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Ann Pediatr (Paris)

1983 Oct
    Pauciarticular arthritis of childhood (pauciarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) 
    [Nosologic aspects of systemic forms of very early onset juvenile arthritis. Apropos of 17 cases] 

1989 Feb
    ["Saber-cut" scleroderma and Parry-Romberg facial hemiatrophy. Nosologic problems. Neurologic complications] 

1970 Nov 2
    [2 families with Alport's syndrome] 

1977 Feb
    [20 cases of trisomy 18. Sex-ratio in relation to age of the mother] 
    [Study of early neonatal mortality in the Ille et Vilaine department (1972-1973-1974)] 

1992 Nov
    [24 cases of human parvovirus B19 infection in children] 

1972 Dec 2
    [45 X-46 XX-47 XXX mosaic with Turner phenotype and normal ovaries. Study of a case and review of the literature] 
    [Gitlin's syndrome or severe primary mixed immune deficiency of recessive and sex-linked transmission] 

1977 Apr
    [530 cases of poisoning at the Enfants Malades Hospital] 

1976 Oct 2
    [A case of complete triploidy (69,XXY) in a premature infant. Presence of a clinical syndrome characteristic of this chromosome abnormality] 

1991 Jan
    [A case of intrauterine dwarfism with enlargement of the cortex of the long bones] 

1970 Mar 2
    [A case of Noonan's syndrome] 
    [Syndrome associating anemia, hepatomegaly, dwarfism, late puberty and geophagia. Geophagia syndrome] 

1988 Oct
    [A comparative epidemiologic study of chronic juvenile arthritis in the western section of Paris and Brittany (1982)] 
    [Epidemiology, over an 8 year period, of attempted suicides in children, seen in emergency service] 

1972 Apr
    [A new actograph permitting a study of sleep at home] 
    [Severe malformations of the limbs and oligophrenia in a family (with chromosome studies)] 

1968 Jun-Jul
    [A new case of XXXXY syndrome] 

1967 Mar 2
    [A propos of 230 cases of umbilical tetranus observed at Dakar] 
    [Chronic hyperchloremic tubular acidosis in a young black girl] 

1990 May
    [A purely cutaneous form of periarteritis nodosa in children. A new case with discussion of the literature] 

1991 Oct
    [A rare and little known cause of cyanosis: pulmonary arteriovenous aneurysm] 
    [Arterial blood pressure in Moroccan children and adolescents] 

1969 Jun-Jul
    [A rare cause of "genital" hemorrhage in a little girl: prolapse of the urethral mucosa. Estrogen theapy] 

1959 Dec 24
    [Abnormalities of sex determination. Apropos of 12 personal cases] 

1976 Apr 2
    [Acrocephalosyndactylia and female pseudo-hermaphroditism and hypertensive nephropathy] 

1985 Sep
    [Acute cardiac insufficiency in a young girl with Maroteaux-Lamy disease. Favorable outcome under treatment] 
    [Acute codeine poisoning in children (the role of naloxone in toxicology)] 

1989 Dec
    [Acute isolated myelitis due to measles] 
    [Central precocious puberty] 
    [Rett syndrome. A report of fifteen cases] 

1986 Sep
    [Adolescence and traumatology. Epidemiologic study of 665 cases] 

1989 Mar
    [Adoption in terms of current regulations] 
    [Epidemiology of severe cranial injuries in children and the prognosis of injured patients hospitalized in neurosurgery units] 

1961 Aug-Sep
    [Adrenocortical insufficiency in the newborn of a mother treated with cortisone.] 
    [Fetal hazards in various hormonal treatments in a pregnant woman.] 
    [Fetal hemorrhage caused by the administration of anticoagulants in a pregnant woman.] 

1992 Mar
    [Allergy: the pressing need for public education] 

1991 Nov
    [An analytic study of cases of childhood diabetes in a pediatric department in Tunis] 
    [The perinatal transmission of the hepatitis B virus in the Paris area] 

1984 Apr
    [An unusual cause of hematemesis in the newborn infant: stomach teratoma. Apropos of a case] 

1976 Nov 2
    [Anencephaly. Epidemiological study] 
    [Purulent meningitis in children with sickle cell anemia. Report of 47 cases] 
    [Septicemia and meningitis in the newborn. Circumstances of onset and bacteriological results in 214 cases] 

1990 Oct
    [Anxiety disorders in children: do any risk factors exist?] 
    [Listening to children with trisomy 21 and their parents. Psychological aspects] 
    [Waldenstrom's hyperglobulinemic purpura. Apropos of a case] 

1965 Nov 2
    [Apropos of a case of bullous erythema with extensive epidermolysis in a small girl (Lyell's syndrome)] 

1979 Sep
    [Autonomous thyroid nodule spontaneously cured by cystic degeneration on age thirteen girl] 

1971 Nov 14
    [Basedow's disease with acute thyrotoxic crisis in a 25-month-old girl] 
    [Cushing's syndrome in a 22-month-old girl due to a left cortico-adrenal adenocarcinoma. Cure after surgical exeresis 4 years later] 

1992 Feb
    [Birth weight of full term neonates in Brazzaville (Congo)] 
    [Child victims of sexual abuse in Cameroon] 
    [Etiology of splenomegaly in children in the tropics. 178 cases reviewed at the university hospital center of Abidjan-Cocody (Ivory Coast)] 

1990 Sep
    [Bone complications from chronic etretinate intoxication in children] 
    [Ultrastructural heterogeneity in primary ciliary dyskinesia syndrome. A case report] 

1970 Dec 2
    [Bronchial carcinoid tumor in a 14-year-old girl] 
    [Epidemic due to echo virus 30. I. Clinical and biological study] 
    [Epidemic due to Echo virus 30. II. Virological and epidemiological study] 

1992 Apr
    [Case report of skin manifestations in infantile Mediterranean kala-azar] 
    [Dopa-sensitive muscular dystonia. Segawa's syndrome. A case report] 

1991 May
    [Childhood accidents caused by farming machines in France. Epidemiology, consequences, prevention] 
    [Emergency medical care and severe home accidents in children. Study of 630 cases over 5 years. Their significance in traumatic accidents] 
    [Renal agenesis, bicornuate uterus and cyst of the Gartner's duct] 

1968 Jan 2
    [Chromosomal study of human hermaphroditism. Apropos of a case with 46,XY 46,-XX karyotpe] 
    [Purulent diarrhea with multiple recurrences and congenital hypogammaglobulinemia with lymphopenia in a 4-year-old girl] 

1985 Jun
    [Chronic erythroblastopenia with hyposplenism in a 10-year-old girl] 
    [Megakaryoblastic leukemia with hypodiploidy in a girl with trisomy 21] 

1976 Jun
    [Chronic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in the hospital. IV. Psychological study of affected children] 

1989 Apr
    [Chronic respiratory insufficiency in the child] 

1985 Dec
    [Clinical, cytogenetic, histologic, immunologic and hormonal study of a case of true hermaphroditism] 

1972 Jun-Jul
    [Congenital aplasia of the abdominal wall. A familial case] 

1971 Jan 2
    [Congenital lymphedema and Turner's syndrome. 2 cases with XX-XO mosaicism] 

1990 Feb
    [Congenital or childhood nephrotic syndrome with diffuse mesangial sclerosis] 
    [The intellectual development of children with severe early kidney insufficiency] 

1971 Dec 14
    [Contribution to the study of Alport's syndrome. Apropos of a case] 

1983 Feb
    [Cryptococcus neoformans meningitis in a 7-year-old Zairean girl treated for primary tuberculosis] 

1986 Mar
    [Current concepts of high blood pressure in children] 
    [Growth of children with renal insufficiency. The Montpellier experience] 
    [Idiopathic hypercalciuria in children] 
    [Retrospective study of 88 cases of corticoid-sensitive nephroses in children] 

1992 Sep
    [Cutaneous lesions in the orofaciodigital syndrome] 
    [Menkes syndrome. An unusual pigmentation anomaly in a mother and three sisters] 

1990 Dec
    [Digestive parasitic diseases in young children in a tropical outpatient setting] 

1983 Mar
    [Digital angiography : practical applications in pediatrics] 

1982 Nov
    [Digital subtraction angiography] 

1978 Oct
    [Does mastoiditis still exist?] 
    [Home care services for children after outpatient consultation at a pediatric hospital] 
    [Study of fifty two cases of diphtheria observed over ten years in the northern department] 

1988 Nov
    [Drunkenness in children and adolescents] 
    [For or against advanced admission to 1st grade?] 

1987 Jan
    [Echographic aspect of abnormalities of the vulva and vagina in children] 

1978 Mar-Apr
    [Epidemiological study of 850 burns in children leading to hospitalization] 
    [Functional hypoglycemia with ketosis] 

1990 Apr
    [Epidemiology of meningococcal infections and principles for the prevention of secondary cases] 

1977 Sep
    [Fabry's disease in children. Clinical and biological study of one family. Structure and ultrastructure of the kidney in a hemizygote and a heterozygote] 

1979 Jan
    [Familial translocation t (16;19) (q24;q11) and birth of a girl with a trisomy 18] 

1976 May 2
    [Galactokinase deficiency] 

1986 May
    [Gardner-Diamond syndrome in a 14-year-old girl. Discussion on the diagnostic value of skin tests] 

1988 Jan
    [Gaseous urine in a 7-year-old girl] 

1991 Jun
    [Gonad function and sexual activity in male renal transplant patients] 
    [Unfavorable outcomes in disseminated lupus erythematosus in children. Cooperative study in the Paris region] 

1963 Apr 2

1969 Dec 2
    [Gonadosomal dysgenesia with 49 chromosomes] 

1993 Sep
    [Growth hormone administered to non-growth hormone deficient, small girls: echographic aspect of the gonads and uterus] 
    [Hypothalamic syndromes. Review of clinical and endocrinal semiology] 
    [Sertoli-Leydig tumors in children. 2 case reports] 

1992 Jun
    [HbD Iran-beta-thalassemia association in a Tunisian family] 

1986 Jun
    [Hematologic onset of progressive visceral malaria in a 10-year-old girl] 

1989 May
    [Hereditary hyperoxaluria or oxalosis. Apropos of a case] 

1972 Oct 2
    [Hospital care in the child's home. The experience of the Assistance Publique de Paris] 

1989 Jun
    [Hypoplasia of cartilage and hair with combined immune deficiency] 

1985 Mar 25
    [Immediate problems posed in the intensive care and transportation of children weighing less than 1,500 grams born outside of a maternity center. Study of results over a period of 4 years] 

1991 Sep
    [Infantile acropustolosis: unusual manifestation of scabies in the infant?] 

1991 Apr
    [Injections without needles in the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes] 
    [The functioning of an institution for young diabetic patients. The Terrasses, Niort, 1964/1990] 

1987 Dec
    [Irreducible inguinal hernia in children] 

1990 Mar
    [Knee arthritis caused by Eikenella corrodens. Apropos of a case] 
    [Sexual identity disorders in children] 

1978 Nov
    [Leptospirosis in children: a not infrequent disease] 
    [Vulvar lichen sclerosus atrophicus in a prepubertal girl] 

1964 Nov 2

1969 Jan 2
    [Meaning of the foeto-placental unit in the steroid metabolism] 

1991 Mar
    [Meningeal hemorrhage disclosing a brain tumor in a child] 
    [The role of dialysis in the treatment of terminal renal insufficiency in children] 

1978 May-Jun
    [Mid and long term course of neonatal urinary infection] 
    [Neonatal urinary infection. 60 cases diagnosed before the age of one month] 
    [Obesity and hypertension. Their relationship in children and adolescents. An epidemiological study in schools] 

1968 Feb 2
    [Mixed gonadal dysgenesis (or asymmetrical gonadal differentiation)] 

1962 Jan 14
    [Nephrotic syndrome and trimethadione.] 

1989 Nov
    [New household hazards for children] 

1976 Dec 2
    [Nosological study of true hermaphroditism and mixed and asymmetric gonadal dysgenesis] 

1984 Mar
    [Pelvic echography] 

1982 Oct
    [Pentasomie X. A new case] 
    [Salpingitis disclosing an appendicular abscess in a 5-year-old girl. Apropos of a case] 

1977 Jan
    [Plasma red cell and urinary magnesium in the healthy new-born child during the first three weeks of life] 

1968 Dec 2
    [Pneumothorax and pneumomediastinum in the newborn infant] 

1985 May
    [Profile of convulsions in infants and young children in Brazzaville (Congo)] 

1991 Feb
    [Purulent meningitis in children in Yaounde (Cameroon). Survey of complications using echoencephalography] 

1989 Sep
    [Respiratory arrest in an asthmatic girl treated with beta-2-mimetics and theophylline. Possible role of hypokalemia in sudden death in asthmatic patients] 

1963 Jun-Jul

1983 Apr
    [Rupture of a dissecting aneurysm of the ascending aorta 10 years after coarctation therapy. Apropos of a case report of a 10-year-old girl] 

1976 Sep
    [Sedimentation rate greater than 100 mm in the early morning in children. Report of 100 consecutive cases] 

1978 Dec
    [Seventeen cases of cholelithiasis in children] 
    [Value and technique of measuring the tibia length in newborn pathological conditions] 

1980 Apr
    [Sex-linked mental retardation, peculiar face, macroorchidism, and weak zone on chromosome X] 

1990 Jan
    [Single preoperative intravenous dose of metronidazole for appendectomy in children] 

1981 Jan
    [Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome with male pseudohermaphroditism. A case report with endocrinological study (author's transl)] 

1970 May 2
    [Somatic future of children with kwashiorkor] 
    [Unilateral little kidneys. 27 cases in infants and children] 

1970 Oct 2
    [Some aspects of tuberculosis at puberty] 

1992 May
    [Spa treatment in pediatric pneumo-allergology and ENT] 
    [Tumoral calcinosis. Apropos of a further case in a child] 

1981 Mar
    [Structural abnormalities of Y chromosome: study of 13 cases (author's transl)] 

1981 Dec
    [Takayasu disease : an observation in a fourteen-year-old girl (author's transl)] 

1969 May 2
    [The course of mucoviscidosis. Experience at Giens Center] 

1977 Mar
    [The opinion of parents on the risks of accidental poisoning in their children: enquiry] 

1977 Nov
    [Treatment and rehabilitation of myopathies linked to sex in relation to prognosis] 

1986 Feb
    [True hermaphroditism] 

1979 Mar
    [Ultrastructural studies of a secretory granulosa cell tumor of the ovary in a 12 month old girl] 

1982 May
    [Yq deletion in fetal syndrome (author's transl)] 

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