the etiology of the "sex offender," plus some ethical considerations 
    Keratinocyte-derived interleukin 3 
    Laboratory animal toxicity and carcinogenesis testing. Underlying concepts, advantages and constraints 
    Law reform, social policy, and criminal sexual violence: current Canadian responses 
    Measuring the effectiveness of treatment for the aggressive adolescent sexual offender 
    Medtronic SynchroMed drug administration system 
    Methylxanthine treatment in infants at risk for sudden infant death syndrome 
    MiniMed Technologies Programmable Implantable Infusion System 
    Mutagenicity studies on styrene and vinyl acetate 
    Mutual reinforcement between epidemiology and the laboratory in the study of environmental cancer 
    Neurotransmitters and sex-hormone profiles in the human serum and ovarian follicular fluid of in vitro fertilization participants 
    Physiology of the testosterone-binding globulin in man 
    Plasma sex steroid transport and histamine H2-receptor antagonists. Clinical implications 
    Possible relevance of steroid availability and breast cancer 
    Predicting child molesters' response to treatment 
    Predictors of sexual aggression among a national sample of male college students 
    Preventing faking in phallometric assessments of sexual preference 
    Prevention of unexpected infant death. A review of risk-related intervention in six centers 
    Rape in marriage and in dating relationships: how bad is it for mental health? 
    Reaction time, speed of performance, and age 
    Receptor for epidermal growth factor in neoplastic and non-neoplastic human thymus 
    Relapse prevention of sexual aggression 
    Relationships between in vitro genetic toxicity and carcinogenicity studies in animals 
    Selective delivery of sex steroid hormones to tissues in vivo by albumin and by sex hormone-binding globulin 
    Serial rapists and their victims: reenactment and repetition 
    Sex hormone-binding globulin and the natural history of breast cancer 
    Sex steroid-binding protein in nonendocrine diseases 
    Sexual aggression in the great apes 
    Sexual sadism: brain, blood, and behavior 
    Shiley INFUSAID Pump technology 
    Short-term tests--relevance for human cancer risk. Discussion paper 
    Signal transduction for proliferation and differentiation in keratinocytes 
    Structure of the rat androgen-binding protein gene 
    Survival and causes of death in hemochromatosis. Observations in 163 patients 
    Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of a novel antifungal agent, ICI 195,739 
    The arthropathy of hemochromatosis. Recent studies 
    The development of grooming and its expression in adult animals 
    The economics of regulatory failure. A comparison of regulation and products liability laws 
    The effect of iron fortification of the diet on clinical iron overload in the general population 
    The extracellular sex steroid-binding proteins of testis and liver. Structure-function studies 
    The impact of forensic issues on women's rights 
    The relationship between child sexual abuse and adolescent sexual functioning in Afro-American and white American women 
    The Sex Offender Treatment and Evaluation Project: California's new outcome study 
    The treatment and maltreatment of sexual offenders: ethical issues 
    Validation analyses on a taxonomic system for rapists: disconfirmation and reconceptualization 
    Victims of sexual aggression: introduction 
    What have we learned about legislative remedies for rape? 
    Yeast-mating-type switching: a model system for the study of genome rearrangements induced by carcinogens 

1993 Jun 14
    A neurologist's overview of developmental dyslexia 
    Associations of dyslexia with epilepsy, handedness, and gender 
    Effect of dietary fish oil on insulin action in fat cells of control and non-insulin-dependent rats 
    Effects of marine fish oil on blood pressure and vascular reactivity in the hereditary hypertriglyceridemic rat 
    Epidemiologic studies on Eskimos and fish intake 
    The directional motor link in reading disabilities 

2002 Oct
    A neuroscience knowledge management systems approach: application to functional proteomics/genomics of the chromaffin cell 
    Compact optical sensor for real-time monitoring of bacterial growth for space applications 
    Effect of the association of cattle and rusa deer (Cervus timorensis russa) on populations of cattle ticks (Boophilus microplus) 
    Elk restoration in Ontario, Canada: infectious disease management strategy, 1998-2001 
    Experimental investigation of the liquid interface reorientation upon step reduction in gravity 
    Flow field measurements in the cell culture unit 
    Image flows and one-liner graphical image representation 
    Immunolocalization of vesicular stomatitis virus in black flies (Simulium vittatum) 
    Investigation of transport phenomena inside a microcapsule 
    Large-scale geophysical flows on a table top 
    Measurement of a velocity field in microvessels using a high resolution PIV technique 
    Metabioinformatics: the ecology of an intellectual collective 
    Microgravity protein crystallization: are we reaping the full benefit of outer space? 
    Microgravity studies of cells and tissues 
    Molecular motion and cardiac muscle motor dynamics 
    New approaches for analysis of amperometrical recordings 
    Pathfinder and other tools for analyzing signal transduction networks 
    PCR and molecular detection for differentiating Vibrio species 
    PIV measurement and numerical analysis of a new refrigeration compartment of a refrigerator 
    Quantitative flow visualization: toward a comprehensive flow diagnostic tool 
    Role of protein kinases in neuropeptide gene regulation by PACAP in chromaffin cells: a pharmacological and bioinformatic analysis 
    Science's signal transduction knowledge environment: the connections maps database 
    Space-grown protein crystals are more useful for structure determination 
    Start-up behavior of viscoelastic fluid flow near a capillary entry 
    The influence of gravity on composition uniformity and microstructure in immiscible Al-In alloys 
    The virtual cell: an integrated modeling environment for experimental and computational cell biology 
    Vapor transport growth of organic solids in microgravity and unit gravity: some comparisons and results to date 

2009 Jul
    A neuroscientific perspective on music therapy 
    A protocol for cross-cultural research on the acquisition of singing 
    A second look at the structure of human olfactory memory 
    Age-related hearing loss: ear and brain mechanisms 
    Analysis of the olfactory mucosa in chronic rhinosinusitis 
    Auditory-somatosensory integration and cortical plasticity in musical training 
    Autobiographical odor memory 
    Avian chemoreception: an electrophysiological approach 
    Behavioral and cellular level changes in the aging somatosensory system 
    Behavioral modulation of gustatory cortical activity 
    Centrifugal drive onto local inhibitory interneurons of the olfactory bulb 
    desat1 and the evolution of pheromonal communication in Drosophila 
    Development and regeneration of the inner ear 
    Different prion conformers target the olfactory pathway in sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease 
    Dimorphic olfactory lobes in the arthropoda 
    dOr83b--receptor or ion channel? 
    Drosophila sechellia as a model in chemosensory neuroecology 
    Dynamics of nasal chemesthesis 
    Electrophysiology of vagal afferents: amino acid detection in the gut 
    Estimating the time to reach a target frequency in singing 
    Evolution of moth sex pheromone desaturases 
    Experience-induced malleability in neural encoding of pitch, timbre, and timing 
    Food consumption inhibits pain-related behaviors 
    Functional analysis of the guanylyl cyclase type D signaling system in the olfactory epithelium 
    Functional expression of chemoreceptors with the help of a Guanine nucleotide exchange factor 
    Functional organization of the rodent parabrachial nucleus 
    Genetic variation in taste sensitivity to 6-n-propylthiouracil and its relationship to taste perception and food selection 
    Imagery mismatch negativity in musicians 
    In vivo fate tracing studies of mammalian taste cell progenitors 
    Individual odor recognition in procellariiform chicks: potential role for the major histocompatibility complex 
    Insect olfactory receptor complex functions as a ligand-gated ionotropic channel 
    Low-level mechanisms for processing odor information in the behaving animal 
    Measuring taste impairment in epidemiologic studies: the Beaver Dam Offspring Study 
    Modulation of taste sensitivity by GLP-1 signaling in taste buds 
    Molecular and cellular mechanisms of trigeminal chemosensation 
    Molecular basis of odor detection in insects 
    Multimodal sensory integration of courtship stimulating cues in Drosophila melanogaster 
    Neuroethology of oviposition behavior in the moth Manduca sexta 
    Neuroregulation of human nasal mucosa 
    Olfaction in petrels: from homing to self-odor avoidance 
    Onset of odorant receptors 
    Perceptual and neural pliability of odor objects 
    Perspectives on population-based epidemiological studies of olfactory and taste impairment 
    Processing umami and other tastes in mammalian taste buds 
    Shaping of Drosophila male courtship posture by a gustatory pheromone 
    Signaling proteins that regulate NaCl 
    Symposium overview: A systems approach to studying chemical senses and aging: moving from populations to mechanisms 
    Symposium overview: Evolution of pheromonal communication in insects 
    Symposium overview: Sex (and taste), drugs (and taste), and rock & roll (and taste) 
    Symposium overview: Stem cells in sensory epithelium development and regeneration 
    The anatomical and electrophysiological basis of peripheral nasal trigeminal chemoreception 
    The genetics of bitterness and pungency detection and its impact on phytonutrient evaluation 
    The modulation of lifespan by perceptual systems 
    The olfactory pathway of adult and larval Drosophila: conservation or adaptation to stage-specific needs? 
    The role of the parabrachial nucleus in taste processing and feeding 
    Toward identifying sex pheromones in blue crabs: using biomarker targeting within the context of evolutionary chemical ecology 
    Trace amine-associated receptors are olfactory receptors in vertebrates 

1992 Jan 27
    A new look at torsades de pointes 
    Sex differences in phenotypic manifestation and gene transmission in the Romano-Ward syndrome 

2007 Sep
    A new orally bioavailable synthetic androstene inhibits collagen-induced arthritis in the mouse: androstene hormones as regulators of regulatory T cells 
    Compensability of, and legal issues related to, coccidioidomycosis 
    Development of thymosin beta4 for treatment of patients with ischemic heart disease 
    Epidermolysis bullosa: a genetic disease of altered cell adhesion and wound healing, and the possible clinical utility of topically applied thymosin beta4 
    Identification and characterization of thymosin beta-4 in chicken macrophages using whole cell MALDI-TOF 
    Immunopharmacology of thymosin alpha1 and cytokine synergy 
    IRX-2 and thymosin alpha1 (Zadaxin) increase T lymphocytes in T lymphocytopenic mice and humans 
    Issues in pharmaceutical development of thymosin alpha1 from preclinical studies through marketing 
    PolyI:C induction of diabetes is controlled by Iddm4 in rats with a full regulatory T cell pool 
    The population biology of coccidioides: epidemiologic implications for disease outbreaks 
    The X chromosome in female-predominant autoimmune diseases 
    Thymosin alpha 1: from bench to bedside 
    Thymosin beta-4 and venous ulcers: clinical remarks on a European prospective, randomized study on safety, tolerability, and enhancement on healing 
    X monosomy in female systemic lupus erythematosus 

1992 Sep 30
    A new pathway for vitamin A. Understanding the pleiotropic effects of retinoids 
    Influence of HIV infection on vitamin status and requirements 
    Ischemia: reperfusion injury and restenosis after coronary angioplasty 
    Vitamin E and cancer: epidemiology 

2008 Aug
    A new Y chromosome marker for noninvasive fetal gender determination 
    Binding and penetration of methylated DNA into primary and transformed human cells 
    Circulating 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 mRNA and cardiovascular risk factors 
    Circulating DNA in the blood of gastric cancer patients 
    Circulating nucleic acids in the assessment of endogenous growth hormone production 
    Clinical relevance of circulating nucleosomes in cancer 
    Deamination of adenosines in extracellular RNA spontaneously internalized by human cells 
    Effect of cell-free DNA of patients with cardiomyopathy and rDNA on the frequency of contraction of electrically paced neonatal rat ventricular myocytes in culture 
    Effect of hypoxia on circulating levels of retina-specific messenger RNA in type 2 diabetes mellitus 
    Extracellular DNA fragments 
    Extracellular functional noncoding nucleic acid bioaptamers and angiotropin RNP ribokines in vascularization and self-tolerance 
    Fetal nucleic acids in maternal plasma 
    Fetal sex identification in maternal plasma by means of short tandem repeats on chromosome x 
    Hepatitis B virus X-DNA. A serum marker for early detection of resistance development during lamivudine therapy 
    Influence of plasma DNA on acid-base balance, blood gas measurement, and oxygen transport in health and stroke 
    Isolation and sequencing of short cell-surface-bound DNA 
    Metabolic DNA as the origin of spontaneously released DNA? 
    Methylation-based analysis of circulating DNA for breast tumor screening 
    Methylation-specific sequencing of GSTP1 gene promoter in circulating/extracellular DNA from blood and urine of healthy donors and prostate cancer patients 
    Normalization of circulating nucleic acid results 
    Overview of circulating nucleic acids in plasma/serum 
    Phenotype and mRNA expression of syncytiotrophoblast microparticles isolated from human placenta 
    Retina-specific mRNA in the assessment of diabetic retinopathy 
    Splicing by exon exclusion impaired by artificial box c/d RNA targeted to branch-point adenosine 
    Stability of beta-actin mRNA in plasma 
    The effect of protein transport inhibitors on the production of extracellular DNA 
    The housekeeping gene (GA3PDH) and the long interspersed nuclear element (LINE) in the blood and organs of rats treated with cocaine 
    Transrenal nucleic acids: from proof of principle to clinical tests 

2005 Jun
    A noninvasive technique to evaluate human-generated stress in the black grouse 
    Analysis of protein glycation products by MALDI-TOF/MS 
    Autoantibodies to human alpha6 integrin in patients with bullous pemphigoid 
    Corticosterone in chicken eggs 
    Current status of acrylamide research in food: measurement, safety assessment, and formation 
    Ecomorphology of the external flight apparatus of blackcaps (Sylvia atricapilla) with different migration behavior 
    Evolution of the heart from bacteria to man 
    Focus-drift correction in time-lapse confocal imaging 
    Generation and characterization of three monoclonal IgM antiphospholipid antibodies recognizing different phospholipid antigens 
    Genotoxicity of advanced glycation end products: involvement of oxidative stress and of angiotensin II type 1 receptors 
    Human antiganglioside autoantibodies: validation of ELISA 
    Investigative models for determining hormone therapy-induced outcomes in brain: evidence in support of a healthy cell bias of estrogen action 
    Measurement of corticosterone metabolites in birds' droppings: an analytical approach 
    Measuring fecal steroids: guidelines for practical application 
    Melatonin and nocturnal migration 
    Multiplexed immunoassay for detection of rheumatoid factors by FIDISTM technology 
    Oxidative pyrolysis and postpyrolytic derivatization techniques for the total analysis of maillard model systems: investigation of control parameters of maillard reaction pathways 
    Phenotypic flexibility of skeletal muscles during long-distance migration of garden warblers: muscle changes are differentially related to body mass 
    Pyridoxamine: the many virtues of a maillard reaction inhibitor 
    Simulation of the neuronal interactions and connection of neuronal activity with changes of heart rhythm and myocardial electrophysiological properties 

2001 May
    A novel digital image processing system for the transient liquid crystal technique applied for heat transfer and film cooling measurements 
    The smoke detector principle. Natural selection and the regulation of defensive responses 

2010 Jul
    A novel function of mtDNA: its involvement in metastasis 
    Functional interaction of regulator of G protein signaling-2 with melanin-concentrating hormone receptor 1 
    Insights into the evolution of proglucagon-derived peptides and receptors in fish and amphibians 
    MELAS and L-arginine therapy: pathophysiology of stroke-like episodes 
    Mitochondrial respiratory dysfunction-elicited oxidative stress and posttranslational protein modification in mitochondrial diseases 
    Molecular coevolution of kisspeptins and their receptors from fish to mammals 
    Neuropeptide W: a key player in the homeostatic regulation of feeding and energy metabolism? 
    Roles of GSK3 in metabolic shift toward abnormal anabolism in cell senescence 
    Sexual differentiation of kisspeptin neurons responsible for sex difference in gonadotropin release in rats 

    A preliminary report on a study of serum alpha-1-antitrypsin and immunoglobulin levels in lepromatous leprosy 
    Alcohol as the primary determinant of hospitalization for drug abuse. Problems in Wisconsin: results of a statewide survey 
    Alcohol effects in women during the menstrual cycle 
    Alcoholism and the child molester 
    Alcoholism in Latin America 
    Behavioral disorders in children with parental alcoholism 
    Detoxification units and the prevention of alcoholism 
    Future plans and goals in research: the Oklahoma Center for Alcohol and Drug-related Studies 
    Immunotherapy with nonviable microbial components 
    Lateralized temporal-limbic dysfunction and psychopathology 
    Mechanisms that underlie sex-linked and genotypically determined differences in the depressant actions of alcohol 
    Psychoclinical effects of long-term marijuana use in 275 Indian chronic users. A comparative assessment of effects in Indian and USA users 
    Reflections on the cost of doing science 
    Saccade fatigue and response to edrophonium for the diagnosis of myasthenia gravis 
    Survey of alcoholism case loads in an eastern standard metropolitan statistical area 
    The biologic significance of HL-A antigen markers in myasthenia gravis 

2009 Aug
    A program in contemplative self-healing: stress, allostasis, and learning in the Indo-Tibetan tradition 
    Apoptosis of human primary osteoclasts treated with molecules targeting nuclear factor-kappaB 
    Cyclooxygenase-2 expression in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia 
    Effect of curcumin on nuclear factor kappaB signaling pathways in human chronic myelogenous K562 leukemia cells 
    Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity of a novel rigid 3, 4-dihydroxy chalcone in mice 
    In vitro biochemical and pharmacological evaluation of a novel cytotoxic dinuclear platinum(II) complex with 3-amino-5-methyl-5-phenylhydantoin 
    Studies with regard to the apoptosis of testicular germ cells in rats fed a diet enriched with polyunsaturated Fatty acids 
    Study of antiseizure effects of Matricaria recutita extract in mice 
    Tibetan medical interpretation of myelin lipids and multiple sclerosis 
    Tibetan medicine and regeneration 

    A progress report on the localization of Usher syndrome type II to chromosome 1q 
    Actions of volatile anesthetics and alcohols on cholinergic receptor channels 
    Alcohol-related cancers may be inhibited by dietary vitamin E 
    Analysis of anesthetic action on the potassium channels of the Shaker mutant of Drosophila 
    Anesthetics affect membrane heterogeneity 
    Artificial insemination. Progress and clinical application 
    Characteristics of ultradian and circadian rhythms of selected cardiovascular variables. Diagnostic and therapeutic implications 
    Clinical and genetic aspects in autosomal dominant inherited osteogenesis imperfecta type I 
    Cocultures in human assisted reproduction. Support of embryos in vitro and their specificity 
    Concepts of circadian chronopharmacology 
    Developmental and hormonal regulation of the sex difference in preprotachykinin gene expression in rat anterior pituitaries 
    Effects of various tachykinins on pituitary LH secretion, feeding, and sexual behavior in the rat 
    Endocytosis of human sex steroid-binding protein in monkey germ cells 
    Genetic counseling of the deaf. Medical and cultural considerations 
    Genetic epidemiology of hearing impairment 
    Human genetic mapping and inherited deafness syndromes 
    Localization of volatile anesthetic molecules at the subcellular and molecular level 
    Longevity and heredity in humans. Association with the human leucocyte antigen phenotype 
    Low-level hyperbaric heliox does not affect drug-induced seizure latency in mice 
    Mechanism of volatile anesthetic action on ion channels 
    Molecular basis of androgen regulation of male phenotypic variation 
    Neuroanatomical relationships of substance P and sex steroid hormone-sensitive neurons involved in sexual behavior 
    Receptor dynamics as applied to the delivery of sex steroids 
    Reproductive health: a global overview 
    Role of sex chromosomes in the control of male germ-cell differentiation 
    Selective effects of volatile general anesthetics on identified neurons 
    Similar effects of toluene and dibucaine on human platelet membrane glycoprotein Ib and actin-binding protein 
    Smoking, alcohol, and oral contraceptives. Effects on lipids during adolescence and young adulthood--Bogalusa Heart Study 
    Some molecular properties of the synaptic plasma membrane Na(+)-Ca2+ exchanger 
    Substance P is distributed between somatotrophs and thyrotrophs in a sexually dimorphic manner in rat 
    The effect of aging on constitutive mRNA levels and lipopolysaccharide inducibility of acute phase genes 
    The genetics of response to volatile anesthetics in Caenorhabditis elegans 
    The impact of human immunodeficiency virus on cognitive function 
    The Pawtucket Heart Health Program. Influencing adolescent eating patterns 
    The role of sodium-calcium exchange during the cardiac action potential 
    Volatile anesthetics and stimulus-secretion coupling in a neural cell line 

2003 Dec
    A protein-based three terminal electronic device 
    Aggressive behavior in abused children 
    Alpha(2A)-adrenergic versus imidazoline receptor controversy in rilmenidine's action: alpha(2A)-antagonism in humans versus alpha(2A)-agonism in rabbits 
    Chemosensitization and radiosensitization of human cancer by antisense anti-MDM2 oligonucleotides: in vitro and in vivo activities and mechanisms 
    Coinduction of GTP cyclohydrolase I and inducible NO synthase in rat osteoblasts during space flight: apoptotic and self-protective response? 
    CrossNets: high-performance neuromorphic architectures for CMOL circuits 
    Darwin's legacy and the study of primate visual communication 
    Estradiol modulation of astrocytes and the establishment of sex differences in the brain 
    Evaluation of apoptosis markers in conjunctival and eyelid benign and malignant tumors 
    Fluoxetine may influence lordosis of rats through effects on midbrain 3 alpha,5 alpha-THP concentrations 
    Gastrointestinal uptake of agmatine: distribution in tissues and organs and pathophysiologic relevance 
    Gonadectomy affects hormonal and behavioral responses to repetitive nociceptive stimulation in male rats 
    Identification and pharmacological characterization of a specific agmatine transport system in human tumor cell lines 
    Impulsivity, emotion regulation, and developmental psychopathology: specificity versus generality of linkages 
    In vitro paradigms for the study of GnRH neuron function and estrogen effects 
    Induction of apoptosis by erucylphospho-N,N,N-trimethylammonium is associated with changes in signal molecule expressionand location 
    Induction of cyclooxygenase-2 and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma during nitric oxide-induced apoptotic PC12 cell death 
    Inhibition of HSP70 and a collagen-specific molecular chaperone (HSP47) expression in rat osteoblasts by microgravity 
    Norepinephrine release is reduced by I(1)-receptors in addition to alpha(2)-adrenoceptors 
    Ovarian steroid and growth factor regulation of female reproductive function involves modification of hypothalamic alpha 1-adrenoceptor signaling 
    Personality traits and sex differences in emotion recognition among African Americans and Caucasians 
    Progestin receptors: neuronal integrators of hormonal and environmental stimulation 
    Puberty: a finishing school for male social behavior 
    Reading, writing, and modulating genetic information with boranophosphate mimics of nucleotides, DNA, and RNA 
    Scalability simulations for nanomemory systems integrated on the molecular scale 
    Seasonal regulation of reproductive activity in sheep: modulation of access of sex steroids to the brain 
    Sex differences and hormonal effects in a model of preterm infant brain injury 
    Sex steroid regulation of microglial cell activation: relevance to multiple sclerosis 
    Sex steroids and human behavior: prenatal androgen exposure and sex-typical play behavior in children 
    Social engagement and attachment: a phylogenetic perspective 
    Specificity of nonadrenergic imidazoline binding sites in insulin-secreting cells and relation to the block of ATP-sensitive K(+) channels 
    Steroid hormone signaling between Schwann cells and neurons regulates the rate of myelin synthesis 
    The amygdala and development of the social brain 
    The antiproliferative alkylphospholipid S-1-O-phosphocholine-2-N-acetyl-octadecane induces apoptosis in leukemia cell lines 
    The aromatase knockout (ArKO) mouse provides new evidence that estrogens are required for the development of the female brain 
    The MPN mag: introducing a critical area mediating pheromonal and hormonal regulation of male sexual behavior 
    TranSIESTA: a spice for molecular electronics 
    Two perspectives on the origin of sex differences in the brain 

    A randomized trial of dietary intervention with essential fatty acids in patients with categorized cysts 
    Analyses of changes in the ratios of male-to-female cancer mortality. A hypothesis-generating exercise 
    Cancer mortality trends analysis for Bologna and province. Programs, methodology, objectives, and early results 
    Changes in cardiovascular responses of conscious rats to endogenous opioids following treatment with catecholamine-depleting agents 
    Competing causes of death. A review of recent trends in mortality in industrialized countries with special reference to cancer 
    Computerized electrocardiography. A historical perspective 
    Diet, breast cancer, and sex hormone metabolism 
    Effect of aging on vitamin B6 status and metabolism 
    Enzymes of androgen formation and degradation in the human prostate 
    International trends in cancer mortality in France, West Germany, Italy, Japan, England and Wales, and the United States 
    Lung cancer and smoking trends in the United States over the past 25 years 
    MDMA: historical perspectives 
    Menopause and adult development 
    Neuropeptides as neuronal growth regulating factors. Peripheral nerve regeneration and the development of sexually dimorphic and motor behavior 
    Ovarian steroids and the capacity to function at home and in the workplace 
    Patterns of melanoma deaths in the United States 
    Presynaptic serotonin receptors in the central nervous system 
    Receptor pharmacology of MDMA and related hallucinogens 
    Rocky Mountain spotted fever in New York State 
    Serotonin receptor subtypes and sexual behavior 
    Sexual issues at menopause 
    The role of host factors in the severity of spotted fever and typhus rickettsioses 

2010 Apr
    A randomized, placebo-controlled, single and multiple dose study of intravenous thymosin beta4 in healthy volunteers 
    Abnormal olfactory function demonstrated by manganese-enhanced MRI in mice with experimental neuropsychiatric lupus 
    An endocrinologist's view on relative adrenocortical insufficiency in rheumatoid arthritis 
    Cerebral lesions in patients with connective tissue diseases and systemic vasculitides: are there specific patterns? 
    Changes in adiponectin and leptin concentrations during glucocorticoid treatment: a pilot study in patients with polymyalgia rheumatica 
    Early disease control by low-dose prednisone comedication may affect the quality of remission in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis 
    Effects of estrogens on extracellular matrix synthesis in cultures of human normal and scleroderma skin fibroblasts 
    Estrogens interfere with leflunomide modulation of cytokine production by human activated monocytes 
    Immunological modifications during treatment with thymosin alpha1 plus antiviral therapy in chronic hepatitis C 
    Inflammatory gene profile in early rheumatoid arthritis and modulation by leflunomide and prednisone treatment 
    Nonhormonal explanations for sex discrepancy in human illness 
    Pathophysiology of fibromyalgia: a comparison with the tension-type headache, a localized pain syndrome 
    The burden of comorbidity and the C-reactive protein levels in nonthyroidal illness syndrome with metabolic syndrome and atherosclerosis-related cardiovascular complications 
    The immunomodulatory effects of estrogens: clinical relevance in immune-mediated rheumatic diseases 

2006 Sep
    A regional approach to assess the impact of living in a chemical world 
    Axisymmetric surface oscillations in a cylindrical container with compensated gravity 
    Containerless measurements of thermophysical properties of Zr54Ti8Cu20Al10Ni8 
    Double-layer thermocapillary convection in a differentially heated cavity 
    Endocrine disruptors: challenges for environmental research in the 21st century 
    Environmental impacts on children's health in Southeast Asia: genotoxic compounds in urban air 
    Fetal nucleic acids in maternal body fluids: an update 
    Gas embolism and surfactant-based intervention: implications for long-duration space-based activity 
    Gene expression alterations in immune system pathways following exposure to immunosuppressive chemicals 
    Genetic polymorphism of toxicant-metabolizing enzymes and prognosis of Chinese workers with chronic benzene poisoning 
    Health effects of hazardous waste 
    Hydrostatic compressibility phenomena: new opportunities for near-critical research in microgravity 
    Interdisciplinary transport phenomena in microgravity and space sciences IV. Proceedings of a conference. August 7-12, 2005. Tomar, Portugal 
    Low-dose risk, hormesis, analogical and logical thinking 
    Options for the destruction of chemical weapons and management of the associated risks 
    Potential health effects of occupational chlorinated solvent exposure 
    Risk assessment of endocrine disrupters: the role of toxicological studies 
    Science and policy in risk assessments of chlorinated ethenes 
    Some parameter boundaries governing microgravity pool boiling modes 
    Toxicogenomics--a new systems toxicology approach to understanding of gene-environment interactions 
    Toxicoproteomics in liver injury and inflammation 
    Upside-down protein crystallization: designing microbatch experiments for microgravity 

1972 Dec 29
    A review of mortality data for American coal miners 
    Australian experiences in coal dust suppression 
    Clinical problems of the miner with simple pneumoconiosis 
    Evaluating remaining capacity to work in miner applicants with simple pneumoconiosis under 65 years of age under Title IV of Public Law 91-173 
    Pneumoconiosis and respiratory disorders of coal mine workers of New South Wales, Australia 
    The Appalachian coal miner: his way of living, working, and relating to others 
    The changing prevalence of coal workers' pneumoconiosis in Great Britain 
    The dyspneic miner and black lung benefits 
    Trends in coal workers' pneumoconiosis in Poland 

2004 Dec
    A role for 5alpha-reductase activity in the development of male homosexuality? 
    A unifying mechanism in the initiation of cancer and other diseases by catechol quinones 
    Age, puberty, and exposure to intimate partner violence in adolescence 
    Antiangiogenic potency of vitamin E 
    Antioxidant properties of chromanols derived from vitamin E and ubiquinone 
    Biological aspects of social bonding and the roots of human violence 
    Cortisol and memory retrieval in humans: influence of emotional valence 
    DNA minigene vaccination for adjuvant neuroblastoma therapy 
    Effects of hormones and sex chromosomes on stress-influenced regions of the developing pediatric brain 
    Endocrine-immune interactions in human endometrium 
    Ignored hallmarks of carcinogenesis: stem cells and cell-cell communication 
    Immunogenicity of human neuroblastoma 
    Intercellular communication and human hepatocellular carcinoma 
    Male adolescent rites of passage: positive visions of multiple developmental pathways 
    Mechanism of induction of apoptosis by p73 and its relevance to neuroblastoma biology 
    Molecular regulation of mullerian development by Hox genes 
    Natural and induced regulatory T cells 
    Negative correlation between negative symptoms of schizophrenia and testosterone levels 
    Neuroactive steroids in responders and nonresponders to sleep deprivation 
    Osteoblast responsiveness to 1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 during spaceflight 
    Oxidized vitamin E and ubiquinone: competition for binding sites of the mitochondrial cytochrome bc1 complex? 
    Phase I trial on sms-D70 somatostatin analogue in advanced prostate and renal cell cancer 
    Platelet-activating factor receptor signals in rat osteoblasts during spaceflight 
    Sex steroids, carcinogenesis, and cancer progression 
    Sexual dysfunction associated with neuroleptic-induced hyperprolactinemia improves with reduction in prolactin levels 
    Social change and the American family 
    Strengthening healthy resistance and courage in children: a gender-based strategy for preventing youth violence 
    The role of HOX genes in human implantation 
    Three-dimensional bioreactor cultures: a useful dynamic model for the study of cellular interactions 
    Tocotrienol: the natural vitamin E to defend the nervous system? 

2002 Jun
    A role for sex steroids in autoimmune diseases: a working hypothesis and supporting data 
    Androgen deficiency, Meibomian gland dysfunction, and evaporative dry eye 
    Androgen receptor status in nontumoral and malignant human colorectal tissues 
    Androgens and estrogens modulate the immune and inflammatory responses in rheumatoid arthritis 
    Antiproliferative-antiinflammatory effects of methotrexate and sex hormones on cultured differentiating myeloid monocytic cells (THP-1) 
    Blunted ACTH and cortisol responses to systemic injection of corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) in fibromyalgia: role of somatostatin and CRH-binding protein 
    Differential male and female adrenal cortical steroid hormone and cortisol responses to interleukin-6 in humans 
    Effects of weight control and physical activity in cancer prevention: role of endogenous hormone metabolism 
    Environmental chemical compounds could induce sensitization to drugs of abuse 
    Estrogen, anti-estrogen, and gender: differences in methamphetamine neurotoxicity 
    Glucocorticoid receptor downregulation in early diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis 
    Hormone replacement therapy and chronic graft-versus-host disease activity in women treated with bone marrow transplantation for hematologic malignancies 
    In vivo and in silico approaches for analysis and design of multisignal, multicomponent assembly processes in vascular systems 
    Increased sensitivity in dopamine D(2)-like brain receptors from 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D)-exposed and amphetamine-challenged rats 
    Manufacturing and characterization of 3-d hydroxyapatite bone tissue engineering scaffolds 
    Modulation of cell growth and apoptosis by sex hormones in cultured monocytic THP-1 cells 
    Nutrition and prostate cancer: a review 
    Perspectives on the relationship of adrenal steroids to rheumatoid arthritis 
    Prenatal exposure to methamphetamine in the rat: ontogeny of tyrosine hydroxylase mRNA expression in mesencephalic dopaminergic neurons 
    Protein kinase A: regulation and receptor-mediated delivery of antisense oligonucleotides and cytotoxic drugs 
    Relationships between glucocorticoids and gonadal steroids in rheumatoid arthritis 
    Serum prolactin concentrations in male patients with rheumatoid arthritis 
    Src is an initial target of sex steroid hormone action 
    Terguride treatment attenuated prolactin release and enhanced insulin receptor affinity and GLUT 4 content in obese spontaneously hypertensive female, but not male rats 

1998 Dec 13
    A selenium-containing abzyme, the activity of which surpassed the level of native glutathione peroxidase 
    Enzymatic modification of natural compounds with pharmacological properties 
    Neural networks as "software sensors" in enzyme engineering 
    Properties of artificial proteins with random sequences 

    A summary of the Rand Health Insurance Study 
    Basic alterations in serum levels of several chemical substances in Brattleboro rats 
    Biosynthesis of oxytocin and oxytocin-neurophysin in homozygous Brattleboro rats 
    Brain cancer in the Du Pont Company 
    Case-control study of brain tumor deaths among employees at a chemical manufacturing plant 
    Descriptive epidemiology of central nervous system neoplasms in Los Angeles County 
    Dual actions of morphine on the central nervous system: parallel actions of beta-endorphin and ACTH 
    Extracellular androgen-binding proteins: species comparison and structure-function relationships 
    Female protein of the Syrian hamster: a homolog of C-reactive protein 
    Health services research and change in the health services system 
    Incidence and some functional characteristics of hydronephrosis in Brattleboro rats 
    National Medical Care Expenditure Survey 
    Oxytocin and oxytocin-associated neurophysin evaluation by RIA in the Brattleboro rat: turnover 
    Prolactin and growth hormone in the unstressed Brattleboro rat 
    Selection and competitive effects of Health Maintenance Organizations 
    The incidence of primary intracranial neoplasms in Rochester, Minnesota, 1935-1977 
    The renin-angiotensin system in the absence of antidiuretic hormone 
    Trends in brain cancer tumor mortality and morbidity in the United States 

2010 Nov
    A systems approach to bone pathophysiology 
    Bone loss in anorexia nervosa: leptin, serotonin, and the sympathetic nervous system 
    Cell signaling 
    Introduction to Molecular and Integrative Physiology of the Musculoskeletal System 
    Management of hyperglycemia in hospitalized patients 
    Mechanical loading, cartilage degradation, and arthritis 
    Molecular physiology of cardiac regeneration 
    The crossover of bisphosphonates to cancer therapy 

2010 Oct
    A trauma-like model of political extremism: psycho-political fault lines in Israel 
    A yeast-based recombinogenic targeting toolset for transgenic analysis of human disease genes 
    Acute anti-inflammatory approaches to ischemic stroke 
    Alpha (v) integrins license regulatory T cells to apoptotic cells and self-associated antigens 
    Apoptosis and autoimmune diseases 
    Biphasic actions of HMGB1 signaling in inflammation and recovery after stroke 
    Causes and consequences of lymphatic disease 
    Development and early evaluation of the Virtual Iraq/Afghanistan exposure therapy system for combat-related PTSD 
    Effects of psychological and biomechanical trauma on brain and behavior 
    Evidence-based treatments for PTSD, new directions, and special challenges 
    House calls revisited: leveraging technology to overcome obstacles to veteran psychiatric care and improve treatment outcomes 
    Improvement in cerebral function with treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder 
    Innate inflammation as the common pathway of risk factors leading to TIAs and stroke 
    Linking infection and inflammation in acute ischemic stroke 
    Mechanisms of chylomicron uptake into lacteals 
    Monitoring mental health treatment acceptance and initial treatment adherence in veterans: veterans of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom versus other veterans of other eras 
    New cancer targets emerging from studies of the Von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor protein 
    NF-kappaB and innate immunity in ischemic stroke 
    Posttraumatic stress disorder and traumatic stress: from bench to bedside, from war to disaster 
    Primary trastuzumab resistance: new tricks for an old drug 
    Responding to infection and apoptosis--a task for TH17 cells 
    The neurovascular unit, matrix proteases, and innate inflammation 
    The role of the blood transcriptome in innate inflammation and stroke 
    Virtual reality exposure therapy for combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder 

    Ablation of the central noradrenergic neurons for unraveling their roles in stress and anxiety 
    Agriculture in Africa: strategies to improve and sustain smallholder production systems 
    Associations between sleep loss and increased risk of obesity and diabetes 
    Biodiversity conservation in tropical agroecosystems: a new conservation paradigm 
    Cancer treatment and the ovary: the effects of chemotherapy and radiation 
    Central thalamic contributions to arousal regulation and neurological disorders of consciousness 
    Characterization of water-soluble luminescent quantum dots by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy 
    Cholinergic mediation of attention: contributions of phasic and tonic increases in prefrontal cholinergic activity 
    Circadian and homeostatic factors in arousal 
    Concepts and mechanisms of generalized central nervous system arousal 
    Cultural perceptions and practices around menarche and adolescent menstruation in the United States 
    Disorders of sexual differentiation in the adolescent 
    Dopamine signaling in the dorsal striatum is essential for motivated behaviors: lessons from dopamine-deficient mice 
    Exchanges across land-water-scape boundaries in urban systems: strategies for reducing nitrate pollution 
    Excitation energy transfer and trapping in dye-loaded solid particles 
    Flow cytometric FRET analysis of erbB receptor interaction on a cell-by-cell basis 
    Fluorescent probes and labels for biomedical applications 
    Fluorescent probes for chemical transformations on the single-molecule level 
    Fluorescent studies on cooperative binding of cationic pheophorbide-a derivative to polyphosphate 
    Functional gene variation in the human norepinephrine transporter: association with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 
    Gene expression is altered in the lateral hypothalamus upon activation of the mu opioid receptor 
    Health insurance and access to health care in the United States 
    Human serum albumin-flavonoid interactions monitored by means of tryptophan kinetics 
    Insights into the pharmacological potential of estrogens and phytoestrogens on catecholamine signaling 
    Interactions between interactions: predator-prey, parasite-host, and mutualistic interactions 
    Interplay between ecological communities and evolution: review of feedbacks from microevolutionary to macroevolutionary scales 
    Intrinsic brain activity in altered states of consciousness: how conscious is the default mode of brain function? 
    Investigating transcriptional regulation by fluorescence spectroscopy, from traditional methods to state-of-the-art single-molecule approaches 
    Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome: tumor versus nontumor forms 
    Luminescent amino-functionalized or erbium-doped silica spheres for biological applications 
    Maternal effects as generators of evolutionary change: a reassessment 
    Measuring alertness 
    Mechanisms for the regulation of state changes in the central nervous system: an introduction 
    Menstrual health and the metabolic syndrome in adolescents 
    Menstrual issues in adolescents with physical and developmental disabilities 
    Modulation of cortical activation and behavioral arousal by cholinergic and orexinergic systems 
    Molecular mechanisms of sleep and wakefulness 
    Motivational influences on the degree and direction of sexual attraction 
    Moving toward an understanding of hormone replacement therapy in adolescent girls: looking through the lens of Turner syndrome 
    Multifunctionalized biocompatible microspheres for sensing 
    Neural mechanisms underlying selective attention to threat 
    Neural substrates for sexual preference and motivation in the female and male rat 
    Neuronal mechanisms underlying attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: the influence of arousal on prefrontal cortical function 
    Ordered self-assembly of protonated porphyrin induced by the aqueous environment of biomimetic systems 
    Origin and early evolution of angiosperms 
    Peripheral circadian oscillators: interesting mechanisms and powerful tools 
    Phenotypic plasticity, costs of phenotypes, and costs of plasticity: toward an integrative view 
    Placing neuroanatomical models of executive function in a developmental context: imaging and imaging--genetic strategies 
    Poverty, gender inequities, and women's risk of human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS 
    Preparation and characterization of nanocrystalline ZrO2:Yb3+,Er3+ up-conversion phosphors 
    Protected areas and climate change 
    Protected areas in Europe: principle and practice 
    Psychosocial development and puberty 
    Sensitive terbium probes for luminescent determination of both alkaline phosphatase and codeine phosphate 
    Single-bead, single-molecule, single-cell fluorescence: technologies for drug screening and target validation 
    Sleep and wakefulness in Drosophila melanogaster 
    Social and economic aspects of immigration 
    Structural effects of biologically relevant rhodamines on spectroscopy of fluorescence fluctuations 
    Subpicosecond transient signal spectroscopy of Prodan in dimethylformamide solution 
    The psychology of antecedents to adult reproductive disorders in adolescent girls 
    Time-gated luminescence microscopy 
    Time-resolved microspectrofluorometry and fluorescence imaging techniques: study of porphyrin-mediated cellular uptake of oligonucleotides 
    Trends in private insurance, Medicaid/State Children's Health Insurance Program, and the Healthcare Safety Net: implications for vulnerable populations and health disparities 
    Viviparity-driven conflict: more to speciation than meets the fly 
    Which are you watching, an individual reactive oxygen species or total oxidative stress? 
    Why are sex and recombination so common? 
    Why does consciousness fade in early sleep? 

1959 Sep 25
    Acceptability of diabetics for life insurance 

2009 Sep
    Accuracy of the first fully automated method for anti-cardiolipin and anti-beta2 glycoprotein I antibody detection for the diagnosis of antiphospholipid syndrome 
    Alexithymia in systemic lupus erythematosus patients 
    Alterations in cytokine profile and dendritic cells subsets in peripheral blood of rheumatoid arthritis patients before and after biologic therapy 
    An open-label study adding creatine monohydrate to ongoing medical regimens in patients with the fibromyalgia syndrome 
    Ankylosing spondylitis susceptibility and severity--contribution of TNF gene promoter polymorphisms at positions -238 and -308 
    Anti-C1q antibodies in juvenile-onset systemic lupus erythematosus 
    Anti-infectious antibodies and autoimmune-associated autoantibodies in patients with type I diabetes mellitus and their close family members 
    Aortic stiffness and distensibility among hypertensives 
    Association of polymorphisms in interleukin-10 gene promoter with autoantibody production in patients with rheumatoid arthritis 
    Association study on two vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms and vitamin D metabolites in multiple sclerosis 
    Autoantibodies, polymorphisms in the serotonin pathway, and human leukocyte antigen class II alleles in chronic fatigue syndrome: are they associated with age at onset and specific symptoms? 
    Autoantibody screen in inflammatory myopathies high prevalence of antibodies to gliadin 
    Autoantibody standardization in The Netherlands 
    Autoimmune thyroid disease and autoimmune rheumatic disorders: a two-sided analysis 
    B cell depletion in early rheumatoid arthritis: a new concept in therapeutics 
    B-lymphocyte stimulator and a proliferation-inducing ligand serum levels in IgA-deficient patients with and without celiac disease 
    Bone mineral density, osteocalcin, and bone-specific alkaline phosphatase in patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus 
    Changes of bone formation markers osteocalcin and bone-specific alkaline phosphatase in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis 
    Circulating cardiac troponin-I autoantibodies in human plasma and serum 
    Cognitive functioning in Behcet's disease 
    Complement cascade in systemic lupus erythematosus: analyses of the three activation pathways 
    Correlation between clinical activity and serological markers in a wide cohort of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: an eight-year prospective study 
    Dual functions of Rift Valley fever virus NSs protein: inhibition of host mRNA transcription and post-transcriptional downregulation of protein kinase PKR 
    Dysregulation of the vitamin D nuclear receptor may contribute to the higher prevalence of some autoimmune diseases in women 
    Enhancing the action of rituximab in chronic lymphocytic leukemia by adding fresh frozen plasma: complement/rituximab interactions & clinical results in refractory CLL 
    Estrogens maintain bone mass by regulating expression of genes controlling function and life span in mature osteoclasts 
    Gluten sensitivity in multiple sclerosis: experimental myth or clinical truth? 
    HE3286: a novel synthetic steroid as an oral treatment for autoimmune disease 
    HLA in Portuguese systemic lupus erythematosus patients and their relation to clinical features 
    HLA-B27 and HLA-B51 determination in Tunisian healthy subjects and patients with suspected ankylosing spondylitis and Behcet's disease 
    Human leukocyte antigen-DRB1 and -DQB1 genotyping in lupus patients with and without antiphospholipid syndrome 
    Hyperactivity induced by antiphospholipid syndrome serum 
    Improvement of rituximab efficiency in chronic lymphocytic leukemia by CpG-mediated upregulation of CD20 expression independently of PU.1 
    Infection, vaccination, and autoantibodies in chronic fatigue syndrome, cause or coincidence? 
    Pneumatosis intestinalis presenting in autoimmune diseases: a report of three patients 
    Predictors of damage progression in Portuguese patients with systemic lupus erythematosus 
    Proliferation signal inhibitors for the treatment of refractory autoimmune rheumatic diseases: a new therapeutic option 
    Rituximab use in pediatric autoimmune diseases: four case reports 
    Sex differences in a murine model of Sjogren's syndrome 
    Shared and unique gene expression in systemic lupus erythematosus depending on disease activity 
    Statins for the treatment of antiphospholipid syndrome? 
    The IgM response to modified LDL in experimental atherosclerosis: hypochlorite-modified LDL IgM antibodies versus classical natural T15 IgM antibodies 
    TNF-alpha antagonist survival rate in a cohort of rheumatoid arthritis patients observed under conditions of standard clinical practice 
    TNF-alpha polymorphisms in primary biliary cirrhosis: a northern and southern Italian experience 
    Treatment with PEG-interferon and ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C increases neutrophil and monocyte chemotaxis 
    Val/Leu247 polymorphism of beta2-glycoprotein I in Brazilian patients with antiphospholipid syndrome--a genetic risk factor? 
    Vitamin D metabolites as clinical markers in autoimmune and chronic disease 
    White blood cell count abnormalities and infections in one-year follow-up of 124 patients with SLE 

1960 Jun 21
    Activation of capillary endothelium 

1999 Apr 30
    Activation of PKC disrupts presynaptic inhibition by group II and group III metabotropic glutamate receptors and uncouples the receptor from GTP-binding proteins 
    Physostigmine and atropine potentiate and inhibit neuronal alpha 4 beta 4 nicotinic receptors 
    The eag family of K+ channels in Drosophila and mammals 

1998 Dec 15
    Activation of the mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway via the 5-HT2A receptor 
    Genetic variation in human 5-HT receptors: potential pathogenetic and pharmacological role 
    Involvement of 5-HT1A receptors in the consolidation of learning in cognitively impaired rats 
    Molecular cloning of alternatively spliced human 5-HT3 receptor cDNAs 

2008 Nov
    Activation of the proopiomelanocortin gene with ketoconazole as a treatment for Parkinson's disease: a new hypothesis 
    Basic and clinical immunology of Siglecs 
    beta-Glucans and dectin-1 
    CARD9 signaling in the innate immune response 
    Discovery of pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide-regulated genes through microarray analyses in cell culture and in vivo 
    Diverse mechanisms and consequences of immunoadoption of neuromediator systems 
    Diversity of neuropathogenic mechanisms and implications for neuromediation of diseases 
    Experimental therapeutic strategies for severe sepsis: mediators and mechanisms 
    Functional analysis of FOXP3 
    G protein-coupled receptor structures, molecular associations, and modes of regulation 
    Gastrin-releasing peptide, immune responses, and lung disease 
    Glutamate and neurotrophic factors in neuronal plasticity and disease 
    Human mast cells stimulate activated T cells: implications for multiple sclerosis 
    Immunology of mercury 
    Informed development of drugs acting at family B G protein-coupled receptors 
    Inhibitory effects of a neurokinin-1 receptor antagonist on postoperative peritoneal adhesion formation 
    Mast cells: multifaceted immune cells with diverse roles in health and disease 
    MicroRNAs and their emerging roles in immunology 
    Molecular mechanisms of TRPV4-mediated neural signaling 
    Monitoring the state of cholecystokinin receptor oligomerization after ligand binding using decay of time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy 
    Neural signaling opportunities for novel diagnostic approaches and therapies. Preface 
    Neurokinin-1 receptor expression and function in human macrophages and brain: perspective on the role in HIV neuropathogenesis 
    Neuropeptides, mesenteric fat, and intestinal inflammation 
    Opportunities and challenges in the discovery of new central nervous system drugs 
    Parathyroid hormone-related protein regulates glioma-associated oncogene transcriptional activation: lessons learned from bone development and cartilage neoplasia 
    Perinatal maternal fat intake affects metabolism and hippocampal function in the offspring: a potential role for leptin 
    Prenatal alcohol exposure increases vulnerability to stress and anxiety-like disorders in adulthood 
    RANK/RANKL: regulators of immune responses and bone physiology 
    Recalling the year in memory T cells 
    Regulation and function of proinflammatory TH17 cells 
    Retinoic acid in the immune system 
    Role of pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide in the pancreatic endocrine system 
    Role of various neurotransmitters in mediating the long-term endocrine consequences of prenatal alcohol exposure 
    Studying the brain-gut axis with pharmacological imaging 
    Substance P in stress and anxiety: NK-1 receptor antagonism interacts with key brain areas of the stress circuitry 
    The Sall2 transcription factor is a novel p75NTR binding protein that promotes the development and function of neurons 
    The thymus medulla slowly yields its secrets 
    The vasoactive intestinal peptide gene is a key modulator of pulmonary vascular remodeling and inflammation 
    Toll-like receptor and RIG-I-like receptor signaling 
    Toll-like receptors in autoimmunity 
    Vasoactive intestinal peptide-mediated Th17 differentiation: an expanding spectrum of vasoactive intestinal peptide effects in immunity and autoimmunity 

2008 Dec
    Activity of brain stem groups of catecholaminergic cells in tumor-bearing rats: response to immobilization stress 
    Activity of oxytocinergic neurons in the supraoptic nucleus under stimulation of alpha2-adrenoceptors in Brattleboro rats 
    Adrenergic polymorphism and the human stress response 
    Adrenergic responses to stress: transcriptional and post-transcriptional changes 
    Adrenoceptors and adaptive mechanisms in the heart during stress 
    Adrenocortical response to low-dose ACTH test in female patients with rheumatoid arthritis 
    Adrenomedullary response to hypoglycemia in first-degree relatives of patients with rheumatoid arthritis 
    Animal biodiversity and emerging diseases prediction and prevention. Introduction 
    Antibiotic clearance of Ehrlichia canis from dogs infected by intravenous inoculation of carrier blood 
    Apoptotic non-beta cells suppress beta cell antigen-reactive T cells and induce beta cell antigen-specific regulatory T cells 
    Attenuated pre-ejection period response to tyramine in patients with cardiac sympathetic denervation 
    Autoreactive T cell response in CD25-negative fraction of peripheral blood mononuclear cells in established type 1 diabetes 
    Brain glucose hypometabolism and oxidative stress in preclinical Alzheimer's disease 
    Carboxypeptidase-H autoantibodies differentiate a more latent subset of autoimmune diabetes from phenotypic type 2 diabetes among Chinese adults 
    Catecholamine-synthesizing cells in the embryonic mouse heart 
    Catecholamines and estrogen are involved in the pathogenesis of emotional stress-induced acute heart attack 
    Central neuropeptide Y in anxiety- and stress-related behavior and in ethanol intake 
    Cerebellar volume and cerebellar metabolic characteristics in adults with dyslexia 
    Changes in c-Fos and NOS expression in the PVH of lactating rats in response to excitotoxicity and stress 
    Characterization of a Vitellogenin Gene Fragment in Boophilus microplus Ticks 
    Chronic stress, combined with a high-fat/high-sugar diet, shifts sympathetic signaling toward neuropeptide Y and leads to obesity and the metabolic syndrome 
    Community-based animal health care 
    Comparative analysis of the islet proteome between NOD/Lt and ALR/Lt mice 
    Comparing therapeutic efficacy between ivermectin, selamectin, and moxidectin in canaries during natural infection with Dermanyssus gallinae 
    Congenic mapping of the MHC-linked susceptibility to type 1 diabetes in the NOD mouse: at least two genes contribute to the Idd16 effect 
    Conserved epitopes in the protein tyrosine phosphatase family of diabetes autoantigens 
    Contribution of glucocorticoids to protective influence of preconditioning mild stress against stress-induced gastric erosions 
    Corticosterone regulates pERK1/2 map kinase in a chronic depression model 
    Corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor subtypes in the rat anterior pituitary after two types of restraint stress 
    Cross-talk between adrenal medulla and adrenal cortex in stress 
    Cryosphere-atmosphere interaction related to variability and change of northern hemisphere annular mode 
    Cutaneous basophilia in the resistance of goats to Amblyomma cajennense nymphs after repeated infestations 
    Cytokine response in the intestinal mucosa of hamsters infected with Taenia solium 
    Defensive behavioral strategies and enhanced state anxiety during chronic subordinate colony housing are accompanied by reduced hypothalamic vasopressin, but not oxytocin, expression 
    Degeneration of the locus ceruleus noradrenergic neurons in the stress-induced depression of rats 
    Developing a novel model system to target insulin-reactive CD8 T cells 
    Development of mitochondria-targeted aromatic-cationic peptides for neurodegenerative diseases 
    Development of specific oligonucleotide probes to detect Vibrio species 
    Developmental restructuring of the creatine kinase system integrates mitochondrial energetics with stem cell cardiogenesis 
    Different KIRs confer susceptibility and protection to adults with latent autoimmune diabetes in Latvian and Asian Indian populations 
    Differential effects of the new glucocorticoid receptor antagonist ORG 34517 and RU486 (mifepristone) on glucocorticoid receptor nuclear translocation in the AtT20 cell line 
    Diseases of backyard turkeys in the Mexican tropics 
    Diverse foxp3 expression in children with type 1 diabetes and celiac disease 
    Drive for leanness, anorexia nervosa, and overactivity: the missing link 
    Dysfunction of mitochondria and sarcoplasmic reticulum in the pathogenesis of collagen VI muscular dystrophies 
    Effect of Amblyomma cajennense ticks on the immune response of BALB/c mice and horses 
    Effects of acute and chronic stressors and CRF in rat and mouse tests for depression 
    Effects of estrogen on stress-induced activation of peptide neurons in PVN of ovariectomized rats 
    Emergence and potential of high-throughput and integrative approaches in pathology 
    Endocrine factors in stress and psychiatric disorders: focus on anxiety and salivary steroids 
    Endocrine rhythms and expression of selected genes in the brain, stellate ganglia, and adrenals of hypertensive TGR rats 
    Epinephrine regulation of hemodynamics in catecholamine knockouts and the pithed mouse 
    Estrogen replacement suppresses pressor response and oxidative stress induced by cage-switch stress in ovariectomized rats 
    Ethanol and stress activate catecholamine synthesis in the adrenal: effects on bone 
    Evaluation of cytokine production from peripheral blood mononuclear cells of type 1 diabetic patients 
    Evidence of oxidant damage in Huntington's disease: translational strategies using antioxidants 
    Evidence of oxidative stress in Alzheimer's disease brain and antioxidant therapy: lights and shadows 
    Examples of probable host-pathogen co-adaptation/co-evolution in isolated farmed animal populations in the mountainous regions of North Vietnam 
    Exendin-4 therapy in NOD mice with new-onset diabetes increases regulatory T cell frequency 
    Existence of splicing variants in homologues of Theileria lestoquardi clone-5 gene's transcripts in Theileria annulata and Theileria parva 
    Exposure to severe stressors causes long-lasting dysregulation of resting and stress-induced activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis 
    Expression analysis of heat shock protein 20 and rhoptry-associated protein 1a in sexual stages and kinetes of Babesia bigemina 
    Fast action of neuroactive steroids on plasma membrane calcium pump in PC12 cells 
    First report of bovine anaplasmosis caused by Anaplasma centrale in Europe 
    Fluorescence-based detection of Leishmania infantum DNA in phlebotomus vectors 
    From Hans Selye's discovery of biological stress to the identification of corticotropin-releasing factor signaling pathways: implication in stress-related functional bowel diseases 
    From Type 1, through LADA, to type 2 diabetes: a continuous spectrum? 
    Fungal formulations to control Rhipicephalus sanguineus engorged females 
    GABA regulates the rat hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical axis via different GABA-A receptor alpha-subtypes 
    Gender-specific regulation of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis and the role of vasopressin during the neonatal period 
    Gene expression of adrenoceptors in the hearts of cold-acclimated rats exposed to a novel stressor 
    Gene expression profiles stratified according to type 1 diabetes mellitus susceptibility regions 
    Global factors driving emerging infectious diseases 
    Guinea pigs develop cutaneous basophilia after repeated infestations by nymphs of the tick Amblyomma triste 
    Heart adrenoceptor gene expression and binding sites in the human failing heart 
    Hedgehog signaling during expansion of human pancreatic islet-derived precursors 
    Hematological and plasma biochemistry of the adult wild African grasscutter (Thryonomys swinderianus) 
    Human regulatory CD8 T cells 
    Human sympathetic nerve biology: parallel influences of stress and epigenetics in essential hypertension and panic disorder 
    Humoral immune response to islet autoantigens in Japanese patients with type 1 diabetes 
    Hypergravity-induced increase in plasma catecholamine and corticosterone levels in telemetrically collected blood of rats during centrifugation 
    Hypoxia differently modulates gene expression of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors in mouse kidney and HEK 293 cell line 
    Identification of a major humoral epitope in Slc30A8 (ZnT8) 
    Identifying the stress transcriptome in the adrenal medulla following acute and repeated immobilization 
    Imaging brain activation: simple pictures of complex biology 
    Immunization with tick salivary gland extracts 
    Impaired chronotropic response to exercise in mice lacking catecholamines in adrenergic cells 
    Impairing the mitochondrial fission and fusion balance: a new mechanism of neurodegeneration 
    Induction of apoptosis of Beta cells of the pancreas by advanced glycation end-products, important mediators of chronic complications of diabetes mellitus 
    Innate immune pathways in virus-induced autoimmune diabetes 
    Insulitis in human type 1 diabetes 
    Intravenous administration of proinsulin 1 or 2-expressing fiber-mutant recombinant adenovirus vector protects against the development of diabetes in NOD mice 
    Investigating the molecular basis of major depressive disorder etiology: a functional convergent genetic approach 
    Islet glia, neurons, and beta cells 
    Latent autoimmune diabetes in an adult 
    Limbic regulation of hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenocortical function during acute and chronic stress 
    Logographic Kanji versus phonographic Kana in literacy acquisition: how important are visual and phonological skills? 
    Lowered expressions of the NF-kappaB family members in dendritic cells from NOD mice are associated with a reduced expression of GATA-2 
    Measurement of CD8 T cell responses in human type 1 diabetes 
    MicroRNA genes 
    Mitochondria and Huntington's disease pathogenesis: insight from genetic and chemical models 
    Mitochondria and hypoxia-induced gene expression mediated by hypoxia-inducible factors 
    Mitochondria and oxidative stress in neurodegenerative disorders. Preface 
    Mitochondria-targeted antioxidants in the treatment of disease 
    Mitochondrial and nuclear cross talk in cell death: parthanatos 
    Molecular scanning of the gene for thioredoxin, an antioxidative and antiapoptotic protein, and genetic susceptibility to type 1 diabetes 
    Multinuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for in vivo assessment of mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson's disease 
    Neonatal programming of rat behavior by downregulation of alpha2A-adrenoreceptor gene expression in the brain 
    Neuroendocrine activation during combined mental and physical stress in women depends on trait anxiety and the phase of the menstrual cycle 
    Nuclear control of respiratory chain expression by nuclear respiratory factors and PGC-1-related coactivator 
    Oxidant-induced changes in mitochondria and calcium dynamics in the pathophysiology of Alzheimer's disease 
    Oxidative stress and energy crises in neuronal dysfunction 
    Oxidative stress in Parkinson's disease: a mechanism of pathogenic and therapeutic significance 
    Performance of Metarhizium anisopliae and Its combination with deltamethrin against a pyrethroid-resistant strain of Boophilus microplus in a stall test 
    Peripheral lipopolysaccharide administration affects the olfactory dopamine system in mice 
    Peripherally administered angiotensin II AT1 receptor antagonists are anti-stress compounds in vivo 
    Persistence of residual beta cells and islet autoimmunity during increasing duration of diabetes in NOD mice and experimental approaches toward reversing new-onset disease with bioactive peptides 
    Phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase gene expression in the heart and blood pressure response to oxytocin treatment in rats exposed to voluntary wheel running 
    Pheochromocytoma: an endocrine stress mimicking disorder 
    Phonological awareness and short-term memory in hearing and deaf individuals of different communication backgrounds 
    Phylogenetic analysis of Mexican Babesia bovis isolates using msa and ssrRNA gene sequences 
    Post-transcriptional regulation of tyrosine hydroxylase expression in adrenal medulla and brain 
    Postischemic oxidative stress promotes mitochondrial metabolic failure in neurons and astrocytes 
    Prevalence of organ-specific autoantibodies in childhood- and adult-onset type 1 diabetes 
    Preventing NAD(+) depletion protects neurons against excitotoxicity: bioenergetic effects of mild mitochondrial uncoupling and caloric restriction 
    Primary midgut, salivary gland, and ovary cultures from Boophilus microplus 
    Psychosocial stress and volatile compounds in preputial glands of rats 
    Recent discoveries of new hantaviruses widen their range and question their origins 
    Reduced hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis stress responses in late pregnancy: central opioid inhibition and noradrenergic mechanisms 
    Regulation of adrenoceptor and muscarinic receptor gene expression after single and repeated stress 
    Regulation of forkhead transcription factor FoxO3a contributes to calorie restriction-induced prevention of Alzheimer's disease-type amyloid neuropathology and spatial memory deterioration 
    Regulation of gene expression of catecholamine biosynthetic enzymes in dopamine-beta-hydroxylase- and CRH-knockout mice exposed to stress 
    Response of the adrenomedullary system to early postnatal stress in the Brattleboro rat 
    Rickettsial agents in Slovakian ticks (Acarina, Ixodidae) and their ability to grow in Vero and L929 cell lines 
    Risk conferred by HLA-DR and DQ for type 1 diabetes in 0-35-year age group in Sweden 
    Role of increased ROS dissipation in prevention of T1D 
    Role of the ubiquitin conjugation system in the maintenance of mitochondrial homeostasis 
    Rotenone damages striatal organotypic slice culture 
    Salivary cortisol levels in Brazilian citizens of distinct socioeconomic and cultural levels 
    Screening for the metabolic basis of neurodegeneration: developing a focused proteomic approach 
    Secretome of animal trypanosomes 
    Serotonergic changes produced by repeated exposure to forced swimming: correlation with behavior 
    Serotonergic systems, anxiety, and affective disorder: focus on the dorsomedial part of the dorsal raphe nucleus 
    Sex-specific prenatal programming: a risk for fibromyalgia? 
    STAT4 polymorphism is associated with early-onset type 1 diabetes, but not with late-onset type 1 diabetes 
    Stress-induced activation of neurons in the ventromedial arcuate nucleus: a blood-brain-CSF interface of the hypothalamus 
    Stress-induced alternative splicing modulations in brain and periphery: acetylcholinesterase as a case study 
    Stress-induced changes in tyrosine hydroxylase gene expression in rat hypothalamic paraventricular, periventricular, and dorsomedial nuclei 
    Stress-induced intercellular communication remodeling in the rat adrenal medulla 
    Structural diversity of mitochondria: functional implications 
    Sympathetic nervous system response to orthostatic stress in female patients with rheumatoid arthritis 
    TGFbeta plasmid construction and delivery for the prevention of type 1 diabetes 
    The distribution of adiponectin receptors on human peripheral blood mononuclear cells 
    The disulfide relay of the intermembrane space of mitochondria: an oxygen-sensing system? 
    The effect of habitat fragmentation and species diversity loss on hantavirus prevalence in Panama 
    The mitochondrial antioxidants MitoE(2) and MitoQ(10) increase mitochondrial Ca(2+) load upon cell stimulation by inhibiting Ca(2+) efflux from the organelle 
    The Nrf2-ARE pathway: an indicator and modulator of oxidative stress in neurodegeneration 
    The role of mitochondria in reactive oxygen species metabolism and signaling 
    The role of norepinephrine and insulin resistance in an early stage of hypertension 
    Tobacco exposure and diabetes-related autoantibodies in children: results from the ABIS study 
    Toward prevention of cowdriosis 
    Tumor necrosis factor alpha inducing spatial interactions between calcium-sensing receptor and L-type voltage-dependent calcium channel 
    Type 1 and 2 IP3 receptors respond differently to catecholamines and stress 
    Type 1 diabetes versus type 2 diabetes with onset in persons younger than 20 years of age 
    Unexplained symptomatic paroxysmal hypertension in pseudopheochromocytoma: a stress response disorder? 
    Update on worldwide efforts to prevent type 1 diabetes 
    Use of cymelarsan in goats chronically infected with Trypanosoma evansi 
    Use of phlebotomine sand flies as indicator of leishmania prevalence in an endemic area 
    Use of plant-derived products to control arthropods of veterinary importance: a review 
    Variations in incidence of type 1 diabetes in different municipalities of stockholm 
    Vasopressin does not mediate hypersensitivity of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis during chronic stress 
    What have PINK1 and HtrA2 genes told us about the role of mitochondria in Parkinson's disease? 

1999 Jun 30
    Activity of cytochrome c oxidase in the right and left ventricular myocardium of male and female rats exposed to intermittent high altitude hypoxia 
    Matrix metalloproteinase inhibition. From the Jurassic to the third millennium 
    Modulation of the synthesis and activation of matrix metalloproteinases in IL-1-treated chondrocytes by antirheumatic drugs 
    The course of pancreatic fibrosis induced by dibutyltin dichloride (DBTC) 
    The role of the myocardial sodium-hydrogen exchanger in mediating ischemic and reperfusion injury. From amiloride to cariporide 

1996 Oct 31
    Acute and chronic administration of ibogaine to the rat results in astrogliosis that is not confined to the cerebellar vermis 
    Molecular biology of interleukin-12 receptors 
    Monoamine neurotransmitter function and spontaneous recurrence of methamphetamine psychosis 

1961 Jun 17
    Acute and subchronic toxicity of 2-amino-2-hydroxymethyl-1, 3-propanediol 
    Effects of 2-amino-2-hydroxymethyl-1, 3-propanediol on oxygen toxicity in mice 

2010 Aug
    Acute effects of motor vehicle traffic-related air pollution exposures on measures of oxidative stress in human airways 
    Critical appraisal of growth retardation and pubertal disturbances in thalassemia 
    Detection of hydrogen sulfide in plasma and knee-joint synovial fluid from rheumatoid arthritis patients: relation to clinical and laboratory measures of inflammation 
    Do women stop early? Similarities in fertility decline in humans and chimpanzees 
    Estrogen and the aging brain: an elixir for the weary cortical network 
    Fertility potential in thalassemia major women: current findings and future diagnostic tools 
    Fetal globin gene inducers: novel agents and new potential 
    Inhibition of epithelial sodium channels by respiratory syncytial virus in vitro and in vivo 
    Learning, menopause, and the human adaptive complex 
    Life history context of reproductive aging in a wild primate model 
    Measurement of inflammation and oxidative stress following drastic changes in air pollution during the Beijing Olympics: a panel study approach 
    Mechanisms of oxidant generation by catalase 
    Mechanisms of reproductive aging: conserved mechanisms and environmental factors 
    Nitric oxide and zinc homeostasis in pulmonary endothelium 
    Oxidants and antioxidants in sulfur mustard-induced injury 
    Oxidative stress: acute and progressive lung injury 
    Oxidative/nitrosative stresses trigger type I diabetes: preventable in streptozotocin rats and detectable in human disease 
    Potential mechanisms for reduced delivery of nitric oxide to peripheral tissues in diabetes mellitus 
    Reactive oxygen species and alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes as second messengers in signal transduction 
    Redox signaling in inflammation: interactions of endogenous electrophiles and mitochondria in cardiovascular disease 
    Relating smoking, obesity, insulin resistance, and ovarian biomarker changes to the final menstrual period 
    Reproductive aging, menopause, and health outcomes 
    Reproductive aging: theoretical perspectives, mechanisms, nonhuman models, and health correlates 
    Role of oxidative/nitrosative stress-mediated Bcl-2 regulation in apoptosis and malignant transformation 
    The role of iNOS-mediated DNA damage in infection- and asbestos-induced carcinogenesis 
    Transcriptional silencing of fetal hemoglobin by BCL11A 
    Treatment options for thalassemia patients with osteoporosis 

    Acute stress enhances while chronic stress suppresses skin immunity. The role of stress hormones and leukocyte trafficking 
    Aging and resistance to Trichinella spiralis infection following xenobiotic exposure 
    An international approach to laboratory diagnosis of animal diseases 
    Analysis of drug pharmacology towards predicting drug behavior by expression profiling using high-density oligonucleotide arrays 
    Angiogenic factors in the perinatal period: diversity in biological functions reflected in their serum concentrations soon after birth 
    Cadmium-induced bioaccumulation in the selected tissues of a freshwater teleost, Oreochromis mossambicus (Tilapia) 
    Chlamydia screening--yes, but of whom, when, by whom, and with what? 
    Clara cell secretory protein (CC16): features as a peripheral lung biomarker 
    Combined oral contraceptive treatment of adolescent girls with polycystic ovary syndrome. Lipid profile 
    DX-8951f: summary of phase I clinical trials 
    Fluorometric high-throughput screening for inhibitors of cytochrome P450 
    From developmental biology to developmental toxicology 
    Gender, neuroendocrine-immune interactions and neuron-glial plasticity. Role of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) 
    Gene expression microarray data analysis for toxicology profiling 
    Idiopathic juvenile osteoporosis 
    In silico toxicology 
    Insecticide resistance studies on Blattella germanica (Dictyoptera:Blattellidae) from Cuba 
    Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Survey of world results 
    Ionizing radiation potentiates the induction of nitric oxide synthase by interferon-gamma and/or lipopolysaccharide in murine macrophage cell lines. Role of tumor necrosis factor-alpha 
    Neurochemical effects of environmental chemicals: in vitro and in vivo correlations on second messenger pathways 
    Nitrone inhibition of age-associated oxidative damage 
    PAC1 null females display decreased fertility 
    Pharmaceutical proteomics 
    Queueing and inventory theory in clinical practice: application to clinical toxicology 
    Reactivities of the skin-sensitization test in guinea pig (GPMT) as a function of three parameters: induction doses (MID), challenge doses (SCD), and direct exposures (DED) 
    Role of apoptosis in the response of lung carcinomas to anti-cancer treatment 
    The "rodent carcinogen" dilemma: formidable challenge for the technologies of the new millennium 
    The mechanism of action of cytokines to control the release of hypothalamic and pituitary hormones in infection 
    The role of tumor necrosis factor alpha in chemical-induced hepatotoxicity 
    The scientific origin of life. Considerations on the evolution of information, leading to an alternative proposal for explaining the origin of the cell, a semantically closed system 
    Toxicology for the Next Millennium. Proceedings of a conference. September 20-23, 1999, Warrenton, Virginia, USA 
    Transient modulation of gene expression in the neurulation staged mouse embryo 
    What's important about toxicology 

2003 May
    ADAMTS1: a matrix metalloprotease with angioinhibitory properties 
    Adult bone marrow stem cells regenerate myocardium in ischemic heart disease 
    Chirality and handedness: the Ruch "shoe-potato" dichotomy in the right-left classification problem 
    Evaluation of topiramate neuroprotective effect in severe TBI using microdialysis 
    Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical and gonadal functions in rheumatoid arthritis 
    Mating attenuates aging-associated increase of lipid peroxidation activity in C57BL/6J mice 
    Natural kinds, explanation, and essentialism in chemistry 
    Stress, leukocyte trafficking, and the augmentation of skin immune function 

2005 Apr
    Adaptation of VOR to Coriolis stimulation 
    Amphibian pheromones and endocrine control of their secretion 
    Automatic detection of camera translation in eye video recordings using multiple methods 
    Further studies of lipid droplets in the bombykol-producing pheromone gland of Bombyx mori 
    Neurodistribution of androgen receptor immunoreactivity in the male frog, Rana esculenta 
    Regionally specific occurrence of an active sodefrin variant in the red-bellied newt 
    Stress hormones in mammals and birds: comparative aspects regarding metabolism, excretion, and noninvasive measurement in fecal samples 
    The phylogenetic relationship of the glutamate and pheromone G-protein-coupled receptors in different vertebrate species 
    Video-based eye tracking: our experience with Advanced Stimuli Design for Eye Tracking software 

    Adaptation processes in insect olfactory receptors. Mechanisms and behavioral significance 
    Alterations in nutrient intake and utilization caused by disease 
    Alterations in renal heme biosynthesis during metal nephrotoxicity 
    An anthropological perspective on obesity 
    Anti-acetylcholine antibodies and the pathogenesis of myasthenia gravis 
    Ascorbic acid intakes and plasma levels in healthy elderly 
    Autoantibodies to receptors by an autoantiidiotypic route 
    Biological correlates of spatial ability and mathematical performance 
    Effects of lesions of the terminal nerve on mating behavior in the male hamster 
    Electrophysiological responses of olfactory receptor neurons to stimulation with mixtures of individual pheromone components 
    Exercise effects on calorie intake 
    Factor VIII inhibitors. Etiology, characterization, natural history, and management 
    Inhibitory effect of tetrachloro-p-hydroquinone and other metabolites of hexachlorobenzene on hepatic uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase activity with reference to the role of glutathione 
    Involvement of olfactory bulb catecholamines and luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone in response to social stimuli mediating reproductive functions 
    Metal-induced alterations of delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase 
    Nonlinearities and complex behavior in simple ecological and epidemiological models 
    Occurrence and biological properties of N-methyl protoporphyrin 
    Patterns of porphyrin accumulation in response to xenobiotics. Parallels between results in chick embryo and rodents 
    Psychopathology and obesity 
    Recovery of HIV-related retroviruses from Italian patients with AIDS or AIDS-related complex and from asymptomatic at-risk individuals 
    Sex-reversed mice and sex determination 
    Studies on the terminal nerve and its central connections in goldfish 
    The chemistry of vomeronasally detected pheromones: characterization of an aphrodisiac protein 
    The course of myasthenia gravis and therapies affecting outcome 
    The formation and inhibition of photochemical smog 

2010 Feb
    Addictions and their familiality in Iceland 
    Cocaine addiction in mothers: potential effects on maternal care and infant development 
    Novel phenotype issues raised in cross-national epidemiological research on drug dependence 
    Shared brain vulnerabilities open the way for nonsubstance addictions: carving addiction at a new joint? 
    Synaptic plasticity in the mesolimbic system: therapeutic implications for substance abuse 
    Work and its role in shaping the social gradient in health 

    Adipokinetic hormones. Coupling between biosynthesis and release 
    Bone morphogenetic proteins regulate interdigital cell death in the avian embryo 
    Does cognitive functioning mediate the well-documented link between education and functional disability in middle-aged adults? 
    Epidemiology of socioeconomic status and health: are determinants within countries the same as between countries? 
    Estimates of the proportions of carcinogens and anticarcinogens in bioassays conducted by the U.S. National Toxicology Program. Application of a new meta-analytic approach 
    Estrogens: neuroprotective or neurotoxic? 
    Income inequality and mortality in Canada and the United States. An analysis of provinces/states 
    Moderating and mediating effects of socioeconomic status, perceived peer condom use, and condom negotiation on sexual risk behavior among African-American and white adolescent females 
    Pathways between area-level income inequality and increased mortality in U.S. men 
    Reducing uncertainty in the derivation and application of health guidance values in public health practice. Dioxin as a case study 
    SES, Medicare coverage, and flu shot utilization among vulnerable women in the women's health and aging study 
    Socioeconomic status and health among elderly people in Sweden 
    Status, stress, and atherosclerosis: the role of environment and individual behavior 
    The association of race/socioeconomic status and use of Medicare services. A little-known failure in access to care 
    The effect of job strain on ambulatory blood pressure in men: does it vary by socioeconomic status? 
    The effects of race, gender, and education on the structure of self-rated health among community-dwelling older adults 
    The regulation of juvenile hormone production in arthropods. Functional and evolutionary perspectives 
    Time course of brain temperature and caudate/putamen microdialysate levels of amphetamine and dopamine in rats after multiple doses of d-amphetamine 
    Update from Asia. Asian studies on cancer chemoprevention 

1967 May 10
    Adolescent amenorrhea 
    Adolescent sex education 
    Chromosomal causes of intersexuality 
    Diagnostic evaluation of patients with intersexuality 
    Gynecological surgery for patients with intersexuality: a report of 170 cases 
    Laboratory examination of the pediatric gynecologic patient 
    Normal gynecologic endocrinology of childhood 
    Sexual dimorphism of interphase nuclei: its value in pediatric and adolescent gynecology 
    Urinary tract disease in school girls with bacteriuria 

1996 Sep 20
    Adolescent anabolic steroid use and aggressive behavior in golden hamsters 
    Autonomic nervous system factors underlying disinhibited, antisocial, and violent behavior. Biosocial perspectives and treatment implications 
    Development and expression of hormonal systems regulating aggression 
    Developmental factors influencing aggression. Animal models and clinical correlates 
    Gender differences in the prolactin response to fenfluramine challenge in children with disruptive behavior disorders 
    Outcomes of childhood aggression in women 
    Perinatal stress and impairment of the stress response. Possible link to nonoptimal behavior 
    Physically aggressive boys from age 6 to 12 years. Their biopsychosocial status at puberty 

1997 Jun 17
    Adolescent sexuality 
    Adolescent sexuality: an educational and counseling challenge 
    Female adolescent sexuality. The risks and management 
    Karyotype-phenotype correlation in females with X chromosome abnormalities 
    Malignant ovarian neoplasms. The place of conservative surgery 
    Modifications of growth hormone secretion during female puberty 
    Oral contraceptive compliance during adolescence 
    Ovarian malignancies in adolescence 
    Sexually transmitted diseases and oral contraceptive use during adolescence 
    The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and the female reproductive system 

1995 Dec 29
    Adrenocorticoid hormones and the development and expression of mammalian monogamy 
    Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a neuroactive neurosteroid 
    Does DHEAS restore immune competence in aged animals through its capacity to function as a natural modulator of peroxisome activities? 
    Human dehydroepiandrosterone sulfotransferase. Purification, molecular cloning, and characterization 
    Neuropeptide Y. A novel sympathetic stress hormone and more 
    Sex differences in dehydroepiandrosterone metabolism in rodents 
    Social subordinance as a marker of hypercortisolism. Some unexpected subtleties 

    Aerobic responses of female distance runners to submaximal and maximal exercise 
    Assessment of cardiac function in marathon runners by graphic noninvasive techniques 
    Central versus peripheral genital desensitization and mating behavior in male cats: tonic and phasic effects 
    Environmental sources of tonic influence 
    Fiber types and metabolic potentials of skeletal muscles in sedentary man and endurance runners 
    Plasma lipoprotein distributions in male and female runners 
    Sensory control of reproductive behavior in female rodents 

1996 Jun 8
    Aetiology of the skeletal dysmorphology syndrome campomelic dysplasia: expression of the Sox9 gene during chondrogenesis in mouse embryos 
    Campomelic dysplasia with XY sex reversal: diverse phenotypes resulting from mutations in a single gene 
    Expression of the chicken Sox9 gene marks the onset of cartilage differentiation 

1992 Jun 12
    Afferent projections of the hamster periaqueductal gray. A neural site where vasopressin can stimulate flank marking 
    Analysis of oxytocin release by microdialysis and interactions with progesterone 
    Central oxytocin and female sexual behavior 
    Central oxytocin antagonism decreases female reproductive behavior 
    Effects of steroids and mating on central oxytocin receptors 
    Evolutionary precedents for behavioral actions of oxytocin and vasopressin 
    Existence of a sexual dimorphism in vasopressin binding in the area of the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus in hamsters 
    Gonadal steroid modulation of vasopressin pathways 
    Ovarian steroid modulation of oxytocin receptor binding in the ventromedial hypothalamus 
    Oxytocin and social bonding 
    Oxytocin in Maternal, Sexual, and Social Behaviors. Conference of the New York Academy of Sciences. Arlington, Virginia, May 19-22, 1991 
    Oxytocin involvement in male and female sexual behavior 
    Oxytocin receptor distribution reflects social organization in monogamous and polygamous voles 
    Oxytocinergic neuronal systems during mating, pregnancy, parturition, and lactation 
    Partner preference development in female prairie voles is facilitated by mating or the central infusion of oxytocin 
    Role of vasopressin in aggressive and dominant/subordinate behaviors 
    Social and environmental determinants of centrally administered oxytocin effects on male squirrel monkey behavior 
    The effects of hypogastric and pelvic neurectomy on oxytocin-induced facilitation of receptivity 
    Vasopressin and the regulation of hamster social behavior 

1997 Jan 15
    Affiliative processes and vocal development 
    Attachment representations and sexual behavior in humans 
    Brain sexual dimorphism and sex differences in parental and other social behaviors 
    Circulating oxytocin in male guinea pigs affected by the female cohabitation and reproductive condition 
    Ecological constraints and the evolution of hormone-behavior interrelationships 
    Escape from social suppression of sexual behavior and of ovulation in female common marmosets 
    Evolutionary perspectives on primate mating systems and behavior 
    Exploratory behavior correlates with social organization and is responsive to peptide injections in prairie voles 
    Female reproductive status and male pairmate behavior in cotton-top tamarins 
    Heterosexual interactions promote oxytocin secretion in sexually naive, but not experienced, male Wistar rats 
    Hormonal modulation of sexual behavior and affiliation in rhesus monkeys 
    Integrative functions of lactational hormones in social behavior and stress management 
    Intra- and extra-pair behavior and initial clutch success in captive zebra finch colonies 
    Intraspecific variation and the presence of a father can influence the expression of monogamous and communal traits in prairie voles 
    Mating-induced c-fos expression patterns complement and supplement observations after lesions in the male Syrian hamster brain 
    Molecular aspects of monogamy 
    Neurobiology of avian social organization. Effects of lateral septum lesions in a territorial songbird, the field sparrow (Spizella pusilla), and a colonial songbird, the zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) 
    Oxytocin control of maternal behavior. Regulation by sex steroids and offspring stimuli 
    Peptides, steroids, and pair bonding 
    Physiological and endocrine effects of social contact 
    Postestrus anogenital swelling in female barbary macaques. The larger, the better? 
    Regulatory mechanisms of oxytocin-mediated sociosexual behavior 
    Relationship between oxytocin and the biphasic effects of progesterone in the control of hamster sexual receptivity 
    Role of prolactin in paternal care in a monogamous New World primate, Saguinus oedipus 
    Sexually initiated affiliation facilitates rhesus monkey integration 
    Social modulation of corticosteroid responses in male prairie voles 
    Species diversity and the evolution of behavioral controlling mechanisms 
    The 5' flanking region of the monogamous prairie vole oxytocin receptor gene directs tissue-specific expression in transgenic mice 
    The affiliative vocal subsystem of squirrel monkeys 
    The Integrative Neurobiology of Affiliation. Proceedings of a conference. Washington, DC, USA. March 14-17, 1996 
    The role of contact calls in the social behavior of the budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus) 

1996 Jun 18
    African-American women: considering diverse identities and societal barriers in psychotherapy 
    Mental health issues in African-American women 
    Sexual abuse of children: prevalence, effects, and treatment 
    Teenage parents and their offspring 
    Women's mental health: the new national focus 

1963 Sep 26

2000 Sep
    Age as a susceptibility factor in the striatal dopaminergic neurotoxicity observed in the mouse following substituted amphetamine exposure 
    Effects of chronic in utero exposure to cocaine on behavioral adaptability in rhesus monkey offspring when examined in adulthood 
    Neonatal methamphetamine in the rat: evidence for gender-specific differences upon tyrosine hydroxylase enzyme in the dopaminergic nigrostriatal system 
    Reproductive liberty and the right to clone human beings 

2007 Oct
    Age identity, age perceptions, and health: evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing 
    Caloric restriction, the traditional Okinawan diet, and healthy aging: the diet of the world's longest-lived people and its potential impact on morbidity and life span 
    Drugging the cancer chaperone HSP90: combinatorial therapeutic exploitation of oncogene addiction and tumor stress 
    From beans to berries and beyond: teamwork between plant chemicals for protection of optimal human health 
    Senescence viewed through the lens of comparative biology 
    The effect of resveratrol on a cell model of human aging 

2006 Aug
    Age-dependent effects of methamphetamine on VMAT-2 
    AMPA and NMDA receptors in P2 fractions of cocaine and cocaine-prazosin-treated rats 
    Gene expression profiling of rat pheochromocytoma 
    Germline mutation of von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) gene 695 G>A (R161Q) in a patient with a peculiar phenotype with type 2C VHL syndrome 
    Role of the melanocortin system in inflammation 
    Short-term effects of adolescent methylphenidate exposure on brain striatal gene expression and sexual/endocrine parameters in male rats 

2008 Sep
    Akt depletion is an important determinant of L929 cell death following heat stress 
    An immunohistochemistry study of tissue bcl-2 expression and its serum levels in breast cancer patients 
    Captopril as a potential inhibitor of lung tumor growth and metastasis 
    Characterization of breast cancer progression in the rat 
    Estrogen receptor alpha gene polymorphism and breast cancer 
    In vitro effects of tea polyphenols on redox metabolism, oxidative stress, and apoptosis in PC12 cells 
    Potential inhibition of PDK1/Akt signaling by phenothiazines suppresses cancer cell proliferation and survival 
    Prognostic significance of new immunohistochemistry scoring of p53 protein expression in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma of mice 
    The Swi2/Snf2 bromodomain is important for the full binding and remodeling activity of the SWI/SNF complex on H3- and H4-acetylated nucleosomes 
    The transforming functions of PI3-kinase-gamma are linked to disruption of intercellular adhesion and promotion of cancer cell invasion 

1975 Apr 25
    Alcohol-related skeletal disorders 
    Alcoholism and the risk of cancer 

1995 Jul 12
    Alpha 2-adrenoceptor-independent inhibition by imidazolines and guanidines of noradrenaline release from peripheral, but not central noradrenergic neurons 
    No relationship of I1- and I2-imidazoline binding sites to inhibitory effects of imidazolines on ligand-gated ion channels. An investigation in the adrenal medulla and in neuroblastoma cells 

1997 Nov 3
    Alpha and beta subunits of Na,K-ATPase interact with BiP and calnexin 
    Atomic force microscopy of Escherichia coli FoF1-ATPase in reconstituted membranes 
    Interaction of palytoxin and mercury with the Na,K-ATPase on Xenopus laevis oocytes 
    Ion-sensitive domains of the SERCA- and the Na+/K(+)-ATPases identified by chimeric recombination 
    Na+/K(+)-ATPase density is sexually dimorphic in the adult rat kidney 
    Structural domains implicated in ER degradation of alpha subunits of Na,K-ATPase 
    The Na,K-pump as a channel. A new approach to the study of the structure-function relationship of a P-type ATPase 

1994 Nov 30
    Alteration of the biochemical valves in the central metabolism of Escherichia coli 
    Biodiversity and utilization of microorganisms 
    Bioreactor engineering as an enabling technology to tap biodiversity. The case of taxol 
    Mechanistic and functional studies of rapid corticosteroid actions 
    Sex differences in type I corticosteroid receptor binding in selective brain areas of rats 
    Steroid receptor-mediated modulation of CD4+CD62L+ cell homing. Implications for drug abusers 

2006 Dec
    Alterations in salivary antioxidants, nitric oxide, and transforming growth factor-beta 1 in relation to disease activity in Crohn's disease patients 
    Contraception in adolescence 
    Designing highly flexible and usable cyberinfrastructures for convergence 
    Determination of oxidative stress status and concentration of TGF-beta 1 in the blood and saliva of osteoporotic subjects 
    Insulin-like growth factor-I receptor correlates with connexin 26 and Bcl-xL expression in human colorectal cancer 
    Microgravity signal ensnarls cell adhesion, cytoskeleton, and matrix proteins of rat osteoblasts: osteopontin, CD44, osteonectin, and alpha-tubulin 
    Mitochondrial "movement" and lens optics following oxidative stress from UV-B irradiation: cultured bovine lenses and human retinal pigment epithelial cells (ARPE-19) as examples 
    Potential biological functions emerging from the different estrogen receptors 
    Premature adrenarche leads to polycystic ovary syndrome? Long-term consequences 
    Progress in governance of converging technologies integrated from the nanoscale 
    Recent developments in the detection of fetal single gene differences in maternal plasma and the role of size fractionation 
    Three levels of neuroelectronic interfacing: silicon chips with ion channels, nerve cells, and brain tissue 

1996 Jun 19
    Altered gravitational conditions affect the early development of the static vestibulo-ocular reflex in lower vertebrates 
    Otolith directional sensitivity and ocular torsion 

1977 Sep 30
    An anthropological perspective on the evolution and lateralization of the brain 
    An assessment of hemispheric specialization in monkeys 
    Cognitive abilities: handedness, familial sinistrality, and sex 
    Territoriality and the evolution of brain asymmetry 
    The development of manual asymmetries in motor sequencing skills 

2001 Dec
    An epistemological inquiry into the endocrine disruptor thesis 
    Assessing serial irregularity and its implications for health 
    Contrasting phenotypes in reproductive tissues of female estrogen receptor null mice 
    Diet and breast cancer surveillance behaviors among Harlem women 
    Effects of phytoestrogens and synthetic combinatorial libraries on aromatase, estrogen biosynthesis, and metabolism 
    Medicinals for the millennia: the historical record 
    Nuclear receptors, coregulators, ligands, and selective receptor modulators: making sense of the patchwork quilt 
    Peptide hormones versus steroid hormones: case studies from snail and turtle populations 
    The X chromosome and the female survival advantage: an example of the intersection between genetics, epidemiology and demography 

    An industrial hygienist's perspective on generic standards 
    Animal studies of prenatal delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol: female embryolethality and effects on somatic and brain growth 
    Ca2+ handling systems and neuronal aging 
    Changes in dietary patterns over a 6-year period in an elderly population 
    Concepts in teratology and developmental toxicology derived from animal research 
    Food quality reports from noninstitutionalized aged 
    Genetic defects in human pyruvate dehydrogenase 
    Genome imprinting and dominance modification 
    Legal vs. medical criteria for determining causation in occupational disease claims 
    Making the law responsive 
    Membrane signal transduction in T cells in aging humans 
    New developments in workers' compensation law 
    Occupational disease: nature and extent. Keynote address 
    Occupational diseases: new workforces, new workplaces 
    Pharmacological concepts and developmental toxicology 
    Phencyclidine during pregnancy: behavioral and neurochemical effects in the offspring 
    Restructuring workers' compensation to prevent occupational disease 
    Structural modifications of higher level computer languages for elementary education 
    Studies of the constitutive expression of the mouse erythropoietin gene 
    The influence of different sexual-contact patterns between age classes on the predicted demographic impact of AIDS in developing countries 
    Tort litigation. A goal, a source of polarization, and a possible tool for prevention 
    Workers' compensation and the prevention of occupational disease 
    Workers' health, safety, and compensation in historical and cross-national perspective. An overview 

    An investigation of essential oils of cotton-mill dust 
    Intensive transfusion therapy in thalassemia major: an eight-year follow-up 
    Nature of sex specific glycoprotein agglutinins in Chlamydomonas 
    Paraneoplastic syndromes. Other causes, diagnosis, and treatment of other syndromes. General discussion 

    An overview of genetic toxicity testing in the National Toxicology Program 
    Cellular systems for toxicity testing 
    Developing alternative assay systems for toxicity testing 
    Immunopharmacological properties of tuftsin and of some analogues 
    Impact of short-term tests on regulatory action 
    Mechanisms of toxic injury 
    Mutagenicity and carcinogenicity correlations between bacteria and rodents 
    New synthetic and natural tuftsin-related compounds and evaluation of their phagocytosis-stimulating activity 
    Notes on xenobiotic metabolism 
    Ocular toxicology of dimethyl sulfoxide and effects on retinitis pigmentosa 
    Pregnancy-associated alpha 2-glycoprotein (alpha 2-PAG) and IgA: their parallel distribution in the human gastrointestinal tract 
    Screening of toxic compounds in mammalian cell cultures 
    Short-term tests in the framework of carcinogen risk assessment to man 
    Speech coding: recognizing what we do not hear in speech 
    Synthesis of acute-phase alpha 2-macroglobulin during inflammation and pregnancy 
    The significance of DNA-damage assays in toxicity and carcinogenicity assessment 
    The versatility of Drosophila melanogaster for mutagenicity testing 
    Toxicity evaluation needs the intact animal 
    Toxicology and antitumor activity of tuftsin 
    Tuftsin, a natural activator of phagocyte cells: an overview 

1992 Dec 17
    An overview of networking for physicians and problems of network consulting in remote areas 
    Exchange of Veterans Affairs medical data using national and local networks 
    Expediting prior approval and containing third-party costs for dental care 
    Expert systems, clinical data analyses, and knowledge discovery: the POSCH AI project 
    GaIN: on-line delivery of medical information to physicians and hospitals in Georgia 
    Improved care of patients with diabetes through telecommunications 
    Medical education and decision support using network-based multimedia information resources 
    Multimedia communications in health care 
    Nephropathology consultation via digitized images 
    Some tools for the diffusion of biomedical information using research networks 
    Staff communications and credentialing in a multisite institution 
    The general medical record. Concepts and suggestions for implementation 
    West Virginia CONSULT: enhanced information access for health care practitioners in a rural environment 

2002 Dec
    An XML Gateway to Patient Data for Medical Research Applications 
    Carcinogenic effects of benzene: Cesare Maltoni's contributions 
    Carcinogenicity and mechanistic insights on the behavior of epoxides and epoxide-forming chemicals 
    Carcinogenicity of methyl-tertiary butyl ether in gasoline 
    Chemicals studied and evaluated in long-term carcinogenesis bioassays by both the Ramazzini Foundation and the National Toxicology Program: in tribute to Cesare Maltoni and David Rall 
    Decision support system for the analysis of hospital operation indicators 
    Designing a patient education framework via use case analysis 
    Epicenter location by analysis of interictal spikes: a case study for the use of artificial neural networks in biomedical engineering 
    Genome organization and reorganization in evolution: formatting for computation and function 
    Integrated visualization of problemcentric urologic patient records 
    Results of long-term experimental studies on the carcinogenicity of methyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol in rats 
    Structured reporting in neuroradiology 
    Surface-based atlases of cerebellar cortex in the human, macaque, and mouse 
    The genome in its ecological context: philosophical perspectives on interspecies epigenesis 
    The National Toxicology Program rodent bioassay: designs, interpretations, and scientific contributions 

1997 Mar 15
    Analysis of the cellular mechanism for halothane inhibition of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis 
    Exercise thermoregulation with bed rest, confinement, and immersion deconditioning 
    Impact of the hypothermic response in inhalation toxicology studies 
    Isoflurane produces marked and nonlinear decreases in the vasoconstriction and shivering thresholds 
    Neuropeptides, radiation, and thermoregulation 

1995 Sep 29
    Analysis of the structural correlates for self-antigen binding by natural and disease-related autoantibodies. In vitro expression of recombinant and/or mutagenized human IgG 
    LIGM-DB/IMGT: an integrated database of Ig and TcR, part of the immunogenetics database 

1999 Jun 22
    Androgenizing effects of cyclosporin A in rheumatoid arthritis 
    Androgens and ankylosing spondylitis: a role in the pathogenesis? 
    Androgens and dry eye in Sjogren's syndrome 
    Can we use steroid hormones to immunomodulate rheumatic diseases? Rheumatoid arthritis as an example 
    Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate in patients with rheumatoid arthritis 
    Emerging concepts for sexual predilection in the disease systemic lupus erythematosus 
    Endocrine end-points in rheumatoid arthritis 
    Gender differences in adrenal and gonadal responses to inflammatory aggression 
    Gender-related analysis of thrombopoietic cytokine pattern in patients with immune thrombocytopenic purpura 
    Perturbations of hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis and adrenal androgen functions in rheumatoid arthritis: an odyssey of hormonal relationships to the disease 
    Rheumatoid arthritis, personality, stress response style, and coping with illness. A preliminary survey 
    Sex hormones and glucocorticoids: interactions with the immune system 
    Sex hormones and pregnancy in rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus 
    Sex hormones modulate inflammatory mediators produced by macrophages 

2003 Nov
    Androgens and antiandrogens 
    CNS: sex steroids and SERMs 
    Hormone replacement therapy and cardioprotection: the end of the tale? 
    HRT and cardiovascular disease 
    Miniature, low-dose, intrauterine drug-delivery systems 
    Multicenter prevention trial of slowly progressive type 1 diabetes with small dose of insulin (the Tokyo study): preliminary report 
    The design of a gene chip for functional immunological studies on a high-quality control platform 

2006 Nov
    Aneurysm Outreach Inc., a nonprofit organization, offers community-based, ultrasonography screening for abdominal aortic aneurysms 
    Aortic aneurysm, thoracoabdominal aneurysm, juxtarenal aneurysm, fenestrated endografts, branched endografts, and endovascular aneurysm repair 
    Aromatase inhibitors: structural features and biochemical characterization 
    Chronology of advances in neuroendocrine immunomodulation 
    Cyberspace violence against girls and adolescent females 
    Diabetic patients: Psychological aspects 
    Early violence prevention programs: implications for violence prevention against girls and women 
    Implications for estrogens in Parkinson's disease: an epidemiological approach 
    International perspectives on sexual harassment of college students: the sounds of silence 
    International sexual harassment 
    Lack of mutual respect in relationship: the endangered partner 
    Potential uses of corticotropin-releasing hormone antagonists 
    Sexual aggression toward women: reducing the prevalence 
    The protective role of exercise on stress system dysregulation and comorbidities 
    Violence against women as a public health issue 
    Who wins in the status games? Violence, sexual violence, and an emerging single standard among adolescent women 

1994 Apr 15
    Animal lectins as self/non-self recognition molecules. Biochemical and genetic approaches to understanding their biological roles and evolution 
    Ciliate pheromones as early growth factors and cytokines 
    Immunomodulation by didemnins. Invertebrate marine natural products 

2000 May
    Annual changes in total body fat and fat-free mass in children from 8 to 18 years in relation to changes in body mass index. The Fels Longitudinal Study 
    Anthropometry in body composition. An overview 
    Assessing body composition and changes in body composition. Another look at dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry 
    Assessment of background hydrogen by the Monte Carlo computer code MCNP-4A during measurements of total body nitrogen 
    Assessment of body volume using three-dimensional photonic scanning 
    Association between ethnicity, body mass index, and bioelectrical impedance. Implications for the population specificity of prediction equations 
    Bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy and body composition 
    Bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy in health and disease. Correspondence between whole body and segmental bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy indices in patients with classical dengue fever 
    Body composition by air displacement plethysmography in middle-aged and elderly Japanese. Comparison with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry 
    Body composition changes during Tanner stage 5 
    Comparison of whole body and segmental bioimpedance methodologies for estimating total body water 
    Estimation of body composition by multifrequency bioimpedance measurement in children 
    In vivo determination of body composition of rats using magnetic resonance imaging 
    Prediction models for bone mineral content in school-aged children 
    Reexamining the sarcopenia hypothesis. Muscle mass versus muscle strength. Health, Aging, and Body Composition Study Research Group 
    Relationships between bioelectric resistance and somatotype in 9- to 11-year-old children 
    Skinfolds versus bioimpedance analysis for predicting fat-free mass 
    Smaller organ tissue mass in the elderly fails to explain lower resting metabolic rate 
    The "B" in the Selinger Four-Compartment body composition formula should be body mineral instead of bone mineral 
    The reference child and adolescent models of body composition. A contemporary comparison 
    The second nationwide study of atherosclerosis in infants, children, and young adults in Japan. Comparison with the first study carried out 13 years ago 
    Total body dual X-ray absorptiometry is a good measure of both fat mass and fat-free mass in liver cirrhosis compared to "gold-standard" techniques. Melbourne Liver Group 
    Underestimation of fat-free mass in women, but not men, by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. Comparison with total body potassium and bioelectrical impedance analysis 
    Using simple anthropometric parameters to develop formulas for estimating weight and height in Chinese adults 
    Validation of estimates of lean tissue mass made by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry 

    Annual reproductive rhythms in mammals: mechanisms of light synchronization 
    Clinical and endocrinological aspects of 21-hydroxylase deficiency 
    Combined subcutaneous and high-dose intravenous deferoxamine therapy of thalassemia 
    Family member reports in geriatric psychopharmacology 
    Neuronal replacement in adulthood 
    Prolactin and sex steroid concentrations in follicular fluids after different ovarian stimulation methods in IVF patients 
    Redifferentiation of cancer cells: bestatin, estradiol, and prostaglandin D2 
    Selection of the dominant ovarian follicle and hormonal enhancement of the natural cycle 
    The influence of sex steroids on human nonverbal memory processes 
    The role of individual differences in lipoprotein, artery wall, gender, and behavioral responses in the development of atherosclerosis 
    Therapeutic effects of bright light in depressed patients 
    Toxiphobia, "social reinforcement," comparative psychology, and Patrick J. Capretta 
    Use of restriction fragment length polymorphisms to study the origin of human aneuploidy 

2002 Nov
    Antagonistic signaling pathways regulate alternative splicing of CD44 in T cells 
    Cerebrovascular pathology and dementia in autopsied Honolulu-Asia Aging Study participants 
    Cholesterol and cognition: rationale for the AD cholesterol-lowering treatment trial and sex-related Differences in beta-amyloid accumulation in the brains of spontaneously hypercholesterolemic Watanabe rabbits 
    Effects of selected ginsenosides on phorbol ester-induced expression of cyclooxygenase-2 and activation of NF-kappaB and ERK1/2 in mouse skin 
    Incidence and risk factors of dementia in a defined elderly Japanese population: the Hisayama study 
    Induction of cyclooxygenase-2 in Ras-transformed human mammary epithelial cells undergoing apoptosis 
    Ion channel-like properties of the Na+/K+ Pump 
    Paraoxonase 1 192/55 gene polymorphisms in Alzheimer's disease 
    Paraoxonase 1 activity: a new vascular marker of dementia? 
    Space flight and insulin-like growth factor-I signaling in rat osteoblasts 
    Suppression of adaptive immune responses: a novel mechanism by which peroxisome proliferators exert antiinflammatory effects? 
    The effects of peroxisome proliferators on global lipid homeostasis and the possible significance of these effects to other responses to these xenobiotics: an hypothesis 
    Volatile anesthetics and regulation of cardiac Na+/Ca2+ exchange in neonates versus adults 

1998 Sep 29
    Anterior hypothalamic interleukin-1 receptors are involved in mediation of fever during bacterial sepsis in rats 
    Interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha during fever induced by bacterial infection 
    Vasopressin-induced antipyresis. Sex- and experience-dependent febrile responses 

1969 Jul 3
    Anthropoid apes in experimental medicine: a review 
    Diseases of primates affecting the choice of species for toxicologic studies 
    The comparative approach to the role of nonhuman primates in evaluation of drug toxicity in man: a review 

2001 Apr
    Anti-aging and health-promoting constituents derived from traditional oriental herbal remedies: information retrieval using the TradiMed 2000 DB 
    Antioxidant and immunostimulating activities of the fruiting bodies of Paecilomyces japonica, a new type of Cordyceps sp 
    Firearms and suicide 

1999 Jun 29
    Antidepressants and atypical neuroleptics induce Fos-like immunoreactivity in the central extended amygdala 
    Brain and sexual behavior 
    Drug addiction as a disorder of associative learning. Role of nucleus accumbens shell/extended amygdala dopamine 
    Functional specificity of ventral striatal compartments in appetitive behaviors 
    Mesolimbic neuronal activity across behavioral states 
    Stimulation of dopamine release in the bed nucleus of stria terminalis. A trait of atypical antipsychotics? 
    The medial extended amygdala in male reproductive behavior. A node in the mammalian social behavior network 

1948 May 25
    Antifilarial action, toxicology, and clinical trial of cyanine dyes in filariasis 

2007 Jan
    Antineoplastic and anticlastogenic properties of curcumin 
    Erufosine: a membrane targeting antineoplastic agent with signal transduction modulating effects 
    Generation of DeltaTAp73 proteins by translation from a putative internal ribosome entry site 
    Small GTPase Ras and Rho expression in rat osteoblasts during spaceflight 
    Study on the correlations among disease activity index and salivary transforming growth factor-beta 1 and nitric oxide in ulcerative colitis patients 
    The analgesic effect of Tribulus terrestris extract and comparison of gastric ulcerogenicity of the extract with indomethacine in animal experiments 

1993 Dec 31
    Antioxidant reactions of carotenoids 
    Effect of vitamin A and beta-carotene intake on dioxygenase activity in rat intestine 
    Health care reform in the United States. The contribution of health services research to the debate 
    Patient outcomes research teams: examples from a study on knee replacement 
    Regional organization for outcomes research 
    Use of claims data to monitor patients over time: acute myocardial infarction as a case study 
    Using evidence for utilization management: an HMO manager's perspective 

2007 Jun
    Antiphospholipid antibodies in patients with coronary artery disease: new cardiac risk factors? 
    Impaired expression of peripheral blood apoptotic-related gene transcripts in acute multiple sclerosis relapse 
    Increased production of the soluble tumor-associated antigens CA19-9, CA125, and CA15-3 in rheumatoid arthritis: potential adhesion molecules in synovial inflammation? 
    Inference, validation, and dynamic modeling of transcription networks in multipotent hematopoietic cells 
    Innate and adaptive immunity to Francisella 
    Intima-media thickness: a marker of accelerated atherosclerosis in women with systemic lupus erythematosus 
    Occurrence of malignancies in Hungarian patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: results from a single center 
    Reduced paraoxonase1 activity is a risk for atherosclerosis in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus 
    The influence of sex steroids on Sjogren's syndrome 

2009 May
    Anxiety-related behavior and biogenic amine pathways in the rat following bilateral vestibular lesions 
    Balance before reason in rats and humans 
    Driving dreams: cortical activations during imagined passive and active whole body movement 
    Electrotactile feedback of sway position improves postural performance during galvanic vestibular stimulation 
    Gray-matter atrophy after chronic complete unilateral vestibular deafferentation 
    How actions alter sensory processing: reafference in the vestibular system 
    How vestibular neurons solve the tilt/translation ambiguity. Comparison of brainstem, cerebellum, and thalamus 
    Impact of vertigo and spatial disorientation on concurrent cognitive tasks 
    Influence of uninformative visual cues on gravity perception 
    Modality-dependent indication of the subjective vertical during combined linear and rotational movements 
    Modeling of intrinsic and synaptic properties to reveal the cellular and network contribution for vestibular signal processing 
    Postural compensation for vestibular loss 
    Posture control in vestibular-loss patients 
    Signal processing and distribution in cortical-brainstem pathways for smooth pursuit eye movements 
    The presence of lytic HSV-1 transcripts and clonally expanded T cells with a memory effector phenotype in human sensory ganglia 
    Vestibular "PREHAB" 
    Vestibular and proprioceptive contributions to human balance corrections: aiding these with prosthetic feedback 
    Vestibular critical period, maturation of central vestibular neurons, and locomotor control 
    Vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials in "vestibular migraine" and Meniere's disease: a sign of an electrophysiological link? 
    Vestibular-neck interaction in cerebellar patients 
    Vestibulo-ocular signal transformation in frequency-tuned channels 

1996 Nov 18
    Aortic aneurysmal disease in women. Is there a greater incidence of suprarenal involvement? 
    Predicting survival from ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. Computer modeling with AIM versus clinical judgment 

1996 Dec 16
    Apolipoprotein E genotype and gender influence response to tacrine therapy 
    Medicolegal, employment, and insurance issues in APOE genotyping and Alzheimer's disease 

1963 May 10
    Application of hydrodynamic analog and digital computer to the study of phospholipid kinetics 
    Digital computer simulation of systems apparently compartmented at the cellular level 

2005 Nov
    Application of XIAP antisense to cancer and other proliferative disorders: development of AEG35156/ GEM640 
    Development of resistance to RNAi in mammalian cells 
    Endo-Porter: a novel reagent for safe, effective delivery of substances into cells 
    Introductory remarks: African perspective on natural products and molecular medicine 
    Mediterranean diet and cardiovascular health 
    Natural products and molecular therapy. Closing remarks 
    Novel drugs and vaccines based on the structure and function of HIV pathogenic proteins including Nef 
    Novel MDM2 p53-independent functions identified through RNA silencing technologies 
    Opportunities for new therapies based on the natural regulators of complement activation 
    Parasite mitochondria as a target of chemotherapy: inhibitory effect of licochalcone A on the Plasmodium falciparum respiratory chain 
    Recognition of chromosomal DNA in human cells by peptide nucleic acids and small duplex RNAs 
    Regulation of cancer cell survival by Par-4 

1993 Jun 21
    Approaches for studying the pathogenic T cells in autoimmune patients 

    Archaeological toxicology 
    Compensation for occupational illness 
    Economic constraints on health care 
    Ocular torsion on earth and in weightlessness 
    Social and economic implications of cancer in the United States 

1968 Nov 21
    Are gonadal hormones (estrogens and androgens) of significance in the development of ischemic heart disease 

1992 May 11
    Are human neurodegenerative disorders linked to environmental chemicals with excitotoxic properties? 
    ATP deficits and neuronal degeneration induced by 3-nitropropionic acid 
    Ca2+ and cell death 
    Differential effect of excitotoxins in the basal forebrain on choline acetyltransferase activity in the cortex and amygdala 
    Inhibition of cocaine intoxication by excitatory amino acid receptor antagonists 
    MPP+ redox cycling: a new mechanism involving hydride transfer 

1999 May 28
    Artificial gravity considerations for a mars exploration mission 
    The interaction of otolith and proprioceptive information in the perception of verticality. The effects of labyrinthine and CNS disease 

1994 May 31
    Artificial life extension. The epigenetic approach 
    Dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate (DHEAS) in the oldest old, aged 85 and over 
    The expanding field of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal modulation of human natural killer cell activity 

2010 Mar
    Artificial sweetener as a historical window to culturally situated health 
    Bone loss across the menopausal transition 
    Bone turnover across the menopause transition : The role of gonadal inhibins 
    Calmodulin-an often-ignored signal in osteoclasts 
    Congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency: A paradigm for prenatal diagnosis and treatment 
    Dairy proteins and the response to pneumovax in senior citizens: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study 
    Depression and bone mass 
    Effect of walnut (Juglans regia) polyphenolic compounds on ovalbumin-specific IgE induction in female BALB/c mice 
    Inhibition of antigen presentation and T cell costimulation blocks PTH-induced bone loss 
    Interactions between breast, bone, and brain regulate mineral and skeletal metabolism during lactation 
    Looking beyond bone mineral density : Imaging assessment of bone quality 
    Nitric oxide and bone 
    Nocturnin: a circadian target of Pparg-induced adipogenesis 
    Purification and identification of estrogen receptor alpha co-regulators in osteoclasts 
    The formation of osteoclasts in multiple myeloma bone disease patients involves the secretion of soluble decoy receptor 3 
    The promise of bone cancer proteomics 
    The traditional Japanese formula keishibukuryogan reduces liver injury and inflammation in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease 

    Asbestos disease and compensation 
    Asbestos law: victims' rights and industry's reaction 
    Care of the injured worker: a labor perspective 
    Neuromuscular diseases of domestic animals: a summary of muscle biopsies from 159 cases 
    Problems in providing medical care and economic redress to injured workers: the physician's responsibility: ethical and legal considerations 
    Proper compensation for the damaged worker 

2010 Jun
    Ascorbate improves metabolic abnormalities in Wrn mutant mice but not the free radical scavenger catechin 
    Bone cancer pain 
    Decreasing the aging velocity in industry workers 
    Isoflurane modulates neuronal excitability of the nucleus reticularis thalami in vitro 
    Protecting motor networks during perinatal ischemia: the case for delta-opioid receptors 
    Ramelteon attenuates age-associated hypertension and weight gain in spontaneously hypertensive rats 

1975 Sep 30
    Ascorbic acid function and metabolism during colds 
    Human requirements and needs. Vitamin C status: methods and findings 
    Vitamin C and cigarette smokers 

1998 Nov 20
    Assessing the effects of deprenyl on longevity and antioxidant defenses in different animal models 
    Nutrition, osteoporosis, and aging 
    Recycling and redox cycling of phenolic antioxidants 
    The biochemical, pathophysiological, and medical aspects of ubiquinone function 
    The effects of dietary restriction on mitochondrial dysfunction in aging 

1999 Apr 20
    Assessment and calibration of a low-frequency system for electrical impedance tomography (EIT), optimized for use in imaging brain function in ambulant human subjects 
    Gastric emptying in patients with type I diabetes mellitus 
    The RXc graph in evaluating and monitoring fluid balance in patients with liver cirrhosis 

1979 May 31
    Assessment of immunologic alterations caused by halogenated aromatic hydrocarbons 
    Clinical findings among PCB-exposed capacitor manufacturing workers 
    Developmental toxicology of the halogenated aromatics: effects on enzyme development 
    Immunologic dysfunction among PBB-exposed Michigan dairy farmers 
    Investigations on the effects of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) on parameters of various immune functions 
    Reproductive effects of halogenated aromatic hydrocarbons on nonhuman primates 
    Surveillance for future environmental contaminants: discussion 
    Symptoms and clinical abnormalities following ingestion of polybrominated-biphenyl-contaminated food products 
    The neurotoxicity of polybrominated biphenyls: results of a medical field survey 

1992 Apr 30
    Assessment of neurobehavioral response in humans to low-level volatile organic compound sources 
    Human activities as sources of volatile organic compounds in residential environments 

2002 May
    Assessment of protein allergenicity: studies in brown norway rats 
    Cancer chemopreventive activity of resveratrol 
    Ginseng, sex behavior, and nitric oxide 
    Oxidative stress and inflammatory reaction modulation by white wine 
    Protective effects of a novel niacin-bound chromium complex and a grape seed proanthocyanidin extract on advancing age and various aspects of syndrome X 
    Protein allergenicity in mice: a potential approach for hazard identification 
    Wine, biodiversity, technology, and antioxidants 

2010 Sep
    Athletic amenorrhea: energy deficit or psychogenic challenge? 
    Bone acquisition during adolescence in athletes 
    Clinical management of HPV-related disease of the lower genital tract 
    Congenital cytomegalovirus infection 
    Continuing education and clinical research for the training of obstetricians and gynecologists in Europe 
    Critical periods and the developmental origins of disease: an epigenetic perspective of schizophrenia 
    Cryopreservation of human genetic material 
    Establishing consensus criteria for the diagnosis of diabetes in pregnancy following the HAPO study 
    Estrogen therapy and Alzheimer's dementia 
    Evaluation and management of adolescent amenorrhea 
    Fertility drugs and ovarian cancer risk: a critical review of the literature 
    Genomic imprinting on the X chromosome: implications for brain and behavioral phenotypes 
    Hormonal contraception in obesity, the metabolic syndrome, and diabetes 
    Intrauterine inflammation and preterm delivery 
    Is the decrease in breast cancer incidence related to a decrease in postmenopausal hormone therapy? 
    Menopause and sexuality: key issues in premature menopause and beyond 
    Metformin in polycystic ovary syndrome 
    Pathophysiology of bone loss in the female athlete 
    Perinatal mortality in diabetic pregnancy 
    Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma and -delta polymorphisms in women with polycystic ovary syndrome 
    Stress, sex, and neural adaptation to a changing environment: mechanisms of neuronal remodeling 
    The effects of adipose tissue and adipocytokines in human pregnancy 
    The future of women's contraception: stakes and modalities 
    The impact of insulin resistance on woman's health and potential treatment options 
    The influence of intensive physical training on growth and pubertal development in athletes 
    The role of adipocytokines in fetal growth 
    The role of gonadotropins in the follicular phase 
    The role of stress in female reproduction and pregnancy: an update 

1998 Jun 29
    Attempts to feed Amblyomma variegatum ticks on artificial membranes 
    Seasonal variation of ticks on cattle in Burkina Faso 

1998 Apr 15
    Autoantibodies in salivary hypofunction in the NOD mouse 
    Molecular dissection of the genetic targets of ALG7 in the serpentine receptor-mediated signal transduction pathway in yeast 
    Regulation and formation of the Drosophila salivary glands 
    Regulation of the Sex combs reduced gene in Drosophila 
    Salivary acidic proline-rich proteins in rheumatoid arthritis 
    Transcriptional regulation of salivary proline-rich protein gene expression 

1998 Dec 11
    Autoantibody catalysis: no longer hostage to Occam's razor 

2002 Mar
    Autoantibody responses to carbohydrate epitopes in endometriosis 
    Circulating ovarian steroids and endometrial matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) 

1964 Jul 31

2007 Apr
    Avian and human metapneumovirus 
    Comparison of Lipoprotein(a) levels between elderly and middle-aged men with coronary artery disease 
    Deuteronation and aging 
    Genetic variation in the interleukin-10 gene promoter and risk of coronary and cerebrovascular events: the PROSPER study 
    PECAM-1/CD31 in infarction and longevity 
    Postponement of postmenopausal mortality acceleration in low-mortality populations 
    Proteome alterations in rat mitochondria caused by aging 
    Pseudoexfoliation syndrome and trace elements 
    The virtual NOD mouse: applying predictive biosimulation to research in type 1 diabetes 
    Utero-tubal sperm transport and its impairment in endometriosis and adenomyosis 
    Vascular smooth muscle and endothelial functions in aging 

2004 May
    Background and applications of astrodynamics for space missions of the johns hopkins applied physics laboratory 
    Bayesian decomposition: analyzing microarray data within a biological context 
    Bio-inspired nano-sensor-enhanced CNN visual computer 
    Formation flying design and applications in weak stability boundary regions 
    Multidisciplinary opportunities and challenges in NBIC 
    Object-oriented design tools for supramolecular devices and biomedical nanotechnology 
    Optimal trajectories from the Earth-Moon L1 and L3 points to deflect hazardous asteroids and comets 
    Pacemaker channels 
    Pathway databases 
    Tactile sensory substitution studies 

1994 Feb 18
    Behavioral and biological determinants of fecundability 
    Effects of creatinine correction to urinary LH levels on the timing of the LH peak and the distribution of coitus within the human menstrual cycle 
    Implications of hormonal influences on sexual behavior for demographic models of reproduction 
    Salivary steroids and natural variation in human ovarian function 
    Secondary sex ratios and patterns of sexual behavior: a test of James' proposition 
    The start of the sub-Saharan fertility transitions: some answers and many questions 
    The use of urinary hormonal assessments in human studies 

1972 May 25
    Behavioral and physiological differences among rat strains specially selected for their alcohol consumption 
    Birth order as a method of studying environmental influences in alcoholism 
    Data on the relation of birth order and sex of sibling of lesbians oppose the hypothesis that homosexualitty is genetic 
    Definitions of alcoholism and genetic research 
    Evidence of genetic factors in the appetite for alcohol and alcoholism 
    Family history and half-sibling research in alcoholism 
    Genetics as a tool in alcohol research 
    Some differences in backgrounds of alcoholics and criminals 

1963 May 22
    Behavioral and psychological studies in aerospace medicine 
    Methodological problems in the study of special population groups, health insurance, and industrial groups 
    Theory and methods of epidemiologic study of home accidents 

1992 Oct 28
    Behavioral change after local administration of antisense sequence for progesterone receptor mRNA in female rat hypothalamus 

1978 Jun 12
    Behavioral effects of serotonin neurotoxins: an overview 
    Effects of 5,6-dihydroxytryptamine and 5,7-dihydroxytryptamine on the rat central nervous system after intraventricular or intracerebral application and on blood platelets in vitro 
    Influence of p-chloroamphetamine and p-chlorophenylalanine on female mating behavior 

2001 Oct
    Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo: a clinician's perspective 

1959 Jan 9
    Biochemistry of nonsteroidal ovarian hormones 
    Chromosomal sex detection in the human newborn and fetus from examination of the umbilical cord, placental tissue, and fetal membranes 
    The use of cervilaxin in term labor 

2006 Oct
    Biodiversity and emerging diseases 
    Detection of Rickettsia rickettsii and Rickettsia sp. in blood clots in 24 patients from different municipalities of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil 
    HLA class I epitope discovery in type 1 diabetes 
    Neuromuscular therapeutics by RNA-targeted suppression of ACHE gene expression 
    Therapeutic modulation of DMD splicing by blocking exonic splicing enhancer sites with antisense oligonucleotides 
    Time-resolved fluorescence imaging of islet cell autoantibodies 

1960 Feb 26
    Bioengineering problems in early manned space flight 

1968 Sep 5
    Biology of the mycobacterioses. The comparative epidemiology of leprosy and tuberculosis 

1993 Dec 21
    Biotechnology for developing countries. The case of the Central American isthmus 

2010 Sep 28
    Bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw: an overview 

    Body burden of pesticides in man 
    Pesticide synergists and their metabolites: potential hazards 
    VII. Toxicology and physiology. EEG, psychological, and neurological alterations in humans with organophosphorus exposure 

1977 Oct 7
    Body morphology and the capacity for hypnosis 

2004 Nov
    Bone cell survival in microgravity: evidence that modeled microgravity increases osteoblast sensitivity to apoptogens 
    Convection in containerless processing 
    Design and preparation of a particle dynamics space flight experiment, SHIVA 
    Development of a high-performance boiling heat exchanger by improved liquid supply to narrow channels 
    Effect of magnetic field on the crystalline structure of magnetostrictive TbFe2 alloy solidified unidirectionally in microgravity 
    Effects of Gravity on ZBLAN Glass Crystallization 
    Experimental study of a constrained vapor bubble fin heat exchanger in the absence of external natural convection 
    Ground-based diffusion experiments on liquid Sn-In systems using the shear cell technique of the satellite mission Foton-M1 
    Magnetic microspheres and tissue model studies for therapeutic applications 
    Modeling of phosphate ion transfer to the surface of osteoblasts under normal gravity and simulated microgravity conditions 
    Momentum effects in steady nucleate pool boiling during microgravity 
    Numerical analysis of the depletion zone formation around a growing protein crystal 
    Property measurements and solidification studies by electrostatic levitation 
    Scientific approach to the optimization of protein crystallization conditions for microgravity experiments 
    Space radiation transport properties of polyethylene-based composites 
    The importance of being asymmetric: the physiology of digesta propulsion on Earth and in space 
    The measurement of solute diffusion coefficients in dilute liquid alloys: the influence of unit gravity and g-jitter on buoyancy convection 
    Unsteady near-critical flows in microgravity 

2000 Apr
    Cardiovascular and other risk factors for Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia 
    Desires in human mating 
    Do extraterrestrials have sex (and intelligence)? 
    Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Reproductive Behavior. Proceedings of a colloquium. New York City, New York, USA. Spring 1999 
    Evolutionary psychology: counting babies or studying information-processing mechanisms 
    Female reproductive strategies as social organizers 
    Fetal DNA in maternal plasma 
    Genomic imprinting, sex-biased dispersal, and social behavior 
    Human sexual selection, good genes, and special design 
    Mental traits as fitness indicators. Expanding evolutionary psychology's adaptationism 
    Multiplex and real-time quantitative PCR on fetal DNA in maternal plasma. A comparison with fetal cells isolated from maternal blood 
    Neuropathological findings in the very old. Results from the first 101 brains of a population-based longitudinal study of dementing disorders 
    Relevance of white matter changes to pre- and poststroke dementia 
    Sex, sex differences, and social behavior 
    The optimal number of fathers. Evolution, demography, and history in the shaping of female mate preferences 
    The other "closest living relative". How bonobos (Pan paniscus) challenge traditional assumptions about females, dominance, intra- and intersexual interactions, and hominid evolution 
    The relationship between the theory of evolution and the social sciences, particularly psychology 
    Vascular actions of estrogen and Alzheimer's disease 

1994 Dec 30
    Cardiovascular disease in women: what's different? What's new? What's unresolved? 
    Dissemination of HIV: how serious is it for women, medically and psychologically? 
    Sex and gender bias in animal research and in clinical studies of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and depression 
    Sex biases in risk assessment 
    Sexually transmitted diseases 

    Caring for adults with thalassemia in a pediatric world 
    Induction of fetal globin in beta-thalassemia: Cellular obstacles and molecular progress 
    Low bone mineral density in adolescents with beta-thalassemia 
    Measurement and mapping of liver iron concentrations using magnetic resonance imaging 

2003 Apr
    Cation stoichiometry and cation pathway in the Na,K-ATPase and nongastric H,K-ATPase 
    Effects of chronic alcohol ingestion on rat lateral/basolateral amygdala ligand-gated chloride channels 
    FXYD proteins: new tissue- and isoform-specific regulators of Na,K-ATPase 
    FXYD7, the first brain- and isoform-specific regulator of Na,K-ATPase: biosynthesis and function of its posttranslational modifications 
    Intrinsic synaptic circuitry of the amygdala 
    L-type voltage-gated calcium channels are involved in the in vivo and in vitro expression of fear conditioning 
    Na,K-ATPase alpha-beta subunit interactions in the transmembrane domain 
    Sex-related influences on the neurobiology of emotionally influenced memory 

1996 Dec 27
    Cell compartmentalization of cholesterol biosynthesis 
    Increased liver-specific expression of catalase in transgenic mice 
    Non-genotoxic hepatocarcinogenesis: suppression of apoptosis by peroxisome proliferators 
    Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors: structures and function 
    Peroxisome proliferators and cytochrome P4504A induction 
    Peroxisome proliferators: species differences in response of primary hepatocyte cultures 
    Peroxisomes: Biology and Role in Toxicology and Disease. Proceedings from an international symposium. Aspen, Colorado, June 28-July 2, 1995 
    Regulatory implications of peroxisome proliferation: an industrial perspective 

2009 Oct
    Cell-cell channels, viruses, and evolution: via infection, parasitism, and symbiosis toward higher levels of biological complexity 
    Glucocorticoid dysregulations and their clinical correlates. From receptors to therapeutics 
    Ion channel regulation by AMPK: the route of hypoxia-response coupling in thecarotid body and pulmonary artery 
    Sex hormones and mood in the perimenopause 
    The neuronal control of hypoxic ventilation: erythropoietin and sexual dimorphism 
    The viral eukaryogenesis hypothesis: a key role for viruses in the emergence of eukaryotes from a prokaryotic world environment 

2007 Dec
    CellFrame: a data structure for abstraction of cell biology experiments and construction of perturbation networks 
    From gonocytes to testicular cancer: the role of impaired gonadal development 
    Learning regulatory programs that accurately predict differential expression with MEDUSA 
    Noncoding RNAs of the mammalian testis: the meiotic transcripts Nct1 and Nct2 encode piRNAs 
    Reconstruction of metabolic networks from high-throughput metabolite profiling data: in silico analysis of red blood cell metabolism 
    Sox8 and Sertoli-cell function 
    Symptoms of frontotemporal dementia provide insights into orbitofrontal cortex function and social behavior 
    Testicular morphogenesis: comparison of in vivo and in vitro models to study male gonadal development 
    Toward understanding the core meiotic transcriptome in mammals and its implications for somatic cancer 

1966 Sep 9
    Changes in muscle structure in dystrophic patients, carriers and normal siblings seen by electron microscopy; correlation with levels of serum creatinephosphokinase (CPK) 
    Inherited myopathy in the chicken 
    Studies on human muscular dystrophy with particular reference to methods of carrier detection 
    The value of serum enzyme determinations in the identification of dystrophic carriers 

2010 May
    Chapter 6: insurance industry 
    Pursuing sustainable industrial development through the ecoindustrial parks: three case studies of China 

2008 Oct
    Children's environmental health in the twenty-first century 
    Comparative environmental health assessments 
    Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene exposure during the first trimester of pregnancy alters the anal position in male infants 
    Differential response of neurotensin to methamphetamine self-administration 
    Implication of activated astrocytes in the development of drug dependence: differences between methamphetamine and morphine 
    Levels of pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls in selected homes in the Bangkok metropolitan region, Thailand 
    Methylphenidate-induced alterations in synaptic vesicle trafficking and activity 
    Protecting health 
    Protein expression in the livers and urinary bladders of hamsters exposed to sodium arsenite 
    Sex differences in dopamine- and vesicular monoamine-transporter functions 
    Short allele of 5-HTTLPR as a risk factor for the development of psychosis in Japanese methamphetamine abusers 
    Study of the current status and factors that influence indoor air pollution in 138 houses in the urban area in Xi'an 
    The developmental impact of the financed environmental projects of the development bank of the Philippines in the promotion of equity and sustainable development 
    The role of calcium ions in the photocatalytic oxidation of humic acid at neutral pH 

2009 Jan
    Chimerism in black southern African patients with true hermaphroditism 46,XX/47XY,+21 and 46,XX/46,XY 
    Combined tarsal and carpal tunnel syndrome in mucolipidosis type III. A case study and review 
    The year in human and medical genetics. Highlights of 2007-2008 

1960 Sep 27
    Chronic nicotine poisoning 
    The acute effect of cigarette smoking on the digital circulation in health and disease 

1996 Aug 15
    Chronopharmacology of hypertension 
    Circadian blood pressure variation related to morbidity and mortality from cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases 
    Signal transduction in animal models of normotension and hypertension 

1993 May 28
    Cigarette smoking, antioxidants, lipid peroxidation, and coronary heart disease 
    Cigarette smoking, polyunsaturated fats, and coronary heart disease 
    Control of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone release by hypothalamic peptides 
    Elevation of nerve growth factor receptor-truncated in the urine of patients with diabetic neuropathy 
    Nutrient and food group intake by tobacco use status: the 1987 National Health Interview Survey 

1959 Sep 17
    Clinical toxicity studies of a monoamine oxidase inhibitor 
    Hepatic injury in patients who have received iproniazid 
    The relationship of certain vitamin deficiencies to the toxicity of iproniazid 

1997 May 30
    Cloning and functional expression of guinea pig atrial alpha 2-adrenergic receptor subtypes 

1993 May 31
    Cloning and sequencing of two POMC cDNAs in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Effect of sex steroids on the expression of the POMC genes 
    Melanotropins as growth factors 

2010 Dec
    Clostridium difficile: progress and challenges 
    Disorders of dysregulated signal traffic through the RAS-MAPK pathway: phenotypic spectrum and molecular mechanisms 
    Investigation of Mendelian forms of obesity holds out the prospect of personalized medicine 
    Mendelian genetics of rare-and not so rare-cancers 
    Modifier genes in Mendelian disorders: the example of cystic fibrosis 
    Structure-based design of anti-infectives 

2010 Jan
    Commoditization and oppression: a systems approach to understanding the economic dynamics of modes of oppression 
    Congenital heart disease and brain development 
    Economic valuation of climate change adaptation in developing countries 
    Lewy body pathology in fetal grafts 
    REM sleep behavior disorder: Updated review of the core features, the REM sleep behavior disorder-neurodegenerative disease association, evolving concepts, controversies, and future directions 

1997 Feb 20
    Communicating with cancer patients in Saudi Arabia 
    Communication with cancer patients. The influence of age, gender, education, and health insurance status 
    Health care in the United States. A perspective from the front line 
    Is it wise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to a cancer patient? 

1977 Mar 4
    Comparative animal toxicology of vidarabine and its 5'-monophosphate 

1992 Jun 28
    Comparison of evoked potentials in men and women admitted for alcohol detoxification 
    Different pharmacodynamics for diazepam and flunitrazepam? 
    Drug motivation and abuse: a neurobiological perspective 
    Effect of a benzodiazepine derivate Ro 15-4513 on ethanol-free selection and CNS mitochondrial energetics in rats 
    Effects of imipramine and ethanol on the activity of a neuronal L-type calcium channel 
    Purification, reconstitution, and cloning of an NMDA receptor-ion channel complex from rat brain synaptic membranes: implications for neurobiological changes in alcoholism 
    Serotonin neurotransmission in cocaine sensitization 

1994 Feb 28
    Components of antisocial personality disorder among women convicted for drunken driving 

1995 May 31
    Comprehensive evaluation of vaccine safety. Assessment of local and systemic side effects as well as emergency and hospital utilization 
    Utility of large-linked databases in vaccine safety, particularly in distinguishing independent and synergistic effects. The Vaccine Safety Datalink Investigators 

1965 Aug 6
    Computer analysis in human genetics: segregation analysis and demographic genetics 
    Remote real-time diagnosis of clinical electrocardiograms by a digital computer system 
    Somatic "masculinity" and coronary heart disease: a study by means of roentgen pelvimetry 

1998 Nov 16
    Computer simulation of rhythm-generating networks 
    Intersegmental coordination of swimmeret movements: mathematical models and neural circuits 
    Modeling the lowering of motoneuron voltage threshold during fictive locomotion 

2003 Mar
    Computer-aided simulation and design of nanofiltration processes 
    Membrane separation in green chemical processing: solvent nanofiltration in liquid phase organic synthesis reactions 

1983 Jun 27
    Congenital fibrinogen abnormalities 

1965 Sep 8
    Congenital heart disease in the dog 

2001 Mar
    Controlled exposures to volatile organic compounds in sensitive groups 
    Episodic exposures to chemicals: what relevance to chemical intolerance? 
    Repeated formaldehyde effects in an animal model for multiple chemical sensitivity 
    Sensitization studies in chemically intolerant individuals: implications for individual difference research 

1993 Mar 15
    Controlled studies of multivitamin supplementation on pregnancy outcomes 
    Iodine supplementation and the prevention of cretinism 

1974 Sep 27
    Cost-effectiveness relationships in odor control 
    Evidence for the chemical olfactory code in man 
    Newer insights into the role and modifications of olfaction in man through clinical studies 
    Olfactory communication in South American primates 
    Physicochemical aspects of odor reception in insects 
    Predicting olfactory quality from far infrared spectra 
    Some experiments on sex differences in odor perception 

1998 Jun 19
    Coupling of the p75 neurotrophin receptor to sphingolipid signaling 

1971 Jun 7
    Cultural relativism and premarital sex norms: research bases for moral decision 
    Future scientific developments in human biometeorology 
    International Joint Conference on Environment and Society in Transition. Cultivating resources: outer space, atmosphere-surface, oceans 
    New tasks for the United Nations--the environment, population, space, and seabeds 
    Potential of applied microbiology 
    Recent advances in astronomy and space sciences 

2007 May
    Current trends in decision making 
    Model-based fMRI and its application to reward learning and decision making 
    Resisting the power of temptations: the right prefrontal cortex and self-control 

1962 Oct 30
    Day-night cycling in atmospheric flight, space flight, and on other celestial bodies 
    Periodic desynchronization in humans under outer space conditions 

2005 Dec
    Decentralized formation flying control in a multiple-team hierarchy 
    Dietary fat and health: the evidence and the politics of prevention: careful use of dietary fats can improve life and prevent disease 
    Hormonal regulation of male reproductive tract development 
    Melatonin influences on the neuroendocrine-reproductive axis 
    Multiple-fiber reconstruction algorithms for diffusion MRI 
    Protection of proteins from oxidative stress: a new illusion or a novel strategy? 
    Rickettsia conorii and R. prowazekii proteome analysis by 2DE-MS: a step toward functional analysis of rickettsial genomes 
    Teleoperation support for early human planetary missions 
    The evolution of music in comparative perspective 
    The interstellar conundrum: a survey of concepts and proposed solutions 
    White matter tractography by means of Turboprop diffusion tensor imaging 

1994 Jun 17
    Decrease in norepinephrine release from cardiac adrenergic nerve terminals after ischemia and reperfusion 
    The ATP-regulated potassium channel in ischemia-reperfusion injury 

1971 Jul 6
    Deficiencies in our present protocol for chemical evaluation and possible remedies 

1969 Dec 31
    Delivery of personal health services to the public 
    New directions in the health professions. Nurse midwifery 

2007 Mar
    Development of a microfluidic device for detection of pathogens in oral samples using upconverting phosphor technology (UPT) 
    Gender differences in Na/Ca exchanger current and beta-adrenergic responsiveness in heart failure in pig myocytes 
    Gender-specific differences in salivary biomarker responses to acute psychological stress 
    Human breath odors and their use in diagnosis 
    Integrated microfluidic platform for oral diagnostics 
    Salivary protein/peptide profiling with SELDI-TOF-MS 
    The plasma membrane Na+/Ca2+ exchanger is cleaved by distinct protease families in neuronal cell death 
    The use of oral fluid for therapeutic drug management: clinical and forensic toxicology 

1952 Aug 8
    Development of sex-hormone activity of the avian gonad 

1996 Dec 26
    Development of VIP agonists and antagonists with tissue and receptor specificity: effects on behavioral maturation, sexual function, and the biologic clock 

2004 Oct
    Developmental and genetic influences upon gender differences in methamphetamine-induced nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurotoxicity 
    Effects of neonatal exposure to methamphetamine: catecholamine levels in brain areas of the developing rat 
    Identification of specific male and female genes in adult Ancylostoma caninum 
    Neonatal toluene exposure alters glutamate-induced calcium signaling in developing cerebellar granule neurons 
    Psychostimulants and vesicle trafficking: a novel mechanism and therapeutic implications 
    Repeated exposure to the abused inhalant toluene alters levels of neurotransmitters and generates peroxynitrite in nigrostriatal and mesolimbic nuclei in rat 
    Retrospective study (1998-2001) on canine babesiosis in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil 
    The role of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors in neurobehavioral changes induced by toluene exposure during synaptogenesis 
    Tropical diseases, pathogens, and vectors biodiversity in developing countries: need for development of genomics and bioinformatics approaches 

1997 Dec 26
    Dibromochloropropane: epidemiological findings and current questions 
    Immune function in n-hexane-exposed workers 
    Liver and kidney function tests as a tool for periodic health evaluation of laboratory workers 
    Results of long-term carcinogenicity studies of chlorine in rats 

2006 Jul
    Differential effects of subtypes of trauma symptoms on couples' hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis reactivity and recovery in response to interpersonal stress 
    Immune function in PTSD 
    Use of photoaffinity labeling to understand the molecular basis of ligand binding to the secretin receptor 
    Women and reproductive-related trauma 

1978 Sep 29
    Differential toxicity of chloroform in the mouse 

1972 Jan 3
    Digital recording theory 

1969 Sep 4
    Discussion paper: comments on the in-flight recontamination hazards for a sterilized planetary lander 
    Discussion paper: the habitation of the cosmos, apologia or imperative? 
    Matters of gravity 

1968 Jun 14
    Discussion paper: the Lyon hypothesis 

1975 Dec 31
    Discussion paper: the use of Drosophila for mutagenesis screening 
    Utility of Drosophila for detection of potential environmental chemical mutagens 

1972 Jan 25
    Discussion: the relevance of the space effort to medicine 
    Opening remarks 

1973 Dec 28
    Does behavior evolve? 
    Is there a comparative psychology? The relevance of inherited and acquired constraints in the action patterns and perceptions of animals 
    Logic of mating behavior of Lepidoptera 
    The problem of comparison in comparative psychology 

1998 May 15
    Dreams: disguise of forbidden wishes or transparent reflections of a distinct brain state? 
    Freud's 1895 project. From mind to brain and back again 
    Partial identification of a new pheromonotropic peptide from Mamestra brassicae 

1995 Jun 12
    Drospirenone: a novel progestogen with antimineralocorticoid and antiandrogenic activity 
    Sex steroids and epidermal growth factor in benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) 

    Drugs, alcohol and sex hormones: a molecular perspective of the receptivity of cytochrome P-450 

1965 Dec 31
    Dust diseases and workmen's compensation. U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Standards, August 1964 
    Occupational and nonoccupational exposures to asbestos 

1992 Nov 30
    Effect of Ki on the Ko dependence of Na/K pump current in adult rat cardiac myocytes 
    New developments in the synthesis of natural and unnatural amino acids 
    Simulation of Na/K pump current-voltage relationship 

1994 Aug 15
    Effects of acute endotoxemia on production of cytokines and nitric oxide by pulmonary alveolar and interstitial macrophages 
    Role of nitric oxide in hepatic injury following acute endotoxemia 
    The development of effective vaccine adjuvants employing natural regulators of T-cell lymphokine production in vivo 

1975 Feb 28
    Effects of electromagnetic fields on fecundity in the chicken 

1997 Aug 14
    Effects of gender on the immune system. Implications for neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus 

1993 Jul 22
    Effects of mating and estrogen on thymic oxytocin receptors 
    Extracellular Ca2+ does not control beta-adrenergic receptor-mediated or depolarization-induced changes of pituicyte morphology 

1996 Apr 15
    Effects of NCX1 antisense oligodeoxynucleotides on cardiac myocytes and primary neurons in culture 
    Identification and antisense inhibition of Na-Ca exchange in renal epithelial cells 
    Regulation of expression of sodium-calcium exchanger and plasma membrane calcium ATPase by protein kinases, glucocorticoids, and growth factors 
    Sodium-calcium balance in coronary angiography. Experimental experience with isotonic iodixanol 

1993 Nov 30
    Effects of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs on bone loss in chronic inflammatory disease 

1993 Jun 23
    Effects of saiboku-to (TJ-96) on the production of platelet-activating factor in human neutrophils 
    Immunity to halothane metabolite-modified proteins in halothane hepatitis 
    Sex hormones as immunomodulators of disease 

1959 Jun 16
    Effects of sex steroids on lipids 
    The effects of tissue age and sex upon connective tissue metabolism 

1996 Jul 23
    Efficacy of tail-tag decoys impregnated with pheromone and acaricide for control of bont ticks on cattle 
    Factors of variation of Amblyomma variegatum infestation on Creole cattle in Guadeloupe 
    Genetic resistance of Creole goats to cowdriosis in Guadeloupe. Status in 1995 
    Genetic variability in resistance of Creole goats to natural infection with trichostrongylids in Guadeloupe 
    Herbage density of third-stage larvae of goat strongyles during the dry season in Guadeloupe 
    Larvicidal activity of abamectin against natural Cochliomyia hominivorax larva infestation 
    Puerto Rico tick program. Potential conversion to an integrated pest management program 

1968 Feb 1
    Electrode problems in central nervous monitoring in performing subjects 

1973 Dec 31
    Electron spin resonance studies with the volatile anesthetics on phospholipid model membranes 

1969 Oct 6
    Elimination of schistosome parasites from man and vector in a hyperendemic area 

1999 Jun 18
    Encapsulated, genetically engineered cells, secreting glucagon-like peptide-1 for the treatment of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus 

2001 Sep
    Endocrine and paracrine regulation of endometrial angiogenesis 
    Ethical issues in selecting embryos 
    Fetal DNA diagnosis from maternal blood: PEP-TaqMan PCR analysis of a single nucleated erythrocyte (NRBC) 
    Inhibin, activin, and follistatin in human fetal pituitary and gonadal physiology 
    Ovulation induction disrupts luteal phase function 

2001 Jun
    Endocrinological basis of sex differences in cocaine-induced behavioral responses 
    Gender differences in the behavioral responses to cocaine and amphetamine. Implications for mechanisms mediating gender differences in drug abuse 
    Mechanism of human stem cell migration and repopulation of NOD/SCID and B2mnull NOD/SCID mice. The role of SDF-1/CXCR4 interactions 
    Music and testosterone. A new hypothesis for the origin and function of music 
    Neuroprotection for the new millennium. Matchmaking pharmacology and technology 
    Sex, steroids, and stimulant sensitivity 
    The role of the medullary lateral tegmental field in the generation and baroreceptor reflex control of sympathetic nerve discharge in the cat 

2001 Nov
    Engineering tolerance into transplanted beta cell lines 
    Optimal conditions of transplantable binary polyelectrolyte microcapsules 
    Risk of HIV and other blood-borne infections in the cardiac setting: patient-to-provider and provider-to-patient transmission 
    Soft, porous poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycotide) microcarriers designed for ex vivo studies and for transplantation of adherent cell types including progenitors 
    The changing picture of the HIV/AIDS epidemic 

1975 Aug 22
    Epidemiological studies of alpha-fetoprotein and hepatitis B antigen in Tomie Town, Nagasaki, Japan 

1978 Nov 17
    Euthanasia and brain death: ethical and legal considerations 

1997 Dec 15
    Evaluation of neutrophil motility by image analysis 
    Influence of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist on 

1999 May 18
    Evolution of DNA organization in hypotrichous ciliates 
    Homologous recombination and sex as a strategy against selfish genes attacking the genome 
    Random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis of Ustilago violacea 
    The linguistics of DNA: words, sentences, grammar, phonetics, and semantics 

1959 Jul 2
    Experience with the avoidance of allergic reactions to pyelographic media by the use of antihistamine drugs 

1992 Apr 15
    Expression of the natural killer (NK) cell-associated antigen CD56(Leu-19), which is identical to the 140-kDa isoform of N-CAM, in neural and skeletal muscle cells and tumors derived therefrom 

1995 Sep 7
    Fc receptor stimulation of PI 3-kinase in NK cells is associated with protein kinase C-independent granule release and cell-mediated cytotoxicity 
    IL-8 induces calcium mobilization in interleukin-2-activated natural killer cells independently of inositol 1,4,5 trisphosphate 
    Regulation of human natural killer-cell lytic activity by serine/threonine phosphatases and kinases 

1972 Dec 8
    Fibrin cross-linking and heredity 
    The effect of oral contraceptives on fibrin-clot stabilization 

1993 Mar 20
    Flow cytometric reticulocyte analysis and the reticulocyte maturity index 
    Influence of HIV-1 infection and cigarette smoking on leukocyte profile in homosexual men 
    Reimbursement for clinical flow cytometry testing 
    White cell and thrombocyte disorders. Standardized, self-learning flow cytometric list mode data classification with the CLASSIF1 program system 

1973 Feb 28
    Follow-up of infants at risk of minor brain dysfunction 
    Genetic approaches to the syndrome of minimal brain dysfunction 
    Possible hereditary factors in minimal brain dysfunction 

1978 Dec 29
    Forensic anthropology 

1969 Jul 30
    Fragmental organization of emotional behavior in the monkey brain 
    Genetics and adaptive significance of emotional defecation in mice 
    Hormonal determinants of aggressive behavior 
    Social organization and emotional behavior 
    Studies of emotional behavior of humans and animals by Soviet physiologists 
    The emotional basis of social behavior 
    The role of early experience in emotional arousal 

1975 Jan 31
    From mouse to man--or how to get from the laboratory to Park Avenue and 59th Street 

1968 Feb 26
    Gastroenterologic aspects of manned spaceflight: comments on gastrointestinal gas and environmental stress 

1992 Jul 6
    Gender, class, and migration in the Dominican Republic: women's experiences in a transnational community 

1999 Nov 28
    Gender-specific effects of drugs on hearing levels of older persons 

1998 Dec 30
    Genetic engineering in the pig. Gene knockout and alternative techniques 
    N-body simulations of galaxies and groups of galaxies with the Marseille GRAPE systems 

1965 Oct 8
    Genetic factors in human obesity 

1994 Jul 29
    Genotoxic chemical carcinogens target inducible genes in vivo 

1999 Sep 14
    Genotype/phenotype correlations in X-linked dominant Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease 

1994 Nov 4
    Geriatrics and health care reform: opportunities in managed care for preserving excellence in the care of the elderly 
    In defense of health care: preserving the capacity for excellence 
    It's the medicine, stupid 
    Measuring quality: where are we? Where are we going? And how will we know when we get there? 
    Preserving the capacity for excellence: valid measures of quality 
    The physician as health agent 
    The politics of quality versus excellence 

1994 Dec 15
    Global surveillance for recognition and response to emerging diseases 
    New diseases. The human factor 

1998 Dec 21
    Gonadal steroid-dependent GAL-IR cells within the medial preoptic nucleus (MPN) and the stimulatory effects of GAL within the MPN on sexual behaviors 
    LHRH and sexual dimorphism 

1994 Nov 14
    Gonadal steroids and neuronal plasticity. Studies in the adult rat hypothalamus 
    How do sex and stress hormones affect nerve cells? 
    Regulation of arcuate nucleus synaptology by estrogen 
    The sexually dimorphic vasopressin innervation of the brain as a model for steroid modulation of neuropeptide transmission 

    Helical wall-free prokaryotes in insects: multiplication and pathogenicity 

2009 Dec
    Heterogeneous, longitudinally stable molecular signatures in response to interferon-beta 

1954 Mar 24
    Hotel odor problems 

1965 Mar 24

1998 May 13
    Identification of a novel HLA class II association with DQB1*0502 in an Italian myasthenic population 
    Isolation of Ca2+ channel alpha 1A, alpha 2, and beta subunit segments from human spinal cord RNA 

2005 Aug
    Identification of rat hippocampal mRNAs altered by the mitochondrial toxicant, 3-NPA 
    L-carnitine and neuroprotection in the animal model of mitochondrial dysfunction 
    Systems biology/systems toxicology: application to developmental neurotoxicology/neuroprotection 

1999 Jun 21
    Imidazoline recognition sites and stomach function 
    Localization of the diuretic effect of moxonidine in the nephron by micropuncture experiments in anesthetized rats 
    Peripheral and central effects of naphazoline on ocular hydrodynamics. Involvement of imidazoline receptors, ANP, and Gi proteins 
    Presynaptic imidazoline receptors. New developments in characterization and classification 

1996 Apr 30
    Immunomodulatory mechanisms mediated by sex hormones in rheumatoid arthritis 
    In vitro models for the effects of sex hormones on neurons 
    Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) receptors in the neuroendocrine-immune network. Biochemical bases and implications for reproductive physiopathology 
    MCF-7 cell progesterone receptor (PGR) is additionally modulated by sex steroid binding protein (SBP) and its membrane receptor (SBP-R) through cAMP and PKA 
    Sex steroid binding protein is a negative modulator of estrogen-induced breast cancer cell growth 

1991 Dec 31
    Improved detection of asbestos-related pleural plaques with digital radiography 
    Observations on the carcinogenicity of asbestos fibers 

1994 Jun 6
    Inactivation of visna virus and other enveloped viruses by free fatty acids and monoglycerides 

1998 Jun 18
    Influence of prenatal diagnosis on congenital heart defects 
    Managed care and ultrasound for the diagnosis of fetal anomalies 
    Routine ultrasound screening of congenital anomalies. An overview of the European experience 

1967 Dec 11
    Influence of sex hormones and tissues on colloidal thorium dioxide distribution and effects in rabbits 

2000 Jun
    Inhibition of CDKs as a therapeutic modality 

1992 Dec 4
    Inhibition of PAF-induced tPA release by KO-286011 
    Stimulation of tPA release by mucopolysaccharide polysulfate 

1994 Sep 6
    Inhibition of tumor angiogenesis 
    Pharmacologic influence on the activity of stromelysin from bovine articular cartilage 

    Interactions of selenium-mercury and selenium-selenium compounds 

2007 Nov
    Interviewing strategies in the face of beauty: a psychophysiological investigation into the job negotiation process 
    Lumbar spine bone mineral density changes in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism according to age and gender 
    Sex-specific effects of the DAF-12 steroid receptor on aging in Caenorhabditis elegans 
    T cells: unexpected players in the bone loss induced by estrogen deficiency and in basal bone homeostasis 

2009 Jun
    Intralocus sexual conflict 
    Sex differences in intergroup competition, aggression, and warfare: the male warrior hypothesis 
    The genetics and ecology of reinforcement: implications for the evolution of prezygotic isolation in sympatry and beyond 
    What can asexual lineage age tell us about the maintenance of sex? 

1966 Oct 7
    Introductory remarks: comparative toxicology and current research needs in agriculture and medicine 

1964 Nov 30

1995 May 10
    Inverse regulation of hepatic alpha 1B- and beta 2-adrenergic receptors. Cellular mechanisms and physiological implications 
    Role of glutamate and glutamate receptors in memory function and Alzheimer's disease 

1969 Jan 31
    Isoproterenol-induced cardiac necrosis 
    Spontaneous, herditary myocardial degeneration and congestive heart failure in a strain of Syrian hamsters 

1997 Apr 5
    Lactoferrin-reactive natural antibodies 

1998 May 1
    Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone is a primary signaling molecule in the neuroimmune network 
    Role of nitric oxide in the neuroendocrine responses to cytokines 
    The role of IL-6 type cytokines and their receptors in bone 

1978 Oct 20
    Machaut's medical musical world 

1992 Jun 16
    Macroepidemiology of the HIVs-AIDS (HAIDS) pandemic. Insufficiently considered zoological and geopolitical aspects 

1995 May 25
    Management of post-polio respiratory sequelae 

1970 Jan 21
    Medicolegal and ethical aspects of organ transplantation 
    New dimensions in legal and ethical concepts for human research. 2. Special problems of medical disciplines. Conditions of use of hazardous substances in clinical research 
    New dimensions in legal and ethical concepts for human research. 6. Social responsibility through communication. Concluding remarks 

1996 Jun 15
    Melatonin in the context of the free radical theory of aging 

1998 May 30
    Methamphetamine-induced rapid and reversible reduction in the activities of tryptophan hydroxylase and dopamine transporters: oxidative consequences? 
    The effects of cocaine on nonhuman primate brain function are age dependent 
    The effects of gestational cocaine exposure on pregnancy outcome, postnatal development, cognition and locomotion in rats 
    The impact of gender and estrogen on striatal dopaminergic neurotoxicity 

1997 May 28
    Methodological issues regarding eating behavior of high-risk adolescents 
    Precursors of cardiovascular risk in young adults from a biracial (black-white) population: the Bogalusa Heart Study 
    Relationship between physical activity and body composition in adolescents 
    Risk factors for eating disorders 
    The adolescent: vulnerable to develop an eating disorder and at high risk for long-term sequelae 

2004 Apr
    Mitochondrial ALDH2 deficiency as an oxidative stress 
    Mitochondrial genome single nucleotide polymorphisms and their phenotypes in the Japanese 

    MK-801 blocks the changes in neurotensin concentrations induced by methamphetamine, 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, cocaine, and GBR 12909 
    Neurotensin gene expression in the rat preoptic area. Implications for the regulation of reproduction 
    Responses of limbic and extrapyramidal neurotensin systems to stimulants of abuse. Involvement of dopaminergic mechanisms 
    Sexual differentiation of the female spotted hyena. One of nature's experiments 
    The role of maternal stimulation in the development of sexual behavior and its neural basis 

1992 May 22
    Modulation of excitatory transmission at the rat medial vestibular nucleus synapse 
    Recovery of postural equilibrium control following spaceflight 
    Sense of body position in parabolic flight 
    The effects of target distance on eye and head movement during locomotion 
    Validating the hypothesis of otolith asymmetry as a cause of space motion sickness 

1959 Aug 28
    Molecular complementarity in antidotes for nerve gases 

1998 Jun 21
    Mortality in neonatal rats is increased by moderate prenatal exposure to some monoamine reuptake inhibitors. A brief review 
    Ontogenic cocaine effects. Evidence for multifactorial mechanisms 
    Prenatal cocaine exposure increases susceptibility to drug-induced seizures. c-fos induction and brain cocaine levels 
    Prenatal cocaine exposure: long-term deficits in learning and motor performance 
    Prenatal coke: what's behind the smoke? Prenatal cocaine/alcohol exposure and school-age outcomes: the SCHOO-BE experience 
    Prenatal exposure to cocaine and other drugs. Outcome at four to six years 
    Prenatal exposure to cocaine reduces dopaminergic D1-mediated motor function but spares the enhancement of learning by amphetamine in rabbits 

1972 Apr 7
    Mount Sinai in East Harlem 
    The family health worker 

1973 Jun 15
    Multiphasic zone electrophoresis, IV. Design and analysis of discontinuous buffer systems with a digital computer 

2003 Sep
    Myasthenia gravis (MG): epidemiological data and prognostic factors 
    Myasthenia gravis in individuals over 40 
    Prognostic factors of thymectomy in patients with myasthenia gravis: a cohort of 132 patients 

1993 Sep 24
    Natural and synthetic Huperzine A: effect on cholinergic function in vitro and in vivo 

1997 Apr 24
    Neonatal ACTH administration elicits long-term changes in forebrain monoamine innervation. Subsequent disruptions in hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal and gonadal function 

2006 Jun
    Neurogenic inflammation and arthritis 

2010 Nov 22
    Neurokinin-1 receptor: functional significance in the immune system in reference to selected infections and inflammation 
    The role of SAP and SLAM family molecules in the humoral immune response 

1998 Jun 30
    New approaches to the management of hepatitis and endocrine disorders in Cooley's anemia 
    Physiological and emotional response to psychological stressors in psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders 
    Survival and disease complications in thalassemia major 
    The stress concept in plants: an introduction 

1977 Mar 18
    Oh would some power the giftie gie us, to see ourselves as others see us 

1971 Jul 30
    On the dust-curtain model of a radiation shield in a gaseous-core reactor for spacecraft 

1998 Sep 11
    On the thermal efficiency of cold-stressed fingers 
    Optimization of temperature distributions for regional hyperthermia based on a nonlinear heat transfer model 

1999 Apr 15
    Opening doors for women in space: a perspective from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration 

2000 Nov
    Orphans and HIV. The second wave of the HIV epidemic 
    Prevention of ill health in children born to HIV-positive women 
    The cost effectiveness of a single-dose nevirapine regimen to mother and infant to reduce vertical HIV-1 transmission in sub-Saharan Africa 

1995 Apr 21
    Osteopontin mRNA expression in a chemically-induced model of atherogenesis 

1998 Feb 9
    Pathology correlations with optical biopsy techniques 

1995 Jan 17
    Pathophysiology and pathogenesis of visceral fat obesity 

1978 Jun 21
    Payment for primary care--a "real life" report 
    Primary care financing in Sweden 
    What is the cost of primary care and who pays the bill? Cost constraints and financial incentives 

1991 Feb 28
    Pharmacokinetic consequences of spaceflight 

1996 Dec 13
    Pharmacokinetics of camptothecins administered orally 

1964 Sep 10

1992 Dec 26
    Physical performance and sensory functions as determinants of independence in activities of daily living in the old and the very old 
    Transposable elements as a factor in the aging of Drosophila melanogaster 

1997 Dec 29
    Physician- and counselor-tailored hybrid computer interfaces for cancer genetics risk analysis software 
    Postmortem findings in suicide victims. Implications for in vivo imaging studies 

1996 Mar 22
    Postmortem and cerebrospinal fluid studies of corticotropin-releasing factor in humans 
    Production of corticotropin-releasing hormone-deficient mice by targeted mutation in embryonic stem cells 
    Somatostatin as a trophic factor. Analysis of transgenic mice overexpressing somatostatin in astrocytes 

1964 Jul 9

1971 Mar 29
    Professional training on alcoholism. Workshop 5: starting and financing an alcoholism program 

1977 Mar 11
    Progesterone: its role in the central nervous system as a facilitator and inhibitor of sexual behavior and gonadotropin release 

1968 Jun 28
    Proteinase inhibitors in human pancreatitis: digital computer analysis of clinical research data 
    The study of fibrinolytic and coagulation factors during open-heart surgery 
    Trasylol therapy in the surgical patient 

1964 Sep 8

1973 May 18
    Public policy toward environment 1973: a review and appraisal. The space program 

1951 Mar
    Quantitative measurement of a secondary sex character, axillary hair 

2005 May
    Raffinee in the treatment of spinal cord injury: an open-labeled clinical trial 
    Relaxin concentrations in serum and urine of endangered species: correlations with physiologic events and use as a marker of pregnancy 
    Relaxin pretreatment decreases infarct size in male rats after middle cerebral artery occlusion 

1995 Sep 15
    Receptor subtypes linked to metabotropic glutamate receptor agonist-mediated limbic seizures in mice 
    Safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of the N-methyl-D-aspartate antagonist Ro-01-6794/706 in patients with acute ischemic stroke. The Dextrorphan Study Group and Hoffmann-La Roche 

1971 Sep 15
    Results of thymic (mediastinal) irradiation in patients with myasthenia gravis 
    The role of thymectomy in the treatment of myasthenia gravis 

2007 Feb
    Role of aerobic fitness and aging on cerebral white matter integrity 

1993 Sep 20
    Salivary macromolecules. A structure/function synopsis 

1972 Apr 17
    Selenium and carcinogenesis: a review 

1969 May 15
    Sex differences in hyperphagia and body weight following hypothalamic damage 

1957 Jul 10
    Sex differences in the amount of insulin extractable from diabetic human pancreas 

1997 Sep 26
    Sex hormone-binding globulin in estrogen-dependent cancer and estrogen replacement therapy 

1973 Mar 15
    Sex hormones and executive ability 
    Successful women in the sciences: an analysis of determinants. 3. Impact of education. Sexual stereotypes and the public schools 
    Successful women in the sciences: an analysis of determinants. I. Individual life experiences. Physician and public health educator 
    Successful women in the sciences: an analysis of determinants. The economics of women's liberation 
    Women in academic life 
    Women in science: employment prospects and academic policies 

1998 Nov 17
    Similar proviral load but increased HIV-1 p24 in the intestinal mucosa compared to the peripheral blood in HIV-infected patients 

1968 Mar 26
    Some results of long-term use of phenformin in ketoacidosis-resistant diabetes 

1997 Jun 21
    Startle deficits in women with sexual assault-related PTSD 

1998 Sep 16
    Structural studies on phospholamban and implications for regulation of the Ca(2+)-ATPase 

1950 May 31
    Studies on the pharmacology and toxicology of testicular hyaluronidase 
    Studies on the sex skin of Macaca mulatta 

1997 Oct 15
    Subclinical neurological and neurovascular deficits in cocaine dependence. Gender and psychosocial considerations 

1959 Nov 18
    Synergism and antagonism of sex steroids as determined on the veginal epithelial cells 

1958 Sep 10
    The duration of surgical convalescence as indicated by insurance statistics 

1960 Oct 11
    The effect of chlorothiazide and its congeners on the digital circulation in normotensive subjects and in patients with essential hypertensions 

1954 Jan 15
    The effects of the age of the mother on the sex ration at birth in Japan 

1968 Mar 29
    The erythropoietic-stimulating effects of androgens 

1996 May 24
    The Flight from Science and Reason. Proceedings of a conference. New York, New York, USA. May 31-June 2, 1995 

1966 Sep 23
    The goals of efficiency and inefficiency 

1975 Jan 27
    The human toxicology of dimethyl sulfoxide 

1968 Apr 11
    The long term effect of repeated acute reductions of arterial pressure with diazoxide in patients with severe hypertension 

1963 Feb 15
    The malignant melanoma of hamsters. III. Effects of sex and castration on the growth of the transplanted tumor 

1994 Sep 15
    The noradrenaline transporter of the neuronal plasma membrane 

1971 Jan 28
    The pathology of choriocarcinoma 

2006 May
    The pattern of chromosome-specific variations in telomere length in humans shows signs of heritability and is maintained through life 

1966 Jan 21
    The psychological setting of uterine cervical cancer 

1994 May 2
    The rational selection of purification processes for proteins: an expert system for downstream processing design 

1992 May 4
    The relationship between CD5+ and CD5- B cells, immunoglobulin-secreting cells (IgSC), and CD4 T cells in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection 

2004 Mar
    The relevance of iron in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease 

1972 Dec 18
    The role of polyunsaturated fatty acids in determining vitamin E requirement 
    Vitamin E and microsomal drug hydroxylations 

1964 Apr 24

1971 Dec 31
    The take-home lesson--1971 

1960 Oct 5
    The toxicity of actinomycin D 

1957 Apr 11
    The toxicology of inorganic mercury 

1959 Oct 14
    Therapeutic and side effects of the anti-inflammatory steroids on the gastrointestinal tract 

1996 Feb 13
    Three-year open protocol continuation study of oral tolerization with myelin antigens in multiple sclerosis and design of a phase III pivotal trial 

1960 Nov 17
    Toxicity of octopus saliva against crustaces 

1966 Apr 20
    Toxicology studies in patients on prolonged therapy with capreomycin 

1971 Dec 3
    Vestibular influences on orientation in zero gravity, produced by parabolic flight 

1982 Dec 10
    X chromosome control of chromosome segregation in mouse/hamster hybrid cell populations 

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